22 June 2022


Unit 19) Study of Nata Mati M N - Conclusion M - Distinguish between present and past objects like people, sports, utensils and clothing activities. Observes the principles of group work, indoor or outdoor sports. Educational Issues Step-by-step game (by Avantika and her sister Nandita) Discussion about local sports step-by-step game, Satline, Langadi, Santa-hen, Satodiyu and other games - Quiz 1; Mati games reception . Home games, chess, carom and other games - think and write. conference - Complete the quiz table. Educational 211611 Pa. P. Teacher - Student Activity Activity / Project / Game At VO Avantika and her Sister Activity - Elders once I was a child playing step games played by Nandita, i will be able to give information about what. VO was playing games? i will be able to give information on how to play local games like Pathgayi game, Satline, Langadi, Santa Kukdi, Satodiyu and other games. Games played reception Home - I will give information about home, chess and carom. i will be able to play games as a group of VOs. ahead of the games that are played at home, i will be able to draw the sign of ... and therefore the sign of the place where it is played outside the house. i will be able to tell you to record the number of players who want to play those games and the things that are required. V.O. Will complete the table discussed within the group. To draw an image of a game played by VO - So.

Subject unit Learning Outcomes Academic Activity: Postmaster Making. Reading of letters written by VO Collection of letters reception Collection of postage stamps Identification of items found at Post Office - Think and Do: Discussion and Quiz Post Office Visit - Conversation between Reena and Radha * Thoughts and Write: Discussion and Quiz M Mobile Pictures Items that can be obtained from the drawing office in Post Office Teacher-Student Activity Activity / Project / Letter to my friends. so as to post those letters, i will be able to ask you to make a post box in class B, post box up group (in group). one among the essential tools for postal delivery. GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

I'll make him a mailman. The mailman will partake the exertion. Let me read the letters. I'll collect the letters at home and ask them to bring a postage stamp. Do it grounded on. That ticket will do this quiz. Visit Project Post Office in the given box by collecting the type stamp( postage stamp) for the exertion pasted in separate boxes.

SEM 2 Aayojan Click Here

I'll stick. I'll identify the particulars that are set up in the post.P.P. Postcard exertion given in Draw filmland to write your full address in mobile. I'll tell. I'll bandy ideas and answers to questions. I'll visit the post office. I'll quiz. Reena and Radha talk about the letter exertion 2 Make your texture telephone. 

3/4/5 English Sem 1

3/4/5 Maths Sem 1

3/4/5 Hindi Sem 1

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 June-July

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Aug

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Sep

3/4/5 EVS Sem 1 Oct

Mati ni maja (pedagogical decision, good or bad touch, practices for various tasks, identity "gives a verbal opinion. / The storytelling of a faculty or kitchen story Foods, utensils, stoves and! "Shravan observes culinary processes through VO. it'll work. i will be able to make a note of it. i will be able to ask you to add a few recipes to the list of given recipes. i will be able to tell you what to eat when it happens. i will be able to give detailed information about medicinal plants. i will be able to discuss and quiz. Choose the proper thing for each basket. i will be able to ask you to use the line to connect. i might like to write an activity / project / game.

GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 June-July

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Aug

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Sep

3/4/5 GUJ Sem 1 Oct

5 Kekarav CH-1 June-July

5 Kekarav CH-2 AUG

5 Kekarav CH-3 SEP

5 Kekarav CH-4 SEP

Liar design to scholars" Potter" I'll do the given questions.V.O. Will hear. I'll understand the incident from the composition of the story to write the answers of the children professionals. And will enjoy. Grounded on this, do a face- to- face quiz with ideas and bandy the answers to the written questionsAas We've feelings( choice of choice) cooperation! Study Conclusion- Understands connections with family members. Describes individualities of different age groups. The part of family members, orally or else, describes the family's influence( traits, habits) and the need to live together. Educational Issues Say- Discussion and Quiz" Game" Play and bandy and say and say. * suppose and say- Discussion and Quiz Bail script" Understanding and special information about it ॥ schoolteacher- Pupil's exertion Seema would like to talk to two people at home. Tell them special details about each member of the ménage. 

