3 June 2022

Vali Form, L.C.


Things to keep in mind before issuing school leaving certificate Compilation: Editor P.J.  Patel should be given within 7 (seven) days of receiving the application.  (Provision of penalty in primary school. First irregularity Rs. 10,000 / - and every other irregularity Rs. 5,000 / - five times. Cancellation of accreditation.)  To extract as  Not typed but handwritten with ink.  (Grant in Aid Code 181 N. 8.2) In which language to give school leaving certificate?  Providing LC Gujarati in Gujarati medium of primary school.  Providing LC English in English medium of primary school.  To provide LC in Gujarati medium in secondary and higher secondary school in both Gujarati and English language.  Provide LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.  Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate: The principal has full authority to issue duplicate LCs.  Show can only be given to Pleat student or his / her guardian

Providing LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.  Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate: The principal has full authority to issue duplicate LCs.  Duplicate LC can only be given to the student or his / her guardian.  Whether or not to issue a duplicate LC is at the discretion of the principal.  Duplicate LC can be issued by the principal after obtaining proper grounds for issuing duplicate LC.  (Application Affidavit and other grounds on Rs.100 stamp) Duplicate LC is not the rule but only for Duplicate LC.  The third time LC is given, it is also called duplicate LC.  .  Giving the student first time LC free.  Rs 5 (five) can be taken for each subsequent time.  Write the details of the summary of the LC or the date of the LC on the cardboard of the LC book.  (So   that the misuse of LC can be prevented.) When admitting students, LC should come in handy and immediately check that there is no blank column in it.  The details are signed, not cluttered.  Etc. and return immediately if correction is found.  Do not admit a student to a school without an LC.  Do not admit in the hope of getting an LC.  Conquer anger with silence.


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Once enrolled in the school (LC in any case after registration in the General Register. Counter signature of the competent authority is required behind the LC of other board. Note the same details given in LC of other board in General Register. Not a single note in LC is in General Register.  Not to be done. To get LC verified after admission. To amend LC or General Register note only after making amendment as per rule.  But it can be done only after the approval of the competent authority on the basis of the order of the first class magistrate.  Since the LC does not give to the student, which is not a good thing. The errors in the existing age list should be corrected only after the competent authority has corrected them. (Do not directly amend the LC.)

L.C. USeful Information

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LORI does not give LC to students who have passed Std-9 or 10 in the school as they have to study in the upper standard of the school, which is not a good thing.  Errors in the existing age list should be corrected only after the competent authority has corrected the errors.  (Do not directly modify LC.) Type of area school Standard competent officer 1.  Municipal Corporation NPs and private schools 1 to 5 Govt.  Government-aided and private district education officers in the entire district from 3 to 12 1 to 4.  There are two types of errors in government aided and private district primary district panchayat area (rural) education officer LC.  (1) Clerical errors (2) Pre-existing errors.  (1) Clerical errors: Error made by the writer while writing LC, correction of the error as soon as it comes to the notice of the principal.  But there is no need to hit the principal's coin.  (E.g. Pankajbhai (*) is wrong, Pankajkumar is ૫ (true) then write Pankajkumar next to it and try to make Pankajbhai look like an old mistake. Laziness is a kind of violence.

Correct the error made by the writer while writing the LC while keeping the carbon paper while correcting the LC at the same time and certify the correction by signing the original of the principal in both the LC and half of the LC.  Don't make such improvements later.  When more than one amendment in LC is certified, all the amendments should be signed by the principal.  (Do not sign short.) LC must have the principal's signature only.  If there is no principal, the authorized person / officer can sign.  In LC, sign only after the principal compares it with the age certificate.  Must issue date of LC issue.  The school round seal (coin) should be affixed on both the LC and half of the LC.  Write and sign the full details on the back of the LC bearer's half of the LC.  .  When issuing LC, the principal should also sign the age certificate (LC number, date of issuance of LC, reason for leaving LC, etc.).  .  Do not minimize the (-) dash in any detail box but make it as no one can write in the details.  The column in LC is both English and Gujarati.  But LC only given in English

Ujasbhani Aheval

26 January Vali Samelan File




Writing complete in LC.  13.2.21 - O Akbul 5s Not to leave any box empty alone, make a big dash () in the empty box.  LC should be sample wise and of appropriate size.  The LC and the half of the LC should not be side to side but front-to-back.  Do not add unnecessary columns to the LC.  (Eg, SEBC, SC, ST, bank account number, Aadhaar card number etc.) LC should have everything required.  (Such as - trust name, school name, address, index number, etc.)  (Such as student's name, date of birth in words) LC written in legible letters.  (Not computerized.) LC should be written by a single person and in such a way that the letters do not separate.  Issue LC in the language in which General Register is written.  (As per the circular of 2016) If LC is given in Gujarati language and if requested in English, instead of issuing LC separately, it should be given in English language.  Write “Translation in English” at the top right of the LC.  Similarly, when LC in English is requested in Gujarati, write "Translation in mother tongue".  (As per the circular dated 2011/2017) LC in Gujarati and English language.  (As per the circular dated 2011/2018) General Register - Writing in Gujarati and English language (According to the circular dated 2011-2012)

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