15 October 2022

What is OTP? OTP was the cause

What is OTP? OTP was the cause

Come today, find out where is the Otp? In today's digital age, OTP is a security code that we use for online transactions. When we do online transactions like online shopping, mobile recharge etc with the help of internet banking then all the informants fill then finally a code now, we say OTP. For this OTP can be used to use OTP. After entering an OTP is sent to your mobile to verify you click below.

Now most of the work is done online so money is online transaction so OTP is being used especially in case of money. But now you can provide OTP option for security if you are doing any transaction. Where is IA or OTP?

OTP Kya Hai

OTP was also your password in a way. Which we use for online transactions at that time. Tell you that this code was generated only once at a time. When you make an online payment, a 6 digit code called OTP is sent to your mobile. You will get the transaction every time you win and get the OTP of the new number.

OTP was the cause

Whenever we browse in a website or app. It gives the name and password to any person we easily take your mobile number password and can easily type the password. Because all banks, e-commerce websites, online wallets for making payments are starting to use OTP. Without it you can reset the password and do any kind of online login.

Where is OTP used?

OTP is used almost everywhere like banks, e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and all online payment wallets like Paytm, Jio Money, Phonepe, Freecharge etc send OTP to your mobile number on all payments.

OTP type

There are mainly three types of OTPs Most people are aware of only one OTP. You can know about all OTP below.

1. SMS

Most of the websites use SMS OTP

2. Voice calling

Voice calling means calling your mobile with OTP. You can use this option to create a Facebook or WhatsApp account.

3. Email

The OTP notification is a jharya email. The OTP is sent to your email and you can get the OTP by opening your email ID.

So now you will know that Otp kya hota hai? OTP is a security code that is used when we transact online. When we do online transactions like online shopping, mobile recharge etc. with the help of internet banking all information is filled then at the end a code now tells you OTP. Hope you get good information about Otp in this article.

FAQ related to what is OTP

What is full form of OTP?

The full name of OTP was One Time Password.

How many digits was the OTP?

OTP was 6 in total.

Can OTP be used repeatedly?

OTP can be used only once.

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