12 June 2022



All persuasions of the history have commanded mortal beings to worship and supplicate. Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism,etc., all persuasions have gods and ara and non secular places. numerous rituals and observances last for hours. numerous, like Shakti Dhan Dolat, also spend it on religious conditioning. There are an outsized number of old people and women in the house doing Havan also for hours like Kar Bhakti- Dhun or Tap Vrat Upvas etc. numerous people live a lifetime of complete devotion to the Lord. That is, religion becomes his life. during this also take sannyasa or inauguration 

You rained together with your mind, we were thirsty for birth, you rained heavily, we were thirsty for birth, you gave it together with your hands, but you pillaged our empty knowledge treasure, so we ignorant, you rained like quencher, we touched the pockets of bane. You. your voice that calms down word by word, the saintship of that speech, we noway gave up, you came a occupant, we stopped at the reinforcement. you are the swash of love, you're flowing, to form life pure, you're awakening the sunshine of love, to form yourself bright, you're shining just like the sun, we're wandering within the dark. 

1. Ya kunde ndu tu sar har dhavla» Download 2. Om Tat Sat Shri Narayan Tu Download. Vaishnavajan also call it Ray. Showing loving light star Download Download Download. O Ishwar Bhaji, cause you to big. Pay homage to my life Asatyo manhethi prabhu param satye tu lai ja Download hai tuj naam * Download jeevan anjali thajo» Download 10. Naiya zukavi me to joje dubi jay na» Download 11. Whether i buy deliverance or not, I've to try to to your devotion. Hum ek bane hum nek bane hum gyan ki jyot tine → Download 17. Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam * Download Download We'll make sure of your little child tu Download. Holy spring of fellowship. Open the Mars Temple Merciful 

Prayer is contemplation on the Creator of the macrocosm. Prayer is that the remembrance of the Lord. Prayer is that the runner that carries the voice of the soul to the godly. Prayer is that the first step toward the Lord. Prayer may be a symbol of faith, tolerance and trust. Prayer is that the drug of adhi, vyadhi and upadhi. Prayer is that the link between soul and paramatman. Prayer is that the duty to live life. Prayer is that the air of religion and the kuchi of air. Prayer is that the rock

 of the Lord. 

Prayer is more important within the world moment than ever ahead, because. the planet moment is the age of technology. the full world seems to be united because of this technology. thanks to globalization we know that we've fallen behind in material happiness and lost our peace of mind nearly in it. Every man within the world moment seems to be busy with his work. He has put such a rush behind material happiness that he doesn't know where he'll go and stand. within the midst of all this, the way to maintain peace of mind and chastity? The answer is that prayer is the way to peace of mind and chastity to keep peace and health and chastity. Prayer is that the payoff of the mind to keep the body healthy 

 moment's man tries his stylish to succeed, but when he fails, he's girdled. As a result, conditions of the body and insecurity of the mind, uneasiness erodes his life. The armament of prayer saves man. Prayer means Vinam Kalavala, solicitation, asking God to satisfy a want. In Vedanta it's said that prayer is that the desire for the attainment of exaltation. It's said in Kusumanjali that the overall meaning of prayer is' pra' which means stylish and' arth' means desire. That's to mention , requesting credit is that the same prayer. Uncle Kalelkar says that prayer is to devote one's life to God consistent with one's own ideal. there is a serious sound of the soul and its effect on the world doesn't go unnoticed. Prayer is to suppose of the verity of life from the purpose of view. Prayer is that the cry of the soul. A prayer may be a sign of penitence. The magic of prayer formerly endured will last for days but won't last without prayer. even as food is necessary for the body, so is prayer for the soul

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