15 June 2022



Work to be done at school level in preparation for school entrance ceremony કરી Survey of eligible children and completion of enrollment process. To make proper arrangements for vacation before the opening of school hygiene. To announce the date and time of the entrance ceremony. - • To invite parents and people to this program and to get their cooperation in the nomination and entrance ceremony program. The entire planning of school enrollment and entrance ceremony can be done in coordination with the school management committee. The school level should take action regarding the planning of the entrance ceremony keeping in view the following aspects mainly: (1) To start the educational work by admitting the following children who are eligible for admission; Enrollment in CTS (Child Tracking System) database within three days on the basis of birth certificate as far as possible for all 100% eligible children enrolled in Std-1.Pa Chamak as well as Sahaksha Thak was organized at Taluka level on 10th June from 10 to 100 in which all the schools of the taluka will have to make a presentation along with the planning of the classes. All the dignitaries allotted in that taluka should be informed in advance to be present in this review backed. (3) Officers going from district level will have to allot three primary schools of the same cluster in one day. As well as route, school selection criteria and other pertinent procedures have to be done as per issue no.2. (2) The District Primary Education Officer shall be responsible for making the route and delivering the dit of the concerned office bearers going from state and district level. The District Education Officer will have to provide necessary co-operation in this work. By preparing the list of participating ministers, office bearers and officers from the state level in the program, the details / list of the district in which they will participate in the program will be sent from the education department level.The details of the dignitaries who will be present from the state level will be given by the state level. The District Primary Education Officer will have to make the route keeping in view the distance of the Government Primary Schools under the cluster, and outline the time bound program for the visiting dignitaries and appoint a Liaison Officer with each dignitary. (3) By determining the route of the district, to prepare the route of the dignitaries coming from the state level as well as the list of the district level officials / officers who will participate in which Sambharat district / townHon' ble MPs, MLAs, District Panchayats, Corporation, Nagarpalika, Taluka Panchayat office liaisons, social leaders should indeed be included. And to stipulate the time bound program to the visiting office deliverer/ officer and to appoint a liaison officer with each dignitary.( 2) the accession of the tackle to be given to the office deliverer/ officer shall be done by the District Primary Education Officer.( 10) Allocating clusters to state and quarter position office liaisons officers. Admission program will need to be conducted through.( 11) The medication of the tackle associated with the program and its distribution to the state position office liaisons officers as well as the quarter position officers should be done by the concerned quarter services on time, a minimum of three days in advance.( 13) Information/ literature of education related schemes are going to be prepared and given to the quarter/ city by the entire education office. which can have to be included in the tackle. Details of the systems accepted by the Department of Education last time to enhance the quality of education, as literature. A folder showing the achievements of the Department of Education, list of youths eligible for admission in Std. Eligible children within the age group of 9 to 12 times who are deprived of admission in academy( Out of seminaries). Make an force of similar children. List of youths eligible for admission in Anganwadi,The other members (15) to be present at the school entrance ceremony are the department attached to the program, such as the Department of Women and Child Development, the Department of Social Justice Empowerment, the Department of Tribal Affairs, the Department of Health and the Department of Forest and Environment.  (12) To appoint the nodal officer of the officer and the liaison officer of the route for immediate provision of information sought from the state level regarding the program, to inform the persons concerned with the contact information including their name, designation and mobile number.  (12) How many children were admitted by the headmaster during the entrance ceremony, the donations / public support received as well as the ancillary statistics related to it, taluka MIS.  (MIS) must be delivered. 

Taluka MISA will have to get the above information and deliver it to the entire education office.  Survey of eligible children and completion of enrollment process to be done at school level in preparation for school entrance ceremony.  Appropriate arrangements should be made before the opening of school hygiene.  Announce the date and time of the entrance ceremony.  .  Invite parents and the public to the event and enlist their help in the Nomination and Admission Ceremony.  સમગ્ર The entire planning of school enrollment and entrance ceremony can be done in coordination with the school management committee.

Std.  To honor the students who have passed in the first three ranks in the 6th to 8th year end examination.  In addition to this, to honor the children and their parents who have 100% attendance in the previous year.  (2) To honor donors, co-operative societies or voluntary organizations which give donations / public contributions.  (2) In order to create awareness among the parents about education and girls' education, to make the kind of planning given by the dignitary in the form of incentive as per the outline suggested along with this.  (10) To ensure maximum public participation in the program.  (11) Considering the quality, effectiveness of the program as well as local factors, changes may be made at discretion other than the instructions given at the state level.  (12) If a smart class is running in the school, to check its implementation and to check the extra work done in the children's self-study.  (12) Last year a unit test was organized for children every week.  The children were assessed by this unit test and are assessed by six monthly and annual tests.  Ensuring that its unit test book and accountability checks are organized by teachers.  (12) Demonstrating the usefulness of G-Shala and DIKSHA Portal to the dignitary.  (12) To check the implementation of the TAS system and the subject education system in the primary school which goes to the entrance ceremony programs.  There are stars.  Its verification

115 To make a list of children who have not been able to achieve the Outcome.  (12) To check the implementation of the TAS system and the subject education system in the primary school which goes to the entrance ceremony programs.  (12) To check the attendance of teachers and students under online attendance.

School Campus Visit and Meeting with SMC - (Report to Government Headmaster on the program determined by the govt , achievements achieved by the varsity and future planning. Consider the subsequent points.) - Review of Children's Enrollment - Time for Loving Loss. ,. 100% Student and Teacher Attendance Review,. Evaluation by Gunotsav 2.0, Review of Physical Facilities of Six Schools, --- Benefits Studied by Students Using Shala - Specific Work on School Education, Review of Online or Offline Performance for Education in Corona Period - Unit - Stick and Concurrent Examinations etc. .. (12) Taluka / Cluster Review 1. To instruct the headmaster to be present within the school of the cluster in the school where the relevant cluster is to be reviewed. Before the incumbent / officers

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