Activity: i will be able to tell without seeing. i will be able to talk about Seema's brother. it's difficult to identify the shape because Seema's brother is blind. i will be able to discuss what works. i will be able to ask the VO to tell about a person in the family or outside who cannot hear, speak or see. i will be able to discuss and engrave. .V.O. North Will give. i will be able to discuss the answers to the questions given in Thoughts and Say. V.O. Will answer. "N activity / project game about Braille

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18 June 2022

Shala Upayogi


I study at New Dawn Public School . My school is one of the oldest schools of my area . It has a very goc successful history in education . My school is very near to my home . I often to my school on foot but sc my father drops me at school while going to his office . My school has a beautiful building with wide op playground and a beautiful garden . I reach at my school on time . After taking part in assembly , all the students go into their classrooms . I class 2nd . My teacher is very kind and lovely . He teaches us with care and love . My class - fellows are They all help each other in studies . My school follows the discipline strictly . Various seminars and events are held in our schools . Studen encouraged to take part in all those events . There is a big auditorium hall in the mid of our school , bu purpose only . Various progra like quiz competitions , speeches , tabloids , debates , etc are held . Apa the students of my school also take part in other academic and sports competitions against the othe My school values sincerity , honesty , dedication and good manners . It focuses the overall developme All the students are treated very kindly . In fact , we all feel this school as we second home . Students backgrounds and different ages study here with great mutual cooperation and care



OX Tags : My best friend essay in english , essay on my best friend , friends essay , descriptive essay about my best friend , article on my best friend , paragraph on my best friend , 10 lines on my best friend Essay on My Best Friend ( 125 words ) Everyone in this world need at least one person to whom he can express all his foolish talk and can laugh . This can his brother / sister or any friend and this person is his best friend . Like this I have a friend named James . At school time we spend most of time together . He knows all my secrets but never reveals it anyone . 



Daily after having lunch , we play our favourite game with my best friend . My best friend is very helping nature towards all living creatures . He always obey his parants and elders . He is best in study also and always top the class . All the teachers of my school love him . I thank you God for blessing me with such a good friend.



I play my favourite game with my best friend at lunch time daily. We always spend spare time together . > My friend is very generous and well mannered boy . > My friend always respects teachers and elders . > He is very good in studies and always completes his homework.  He always makes me laugh whenever I feel upset. 412031 > Thank you God for blessing me with such a good friend . 



Short Paragraph on My Best Friend Best friend who has become very rare now days is a inevitable part of everyone's life . I have such a friend who is more than a best friend . He always understand my silence or sorrows by seeing my eyes and try to make me laugh in any situation . His name is James . We spend more time together by cracking jokes , playing sports , games etc. We trust each other always in any situation . He knows all my secrets and foc Ads by Google My E Essa 07 : 10 Li 12 Grad sums 01.0



friend Essay on my Best Friend : Since we start going school we many people around us . Many times some of them become close to us . Out of these few become our best friend who always stands with us in every circumstances . Here we have written essay on my best friend which is very helpful for your exam . Hope you will find it interesting and helpful . JOIN US ON Essay on My Best Friend f Every one in this world need at least one person to whom he can express all his foolish talk and can laugh . This can be his brother / sister or any friend and this person is his best friend . Like this I have a best friend . He name is James . We met each other when I taken admission in St. Francis School . At school time we spend most of the time together . He knows all my secrets but never reveals it to anyone . Daily , after having lunch , we play our favourite games with my best friend . My best friend is very helping nature towards all living creatures . He always obey his parents and elders . He is best in study also and always secures top rank in the class . All the teachers of my school love him . I thank God for blessing me with such a good friend . Also Read : Essay on My Family INTO OS Facebook Pinterest POPULAR POSTS 10 Li Stud 013

