14 October 2022

These habits of parents have a bad effect on children

 These habits of parents have a bad effect on children

It is said that children are like a new life for every parent.No matter how many bad habits or bad behavior a parent may have as a human being, but it must be changed once the child comes into life because the child is affected by your personality.In such a situation, if your habits are not right, then somewhere it has an effect on the child too.In such a situation, it is very important to change some habits.As such, there are usually some habits in the parents, which have a bad effect on the children. 

Shouting at each other 

If husband and wife shout at each other, it affects the children.The child also starts crying and talking.In his behavior, rudeness and anger are seen.He tries to impress the other kids. 

How will taking alcohol or other intoxicants 

affect a child who has always seen their parent drinking?By doing this by the parent, the child can also learn this habit.Apart from this, curiosity also increases in him as to what happens by drinking it. 

You must have seen many children doing evil to others 

, whose attention is more on the things of the elders than playing with the children.The reason for this is that they pay attention to the things of the elder and then they also get used to gossip. 

Talking discriminatory things 

Children also learn discriminatory things about caste, gender, language, region etc. from their elders.For example, if the child's father considers his mother inferior or will always say good and bad things, then the child will also learn the same. 

Treating everyone badly, 

children follow their parents.In such a situation, if you treat everyone badly, then the child will accept this behavior as right.In such a situation it is very important that you improve your behavior.  


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