26 September 2022

Winter Lip Care Tips: Lips will not crack in winter, when you will follow these tips

 Winter Lip Care Tips: Lips will not crack in winter, when you will follow these tips

As soon as the winter season starts, the lips start cracking first and if you do not take care of them properly then they look very bad. Along with your skin, you should also take care of your lips in winter. Before your chapped lips start showing, get them treated properly. Here we are telling you some winter lip care tips to keep your lips soft.

follow ayurvedic method

According to Ayurveda, applying ghee or mustard oil to your navel prevents chapping of your lips . With the help of a cotton cloth, you apply mustard oil or ghee in your navel. After that lie down for 5 minutes so that the oil does not spread here and there. In this way your face will shine and the moisture of your lips will remain intact.

don't bite your lips

Do not bite the dead skin of your lips repeatedly with your teeth, it can later take the form of a wound. Avoid the habit of licking your tongue repeatedly on dry lips. Instead, drink some water or apply lip balm whenever you feel cracked lips. Repeatedly moving the tongue on dry lips (lip care tips in winter) makes them dry.

moisturizer before lipstick

Lipstick can dry out your lips in this season, so always apply lip balm or moisturizer before applying lipstick. By doing this your lipstick will stay intact for a long time and the moisturizer base on them will protect them from drying.

clean the crust

Like your face, dead skin tends to collect on your lips. For this, you massage them with a natural scrub made of olive oil and sugar. With the help of a toothbrush made for young children, gently scrub your lips and remove the dead skin. Then wipe the lips (winter lip care tips) with the help of a dry cotton cloth or tissue paper. Keep repeating this method for a few days in winters, the dryness of the lips will go away easily.

drink plenty of water

By keeping your body hydrated, many problems related to your skin go away on their own. Dehydration is the main cause of chapped lips . To avoid dry chapped lips, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily even in winters.

don't wear matte lipstick

These types of lipsticks tend to dry out your lips, as well as make your chapped lips more visible. However, if you love matte lipsticks, then apply lip balm to your lips before applying it, then use it. Apply lip balm even after removing it.


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