My school name is St. Michel Joseph's School . My school building is very beautiful and spacious . It has a big auditorium where we assemble for prayer . - My school has many classrooms which walls are painted with many geometric esigns . - My school has a big library which has many academic as well as other informative boks . It also has a big laboratory where we do chemistry practicals . My school has a computer lab where we learn computer . It has a big playground where I play various outdoor games . My school teachers are very affectionate and caring . It is one of the most famous schools in the town . Download PDF Usha Sharma O Download PDF Essa essays ranging from RECENT POSTS Trending Essay T for Competitive Jun 17 , 2022 Essay on Online Essay Jun 16 , 2022 World AIDS Day Highlights | Wo

MyITReturn My School Essay in English 10 Lines , Essay on My School My School Essay : School is a place where students come to acquire knowledge and education . Here they learn many disciplines which are required for social as well as prosperous life . Initially , in the family child learn many things including speaking . Therefore , family is called our first school . Then after child starts going to school to learn new things to flourish knowledge and education . In the school , they meet many students with same age group and they become friends . They learn many disciplines that are taught by their teachers . Here they learn many things which are required to be successful in life . Now , let's see my school essay in english 10 lines . Al - driven identity is critical for Zero Trust . SailRain

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17 June 2022



The significance of yoga is spreading each over the world. June 21 is now celebrated as international Yoga Day. Yoga is an invaluable gift to humanity from the ancient Indian culture, which has been espoused by ultimate of the countries of the world moment. Our learned pundits entered this knowledge through vision. In 2000 BC, Maharshi Patanjali gave it a classical form and divided it into eight way, which include Asana, Dhyana, Dharana, Pratyahara, Samadhi etc. He has described these eight way in his Granth Yogasutra. That is why this yoga path is called Ashtanga Yoga. 
 All over the world. The 21st anniversary is celebrated as Yoga Day 2022. This time The eighth international Yoga Day will be celebrated on June 21, 2022. This time Yoga Day will be celebrated on the theme" Yoga for Humanity".F. 6 each over the world 1457 Yoga is an ancient physical, internal and spiritual system. Our country India is the only bone 
 that gives the gift of yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to connect or unite. Yoga symbolizes the union of body and soul. Yoga is a spiritual discipline. moment yoga is rehearsed in different forms all over the world and its popularity is also adding day by day. Yoga has been a part of our Indian culture for centuries. Yoga is associated with contemplation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.( O C C 60 P The Hon' ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Bhai Modi first mooted Yoga at the United Nations GeneralAssembly., Not jointly pressing the matter in this matter 
Prime Minister Modi said about yoga in the UN General Assembly," Yoga is an invaluable gift to the world of India's ancient tradition. Yoga is a holistic approach to the orchestration of mind and body, allowed 
 and action, restraint and fulfillment harmony between man and nature, health and well- being. 
It is not just an exercise, it's a means of cultivating oneness with the world and nature through our dubitation
 . Yoga will change our life and produce awareness. It can help us fight climate change. So let's all work towards espousing an internationalYogaDay.Many politicians and celebrities from each over the world have cooperated in the festivity of Yoga Day. The day is celebrated by people from around 170 countries around the world, including the United States, China, Japan, and Canada. Is. Through which people are appealed to adopt yoga in their quotidian life for physical, internal and intellectual health. Yoga works to bring about a positive change in our lives and meliorate our standard of living. 
 Why Yoga Day? To connect people with nature to reach people with the awful and natural laws of yoga at the Vatican position. Strengthening Vedic cohesion to spread awareness among people that yoga can cure multitudinous affections. Sankalpapatra I will always keep my mind balanced. To be suitable to produce a calm and loving atmosphere around me through all my deeds 
 Yoga is one of the swish gifts of Indian culture from the United Nations. Sadar Bhrastha has incorporated yoga into the global heritage. According to which, it has been decided to celebrate 21st June every time as" Viv Yoga Day". Under it's ours." World Yoga Day" was celebrated in the primary academe on 21st June. In our primary academe, on 31st June, 20th, all the children from Std. Yoga is demonstrated by giving guidance about law and yoga and also the children are made to do yoga. The news of the festivity of this program was conveyed to the parents and townies of the children through the children and instructors of this academe. School Paripar and SMC in place of the star of the academe. Organized according to the figure of the program with members of. townies, parents, scholars and instructors were present at the academe on this major day in the morning of31/4/20. The academe handed introductory requirements for yoga. The program was outlined with prayers and verses as per part 1. This was followed by beats of light exercise analogous as neck rotation, wrist rotation and shoulder rotation as per Part II. Through which to take the program hundred 

