13 October 2022

These 5 methods of skin care are mentioned in Ayurveda, it is beneficial for everyone

 These 5 methods of skin care are mentioned in Ayurveda, it is beneficial for everyone

There is a natural remedy for every problem in Ayurveda. Whether it is about diseases, lifestyle, hair care or skin care. Ayurveda has a cure for every problem. Now talking about the skin only, skin care in Ayurveda means detoxing the skin and keeping the blood circulation right. In such a situation, there has been some skin care tradition in Ayurveda, by adopting which your skin can remain healthy. The special thing is that they are beneficial for all skin types. So, let us know about them in detail.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine

1. Massage the skin with desi ghee

Desi Ghee has been a part of Ayurveda. Desi Ghee is beneficial for the skin in many ways. Its healthy fats help in improving the toning and texture of the skin. So wake up in the morning and massage your skin. This massage effort calms blemishes, enhances radiance, hydrates, nourishes, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin.

2. in Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing has been a part of every skin care routine. Make ubtan by mixing gram flour which is a mild natural exfoliant and milk in a jar. Now make a thin paste of it and scrub it lightly on wet skin. Wash and dry in this way cleanse the entire skin. This skin cleansing method is amazing. So, follow this method of skin cleansing of Ayurveda.

3. To Nourish and Moisturize

To nourish and moisturize the skin after cleansing, you can make oil by mixing 1 ounce of almond oil with 10 drops of coconut oil. It can work effectively for dry skin i.e. Vata skin. Apart from this, you can use jasmine or sandalwood oil for sensitive pita skin. You can also use lavender oil as well.

4. Hydrate Skin

Ayurveda believes that the easiest way to keep your skin healthy is to keep your skin healthy from within. This blood depends on the muscles and the digestive system. For this follow the dietary principles of Ayurveda. Eat meals regularly. Drink lots of water. After this, eat easily digestible foods. This keeps the skin hydrated and the skin remains moisturized and supple.

5. Do Yoga Daily

Ayurvedic experts suggest doing yoga at least five times a week until the spine and arms are sweating. Exercise promotes sweating which rids the body of toxins and increases blood circulation. It promotes collagen and elastic in the skin. So, do all these things in Ayurveda and keep the skin healthy.


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