5 November 2022

You will be shocked to know that a dirty tongue can cause these dental diseases

 You will be shocked to know that a dirty tongue can cause these dental diseases

Tongue Cleaning Tips: Whenever it comes to oral hygiene, we tend to get stuck on just brushing our teeth. There will be very few people who even pay attention to their tongue. However, the tongue plays a very important role in the mouth and cleaning it becomes very important. If you don't clean your tongue regularly, it can affect your teeth as well as your overall oral health. Cleaning the tongue removes bacteria, dead skin cells, etc. that have accumulated on your tongue. If you don't do this, all these can enter your body and cause many diseases. Let's know what problems can be caused due to dirty tongue.

to smell

According to TOI, if you don't clean the tongue properly, bad breath i.e. bad breath problem occurs while talking to other people.

Gum disease

: Due to dirty tongue, gum disease also spreads and problems like bleeding are also seen.

Loss of teeth

: A dirty tongue weakens your gums and increases the risk of bacterial attack, which can lead to tooth loss.

loss of taste in food,

A dirty tongue can also spoil the taste of food. This is due to the dead skin cells that we accumulate on the tongue.

Getting a black tongue

Sometimes the appearance of the tongue becomes so bad that it starts to look completely black and hairy. That is why you should clean your tongue.

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