25 July 2022

Keep the phone free of bacteria, stay away from illness; These tips will work

 Keep the phone free of bacteria, stay away from illness; These tips will work

How to Clean Your Phone: People have become more hygienic after the Corona virus epidemic. Special care is now taken in terms of health. Hands are frequently washed to protect against viruses and germs. However, most of the bacteria are found on the smartphones we use throughout the day. We pick up the phone several times a day. This can lead to serious illness. You touch the phone almost 100 times a day. So it can cause illness. In 2011, the University of London conducted a survey on the cleanliness of mobile phones. During this time the company tested a number of mobile phones. At the time, it was found that 80 per cent of these would be smartphones, which were 18 times more dirty than public toilets. So it is important to keep the phone free of bacteria. You will find these tips useful.

Clean the phone with a soft cloth

You can use a soft cotton cloth to clean the phone. Or a microfiber cloth will also come in handy. Using it will clean the phone properly. Dip one corner of the cloth in a little water. Then slowly clean the device. This will keep your phone clean. Keep in mind, however, that water drops will not fall on the device at this time. Also, do not use other fabrics, otherwise scratches will appear on the screen.

Cotton swabs

Your home will have a cotton swab, which cleans the ears. You can clean the corners properly using this cotton swab. Cotton swabs will be useful for cleaning special slots. Use it lightly.

Use water and alcohol

Many companies forbid cleaning the phone with things like alcohol, ethanol and ammonia. But, many say that alcohol cleans the phone properly. You can clean the phone with a light cloth by making a mixture of 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol.

Distilled water and vinegar

You can use vinegar if you don’t want to use alcohol. Take equal amount of water and vinegar. Dip the corner of that soft cloth. Now clean the phone properly with the help of that soft cloth. This will make your phone bacteria free.

Sanitize with UV light

If you want to keep the phone completely germ free, sanitize it with UV light. UV light is provided in many charging cases. This will keep your phone clean. You can also clean other devices with such a charging case.

Keep the phone away from the bathroom and kitchen

Just keeping the phone away from bacteria won’t work. You will also need to make some small changes. To do this, first keep the phone away from the kitchen and bathroom. Also, use Bluetooth if needed.

Don’t give everyone a phone

This can also cause bacteria to grow if you give the phone to others. So reduce giving the phone to others. Clean and use the phone anyway.

Do not put on the carpet

It is often seen that people put phones on the carpet. However, this causes a large amount of bacteria to accumulate on the smartphone. So place the phone on the table instead of on the carpet.

Wash hands frequently

We pick up the phone numerous times a day. Bacteria also get into the hands through the phone. So if your hand is clean, the phone will be clean too. So it is important to wash your hands frequently. It will also protect you from illness


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