13 October 2022

Know about OCD obsessive compulsive disorder - types, symptoms and prevention

 Know about OCD obsessive compulsive disorder - types, symptoms and prevention

As soon as the name of OCD (OCD obsessive compulsive disorder) comes, many types of thoughts start coming in our mind that it is some disease, or madness or some fatal disease. Many such thoughts start arising in our mind.

If we study obsessive compulsive disorder carefully, we can understand its meaning ourselves.

Obsession means the repetition of any behavior.

Always think about the thoughts which come in our mind again and again and be influenced by them. These thoughts can be of many types, can be both positive and negative.

Such thoughts come to our mind again and again, due to which we start feeling nervous and restless. We can't stop it even if we want to. 

Similarly, the second word is compulsion. This word is related to compulsion. For example, if the thought comes in our mind that our hands are dirty, then we keep on washing our hands again and again in panic without wanting to panic. This process will start repeating again. Washing hands frequently is a kind of compulsion which will make the patient feel better for a while. Such an action is called compilation.

OCD patients are increasing day by day. It can prove to be dangerous if it is not treated at the right time. This can also kill a person because due to anxiety and stress, the mental balance of the person starts deteriorating.

Types and symptoms of OCD

OCD can be of many types. It is very important to be aware of this so that we can recognize OCD around us and help others as well as ourselves.

1.) Contamination

Obsessions about cleanliness are greatly increased in a person suffering from this type of OCD. This OCD is found in many people. The symptom of this OCD is excessive cleanliness, whether it is body, clothes, room, house, sheets, or any such thing.

A person suffering from OCD begins to feel that if they go near the dustbin, then they will be attacked by germs and they will have to take a bath.                                                               

Some people do not use the toilet outside the station or anywhere that it will be very dirty. They always feel that their clothes should not get dirty.

Many types of thoughts come to his mind. They make themselves feel good by cleaning themselves on one side.                           

Doubts like "anything can happen" haunt him time and again. They think that things around are very dirty.

When this disease starts increasing, then this cleanliness reaches such an extent that people remove their belongings whether it is of office, house or school, wherever they are kept, they remove it from that place. It settles in their mind that this thing is dirty and will not be cleaned.

No matter how precious it is, he accepts it by throwing it away. Many people are also such that if another person sits on their sheet, then their mind remains engaged in it too. They breathe only by changing that sheet. Similar symptoms are seen in this OCD.

2.) Perfection like Perfection

Those who have this type of OCD, it bothers them that why things are not kept in a particular way? If the color is found, he would like us to decorate it like a rainbow or put it in any row of his choice.

If things are not even they are concerned to keep it even.

A strange thought comes in their mind that if these things are not kept in order, then something bad can happen. Such people have only one concern that they should put things in a row or order whether it is alphabetical, numerical, colored, whatever it is but in a row.

3.) Doubt and harm

In this type of OCD, a doubtful thought keeps coming to the mind of people again and again. Did I close the door, did I turn off the cylinder, is the fan button on or not, is the door left open, etc. Questions like these keep arising in his mind. That's why they come again and again to see it because there is a strange tension in their brain.

They do not get satisfaction until they do this work. This habit is easily seen even in ordinary people.

Although it is necessary for everyone to take care of their safety, but every 10 minutes the repeated thought that I should check again, or that somewhere is not open, really gives rise to suspicion.

Such people reach such an extent that they keep getting confused till they check 5-6 times. His mind goes there again and again. If they do not do this, they start feeling that something bad will happen. In this way not only their time is wasted but they also remain upset. This causes their behavior to change.

4.) Forbidden Thoughts

Having such a thought which is wrong for a normal person. The person suffering from this OCD thinks that he may not become the wrong person.

Sometimes a person thinks like this, he is wrong. They also start thinking wrong for the other person. They don't do this intentionally. Their thoughts can also be anti-religion (against religion etc.), can be sexual, can be violent, or can also be against a particular caste.

It is seen that often a person suffering from this disease also prays so that he can escape from these thoughts. To avoid many such thoughts, some people start listening to songs so that they can save their mind from these thoughts. Each person may have their own different defense mechanism.

Preventing OCD

OCD is not a fatal disease or epidemic, but if OCD is not treated on time, it can be fatal.

If you see any symptoms of OCD, consult a doctor or psychologist. He can make you free from this disease. Along with this, to avoid this, you can adopt these things-

1.) See and understand your situation.

2.) Support yourself in every situation.

3.) Bring only positive thoughts or positive thoughts in your mind. Observe what really happened instead of just listening to what comes to your mind.

4.) If you feel like doing some work, then do the opposite, like if you want to wear the same color clothes again and again, and then wear different colored clothes.

5.) Know that you are surviving OCD when you learn to live in uncomfortable positions.

6.) Change your behavior. This will make your mind feel comfortable in the same.


We all know that doing something once or twice does not count as unusual, but when the same thing starts happening again and again, then that thing starts coming in "something strange" or unusual.

If a person starts doing anything more than the limit, then it are dangerous for him and the same thing comes in OCD. To avoid this, we should adopt the things mentioned here and get it treated in time; otherwise we may have to suffer.

If you see a person suffering from OCD around you, do not think of him as crazy, but take him to a psychologist and get him treated properly.


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