 3 beats of mild exercise analogous as neck rotation, wrist rotation, and shoulder rotation were performed. Which gave provocation to the program. In the third part of the program, yogasana was done for 15 beats. In which Tadasana, Vrikshaasana, Ardha Chakrakshana, Trikonaksanaetc. were done in standing food. After that in the sitting asanas Bhadrasana, Ardh Ustrasana, Shasakakshana and Vakrasana were performed under the guidance of Sahebshree. After that, sleeping asanas were also done. As well as all the yogasana work. This part was followed by a five minute break. 
 Kapal Bharati yoga was also performed three times in the fourth part. also 5 beats pranayama was done in the fifth part. In which reversals were made. The atmosphere sounded to be disturbed by the hum of all the people. B Part 2 of the program was done with reflective asana, mudra. 

 In the final phase, the townies, parents, scholars and instructors came together and resolved that" orchestration should be maintained in the whole world, every human being should strive to be healthy, calm, happy and cherished". On this day in India, the land of yoga education, all the people parted with the joy of sharing in a special and elaborate program.

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15 June 2022



Work to be done at school level in preparation for school entrance ceremony કરી Survey of eligible children and completion of enrollment process. To make proper arrangements for vacation before the opening of school hygiene. To announce the date and time of the entrance ceremony. - • To invite parents and people to this program and to get their cooperation in the nomination and entrance ceremony program. The entire planning of school enrollment and entrance ceremony can be done in coordination with the school management committee. The school level should take action regarding the planning of the entrance ceremony keeping in view the following aspects mainly: (1) To start the educational work by admitting the following children who are eligible for admission; Enrollment in CTS (Child Tracking System) database within three days on the basis of birth certificate as far as possible for all 100% eligible children enrolled in Std-1.Pa Chamak as well as Sahaksha Thak was organized at Taluka level on 10th June from 10 to 100 in which all the schools of the taluka will have to make a presentation along with the planning of the classes. All the dignitaries allotted in that taluka should be informed in advance to be present in this review backed. (3) Officers going from district level will have to allot three primary schools of the same cluster in one day. As well as route, school selection criteria and other pertinent procedures have to be done as per issue no.2. (2) The District Primary Education Officer shall be responsible for making the route and delivering the dit of the concerned office bearers going from state and district level. The District Education Officer will have to provide necessary co-operation in this work. By preparing the list of participating ministers, office bearers and officers from the state level in the program, the details / list of the district in which they will participate in the program will be sent from the education department level.The details of the dignitaries who will be present from the state level will be given by the state level. The District Primary Education Officer will have to make the route keeping in view the distance of the Government Primary Schools under the cluster, and outline the time bound program for the visiting dignitaries and appoint a Liaison Officer with each dignitary. (3) By determining the route of the district, to prepare the route of the dignitaries coming from the state level as well as the list of the district level officials / officers who will participate in which Sambharat district / townHon' ble MPs, MLAs, District Panchayats, Corporation, Nagarpalika, Taluka Panchayat office liaisons, social leaders should indeed be included. And to stipulate the time bound program to the visiting office deliverer/ officer and to appoint a liaison officer with each dignitary.( 2) the accession of the tackle to be given to the office deliverer/ officer shall be done by the District Primary Education Officer.( 10) Allocating clusters to state and quarter position office liaisons officers. Admission program will need to be conducted through.( 11) The medication of the tackle associated with the program and its distribution to the state position office liaisons officers as well as the quarter position officers should be done by the concerned quarter services on time, a minimum of three days in advance.( 13) Information/ literature of education related schemes are going to be prepared and given to the quarter/ city by the entire education office. which can have to be included in the tackle. Details of the systems accepted by the Department of Education last time to enhance the quality of education, as literature. A folder showing the achievements of the Department of Education, list of youths eligible for admission in Std. Eligible children within the age group of 9 to 12 times who are deprived of admission in academy( Out of seminaries). Make an force of similar children. List of youths eligible for admission in Anganwadi,The other members (15) to be present at the school entrance ceremony are the department attached to the program, such as the Department of Women and Child Development, the Department of Social Justice Empowerment, the Department of Tribal Affairs, the Department of Health and the Department of Forest and Environment.  (12) To appoint the nodal officer of the officer and the liaison officer of the route for immediate provision of information sought from the state level regarding the program, to inform the persons concerned with the contact information including their name, designation and mobile number.  (12) How many children were admitted by the headmaster during the entrance ceremony, the donations / public support received as well as the ancillary statistics related to it, taluka MIS.  (MIS) must be delivered. 

