5 November 2022

It is beneficial to sleep in the dark and not in the light at night, after knowing the reason, don't forget to do this

 It is beneficial to sleep in the dark and not in the light at night, after knowing the reason, don't forget to do this

Lights in the bedroom are harmful: Most people like to sleep with the lights off at night. Some people sleep with the lights on. You would hardly have thought that this also affects our health. Turning off the lights while sleeping is beneficial for health, while leaving the lights on has a negative impact on health. Sleeping with lights on increases the risk of many diseases. You have hardly heard all these things before today. Will tell you how keeping the lights on in the bedroom at night affects our health.

in the study

The revelation came out a few months ago in a study, which revealed that our nervous system is unconsciously awake due to the light on while sleeping, which is harmful to health. According to the WebMD report, it was found that the light causes sleep disturbances. People's heart rates were relatively high. People who slept with the lights on had changes in insulin levels the next day as well. Insulin is an essential hormone produced in our body, which regulates blood sugar. Due to its deficiency, people become victims of diabetes. Apart from this, the functioning of our body is affected by light.

Such an effect on the body

A dark bedroom at night leads to better sleep, while even a little light affects health. Elders who sleep with a night light, smartphone, tablet or TV on during sleep have a higher risk of obesity, blood pressure and diabetes than older adults. Studies have shown less of an effect on adults. Light affects our circadian rhythm. Sunlight during the day and darkness at night are essential to maintain the body's circadian rhythm. This is called the internal clock of our body. It plays an important role in sleep, metabolism and hormone release.

Sleep is also disturbed

Electronic gadgets are being used a lot in today's era. All of them have blue or some other kind of light. Blue light is considered dangerous for our eyes as well as for the whole body. Blue light causes our body to release the hormone melatonin, which affects our sleep. Hormones keep our body awake despite falling asleep. Due to which immunity is also affected.

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