22 June 2022


Unit 19) Study of Nata Mati M N - Conclusion M - Distinguish between present and past objects like people, sports, utensils and clothing activities. Observes the principles of group work, indoor or outdoor sports. Educational Issues Step-by-step game (by Avantika and her sister Nandita) Discussion about local sports step-by-step game, Satline, Langadi, Santa-hen, Satodiyu and other games - Quiz 1; Mati games reception . Home games, chess, carom and other games - think and write. conference - Complete the quiz table. Educational 211611 Pa. P. Teacher - Student Activity Activity / Project / Game At VO Avantika and her Sister Activity - Elders once I was a child playing step games played by Nandita, i will be able to give information about what. VO was playing games? i will be able to give information on how to play local games like Pathgayi game, Satline, Langadi, Santa Kukdi, Satodiyu and other games. Games played reception Home - I will give information about home, chess and carom. i will be able to play games as a group of VOs. ahead of the games that are played at home, i will be able to draw the sign of ... and therefore the sign of the place where it is played outside the house. i will be able to tell you to record the number of players who want to play those games and the things that are required. V.O. Will complete the table discussed within the group. To draw an image of a game played by VO - So.

Subject unit Learning Outcomes Academic Activity: Postmaster Making. Reading of letters written by VO Collection of letters reception Collection of postage stamps Identification of items found at Post Office - Think and Do: Discussion and Quiz Post Office Visit - Conversation between Reena and Radha * Thoughts and Write: Discussion and Quiz M Mobile Pictures Items that can be obtained from the drawing office in Post Office Teacher-Student Activity Activity / Project / Letter to my friends. so as to post those letters, i will be able to ask you to make a post box in class B, post box up group (in group). one among the essential tools for postal delivery. GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

I'll make him a mailman. The mailman will partake the exertion. Let me read the letters. I'll collect the letters at home and ask them to bring a postage stamp. Do it grounded on. That ticket will do this quiz. Visit Project Post Office in the given box by collecting the type stamp( postage stamp) for the exertion pasted in separate boxes.

SEM 2 Aayojan Click Here

I'll stick. I'll identify the particulars that are set up in the post.P.P. Postcard exertion given in Draw filmland to write your full address in mobile. I'll tell. I'll bandy ideas and answers to questions. I'll visit the post office. I'll quiz. Reena and Radha talk about the letter exertion 2 Make your texture telephone. 

3/4/5 English Sem 1

3/4/5 Maths Sem 1

3/4/5 Hindi Sem 1

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 June-July

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Aug

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Sep

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Oct

Mati ni maja (pedagogical decision, good or bad touch, practices for various tasks, identity "gives a verbal opinion. / The storytelling of a faculty or kitchen story Foods, utensils, stoves and! "Shravan observes culinary processes through VO. it'll work. i will be able to make a note of it. i will be able to ask you to add a few recipes to the list of given recipes. i will be able to tell you what to eat when it happens. i will be able to give detailed information about medicinal plants. i will be able to discuss and quiz. Choose the proper thing for each basket. i will be able to ask you to use the line to connect. i might like to write an activity / project / game.

GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 June-July

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Aug

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Sep

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Oct

5 Kekarav CH-1 June-July

5 Kekarav CH-2 AUG

5 Kekarav CH-3 SEP

5 Kekarav CH-4 SEP

Liar design to scholars" Potter" I'll do the given questions.V.O. Will hear. I'll understand the incident from the composition of the story to write the answers of the children professionals. And will enjoy. Grounded on this, do a face- to- face quiz with ideas and bandy the answers to the written questionsAas We've feelings( choice of choice) cooperation! Study Conclusion- Understands connections with family members. Describes individualities of different age groups. The part of family members, orally or else, describes the family's influence( traits, habits) and the need to live together. Educational Issues Say- Discussion and Quiz" Game" Play and bandy and say and say. * suppose and say- Discussion and Quiz Bail script" Understanding and special information about it ॥ schoolteacher- Pupil's exertion Seema would like to talk to two people at home. Tell them special details about each member of the ménage. 

Activity: i will be able to tell without seeing. i will be able to talk about Seema's brother. it's difficult to identify the shape because Seema's brother is blind. i will be able to discuss what works. i will be able to ask the VO to tell about a person in the family or outside who cannot hear, speak or see. i will be able to discuss and engrave. .V.O. North Will give. i will be able to discuss the answers to the questions given in Thoughts and Say. V.O. Will answer. "N activity / project game about Braille

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