25 July 2022

6 Best Sony LED TVs In India July 2022

 6 Best Sony LED TVs In India July 2022

TVs offered by Sony are beyond impressive. They possess clarity, smart design, and incredible sound quality that will take a TV from great to next-level. So, if finding the LED TV Sony is becoming difficult for you, look no further. This article contains all the information, including the best Sony LED TVs in India.

When it comes to excellent quality LED TVs, Sony is the brand that heavily competes with other brands like Samsung and LG. If you are looking for the best LED TV Sony in India, remember; it has a good range of LED TVs under all price brackets. It is actually a premium TV brand that is a safe bet. In terms of picture quality and sound, you can find the best LED TV Sony in India.

Of course, Sony offers high-end TVs, and they are costly. Therefore, if you intend to buy a budget Sony TV with a small screen size, you will have limited options. 

However, before we deep dive into the best LED TV Sony, let us understand some positive and negative things about Sony TVs, along with smart features.


Versatile Brand

Sony is one of the few companies that manufactures both LED and OLED TVs. It means you can easily choose a display technology as per your requirement. However, remember; Sony’s both OLEDs and LED TVs offer good picture quality.

Excellent Upscaling & Motion Handling

When it comes to Sony TV models, its cheaper models also do better than average while upscaling lower-resolution content. This TV provides the best motion handling.

Great Colour Accuracy

TVs of this brand provide excellent out-of-the-box colour accuracy. So, you will enjoy a great user experience.



Its price is one of the major concerns for consumers who are on a tight budget because mostly this brand’s TV is expensive.

Lacking On Gaming Features

When it comes to gaming features support, Samsung and LG are industry leaders. Their TVs offer VRR support but Sony TV lack this support.

Sony Smart Features


Usually, Sony TV lets users enjoy a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. Its interface is divided into multiple rows, and each row represents content from various apps and can be customized as per user requirements.

Apps & Features

Mostly, these days, Sony TVs work on Google TV OS. It offers a massive selection of apps to download. Therefore, you will not find it difficult to search for your favourite streaming apps.

Voice controls

Sony TVs Google TV lets you access Google Assistant. Therefore, you can press the Google Assistant button on the remote and say what you are looking for.


Sony TV’s remote provides you with quick access to Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. It also features a microphone that will let you use Google voice search.

Top 6 LED TV Sony In India

Sony Z9J

Featuring first on the list is Sony Z9J. This TV runs on Google TV and provides you access to Google Play Store and all popular in-built streaming services. The best thing about this TV is that it supports Apple AirPlay. For picture processing, this TV has XR Cognitive processor. Here are a few key specifications, pros, and cons of this TV.

Sony Z8H

Coming up next on the list is Sony Z8H. This TV comes with a very bright panel that makes HDR content pop. The impressive feature of this LED TV Sony is it is an 8K TV, so it is future-proof. Its streaming quality is good, which makes the content looks immersive. 

Sony X90J

Up next on the list is Sony X90J. This is one of the most accurate TVs we have seen so far. It runs on all new Google TV UI. It is the perfect pick for HDR and SDR content consumption. You can control this TV by using your voice.

Sony X90H

The next on the list is Sony X90H. If you are looking for the best gaming TV, this is the perfect pick. This TV runs on Android OS, which makes it an excellent choice for content consumption from popular OTT platforms. This TV also supports Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. Let us check out its key specifications, pros, and cons.

Sony KD-55X7500H

Featuring next on the list is Sony KD-55X7500H. If you want to have a theatre-like experience from the comfort of your home, this TV is the perfect pick. It provides you with clear visuals, an immersive experience, and distinct sound quality. Check its key specifications, pros, and cons to decide whether you should buy this TV or not. 


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