26 September 2022

If you want a natural look, try these 5 things instead of lipstick

 If you want a natural look, try these 5 things instead of lipstick

Everyone wants to look beautiful and tries many different makeup tips to look beautiful and one of them is lipstick, even if you do not feel like doing makeup, you can look beautiful by applying lipstick alone. If you want a completely natural look on the lips, then you can try some other lip products instead of lipstick. So know what you should use for a natural look so that both your lips and face look attractive and beautiful.

lip crayons

The fashion of applying lip crayons is increasing very fast. This kajal is like a pencil, just keep sharpening and keep applying. If you want to make your lips smooth, then use lip crayons instead of lipstick. You can make your lips look natural with both matte and gloss lip crayons. It moisturizes the lips.

lip liner

Before applying lipstick, make sure to use lip liner, its color should be similar to the color of your lipstick. Many times people apply different colored lip liner and lipstick, due to which the attractiveness of the lip decreases. If there is no matching color, then it should be one that does not look different from it. Apply a lip pencil to the outline of the lips, fill in the lipstick with a lip pencil, this will make the lipstick last longer. After this, spread the lipstick well on the lips with a brush.

lip stain

Lip stain is more durable than lipstick and does not spread. It is not sticky like lipstick. If you do not want the color of your lips to come off throughout the day, then lip stain can be a good option. These are water or gel based, in which they are made by adding some oil and dye.

lip gloss

Lip gloss keeps your lips soft and soft and also gives a beautiful look. Lip gloss is a good choice for making lips look bright and colorful or natural. They are made of a mixture of waxes, oils and pigments, just like lipsticks. Lip gloss is great for thin lips. It creates a glossy coating on the lips, which makes the lips appear more plump and full.

lip balm

Due to dry air, cold or sun, the lips become dry quickly and they become crusty. Lip balm creates a layer on the surface of the lips, which locks the moisture and keeps the lips soft. The wax, paraffin, lanolin, etc. present in lip balm keep the lips from drying out and they do not even scab over. If there is a scab, it fixes it. You can choose the shade that suits you according to your choice.


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