26 September 2022

There are 2 types of human memory! Know which memory gets reduced when things are forgotten and which are more at risk

 There are 2 types of human memory! Know which memory gets reduced when things are forgotten and which are more at risk

Type of memory : The problem of forgetting is very common. There will be only one person who never forgets anything. If someone forgets to keep the key of his car, then someone buys goods from the shop and leaves it there and comes out empty handed. If someone forgets someone's name, then someone forgets the work told by his parents or boss. Now everyone is on phone call, so nowadays people forget to call even by promising to call. Do you have any such problem in you too, have you also started forgetting your things, do you also suddenly stop while talking and are not able to complete your words? If you have any problem related to this type of forgetting then there is no need to worry, you are not alone like this, there are many such people in the society.

The most important thing is that everyone forgets things, says Dr. Sachin Kandhari, Neurosurgeon and Managing Director at IBS Hospitals. Some are forgetting today, some will forget tomorrow. This process of forgetting continues throughout life. Memory keeps changing with age, but the thing to note is that the problem of forgetting occurs and can happen at every stage of life.

Yes, it is definitely that those who get older, there is more tendency to forget in them. About fifty percent of people over the age of 65 are those whose habit of forgetting is more than the time of their youth. That is an effect of Edge. Often those people forget names, forget to keep their things or even forget what they told their children.

So does the tendency of forgetting come in a person due to increasing age? In response, he said that only aging is not the reason for this. Actually, what happens is that when a person reaches the stage of seniority, then he starts using the brain less, that is, the activity of his brain decreases, due to which he starts forgetting things more. Therefore, it is important that even after becoming a senior citizen, if the brain is kept active by participating in different types of activities, then memory loss can be avoided.

What is memory?

There are different forms of memory. We know that if we are storing a memory, it means that some information is being stored in our brain. It's just a matter of what that information is, and how long we can remember it depends on what kind of memory or information it is.

There are mainly two types of memory – short term memory which is also called working memory and long term memory. The types of memory depend on how long you have stored it in your mind.

Immediate or working memory: Working memory is also understood to be similar to short term memory and is not completely different from short term memory. This is the kind of memory in which you suddenly think, plan and then do that work. For example, you can solve a question without a paper-pen, try to remember a big discussion without writing it down or read a recipe and then start preparing your dish in the kitchen without looking at it. .

Intermediate or short term memory: This comes under the category of primary memory. Short-term memory is the kind in which the human brain temporarily stores some limited information in its brain.

Remote or Long Term Memory: Long term memory is one in which a lot of information is stored in your brain for a long time. Just like you must have heard someone around you saying that the memory of that person is very high, years old things are also remembered. This type of memory comes under the category of long term memory. Generally, long term memory is found in all people, whether it is male or female. In childhood, the formulas or Poem that the teacher reminded during school, they are remembered for a lifetime, are stored in the brain forever. However, it is not that this memory is completely perfect. Usually we remember old things but we also miss something in it.

How does forgetfulness arise?

Many people think that forgetfulness is an early symptom of Alzheimer's disease. But this is not necessary. Forgetfulness can also be the cause of some more serious disease such as pseudo dementia, mild cognitive impairment or dementia. There are also some problems related to memory that are associated with health problems and they can be treated. For example, if someone is taking medicine for a disease, it is possible that due to the effect of the medicine, the person may start forgetting some of his things or things. Diseases like vitamin B-12 deficiency, alcohol addiction, tumors, brain infections, clotting in the brain can also be the cause of memory loss or dementia. Apart from these, problems related to thyroid, kidney and liver can also promote memory loss. Therefore, it is important that doctors treat such diseases at the earliest, so that the patient does not have to go through a phase like memory loss.

Pseudo dementia: If a person is emotionally broken, or he has problems like stress, anxiety, depression, then such problems can make him forgetful and people also start thinking of it as insanity. For example, if someone has lost his job or someone special leaves this world or someone retires and he starts feeling lonely, then the problem of forgetting also arises.

Dementia: This is a condition in which a person's ability to think, memory begins to decrease and his skills are affected in a very serious way and the condition becomes that the person is not able to do his daily tasks properly. Could do it Dementia is not a disease in itself, but rather a group of symptoms caused by diseases such as Alzheimer's. People who have dementia lose their mental strength.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Symptoms of MCI often include forgetting things, forgetting to attend important events, or forgetting appointments. This type of memory loss is noticed by family or friends and the person who has its symptoms is also at risk of losing their memory. Such problems take a person to the doctor.

What to do to avoid dementia?

If someone in your relatives or friends has problems with memory loss, then definitely show them to the doctor. The doctor may also refer your patient to a neurologist. People who have symptoms of dementia should take precautions to prevent stroke. Keep blood pressure under control, monitor and treat high cholesterol. Control diabetes and avoid smoking.

Family and friends take care of your loved ones in the early stages of dementia and help them with their daily chores. Do physical activities. Keep informing people suffering from dementia about routine life, keep updating them like keep telling them the time, keep telling them where they live and keep updating them about what is going on at home and society .


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