14 October 2022

There is a very interesting story behind calling tea tea, do you know from where this drink originated?

 There is a very interesting story behind calling tea tea, do you know from where this drink originated?

Tea is widely consumed in Indian homes. Tea is found in every nook and corner of every city and village of India. It is called T in English, but do you know why? If not, then know here why tea is called tea and some things related to it.

How was the tea invented? According to reports, tea was discovered by King Shen Nung in 2732 BCE when leaves from a wild tree blew into a pot of boiling water and then the water changed both its color and aroma. During this time the king named it Cha, this Chinese letter means to find.

It took many years to become a famous drink? In the early days, the leaves were plucked and boiled in water to prepare a bitter decoction. The tea leaves were used primarily as a medicine and secondly as a relaxing drink. It took more than 3000 years for tea to become a popular drink throughout the Chinese Empire.

This is how the drink of the rich was made... Tea was first used by the Dutch in Europe, it was shipped in 1610, it started in Britain around 1650. What was then, it became the drink of the people's choice. But then the government imposed a lot of tax on it and it again became the drink of the rich.

Why is tea called tea? After the demand for tea increased, its supply in the country and abroad had increased rapidly. After which this tea got different names everywhere. According to the reports, where tea reached through land, it was called chai and where it was transported through water, it was named tea. However, later in the dictionary the meaning of tea was told.

Tea drinking became a part of British social life during the 19th century. Tea parties and events were organized for all possible occasions, including family tea, picnic tea, tennis tea and elegant afternoon tea. The tea party was a symbol of elegance and prosperity.

Tea may have originated from China, but now it is easily available everywhere. Everyone likes to drink it according to their taste.


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