Taluka MISA will have to get the above information and deliver it to the entire education office.  Survey of eligible children and completion of enrollment process to be done at school level in preparation for school entrance ceremony.  Appropriate arrangements should be made before the opening of school hygiene.  Announce the date and time of the entrance ceremony.  .  Invite parents and the public to the event and enlist their help in the Nomination and Admission Ceremony.  સમગ્ર The entire planning of school enrollment and entrance ceremony can be done in coordination with the school management committee.

Std.  To honor the students who have passed in the first three ranks in the 6th to 8th year end examination.  In addition to this, to honor the children and their parents who have 100% attendance in the previous year.  (2) To honor donors, co-operative societies or voluntary organizations which give donations / public contributions.  (2) In order to create awareness among the parents about education and girls' education, to make the kind of planning given by the dignitary in the form of incentive as per the outline suggested along with this.  (10) To ensure maximum public participation in the program.  (11) Considering the quality, effectiveness of the program as well as local factors, changes may be made at discretion other than the instructions given at the state level.  (12) If a smart class is running in the school, to check its implementation and to check the extra work done in the children's self-study.  (12) Last year a unit test was organized for children every week.  The children were assessed by this unit test and are assessed by six monthly and annual tests.  Ensuring that its unit test book and accountability checks are organized by teachers.  (12) Demonstrating the usefulness of G-Shala and DIKSHA Portal to the dignitary.  (12) To check the implementation of the TAS system and the subject education system in the primary school which goes to the entrance ceremony programs.  There are stars.  Its verification

115 To make a list of children who have not been able to achieve the Outcome.  (12) To check the implementation of the TAS system and the subject education system in the primary school which goes to the entrance ceremony programs.  (12) To check the attendance of teachers and students under online attendance.

School Campus Visit and Meeting with SMC - (Report to Government Headmaster on the program determined by the govt , achievements achieved by the varsity and future planning. Consider the subsequent points.) - Review of Children's Enrollment - Time for Loving Loss. ,. 100% Student and Teacher Attendance Review,. Evaluation by Gunotsav 2.0, Review of Physical Facilities of Six Schools, --- Benefits Studied by Students Using Shala - Specific Work on School Education, Review of Online or Offline Performance for Education in Corona Period - Unit - Stick and Concurrent Examinations etc. .. (12) Taluka / Cluster Review 1. To instruct the headmaster to be present within the school of the cluster in the school where the relevant cluster is to be reviewed. Before the incumbent / officers

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12 June 2022



All persuasions of the history have commanded mortal beings to worship and supplicate. Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism,etc., all persuasions have gods and ara and non secular places. numerous rituals and observances last for hours. numerous, like Shakti Dhan Dolat, also spend it on religious conditioning. There are an outsized number of old people and women in the house doing Havan also for hours like Kar Bhakti- Dhun or Tap Vrat Upvas etc. numerous people live a lifetime of complete devotion to the Lord. That is, religion becomes his life. during this also take sannyasa or inauguration 

You rained together with your mind, we were thirsty for birth, you rained heavily, we were thirsty for birth, you gave it together with your hands, but you pillaged our empty knowledge treasure, so we ignorant, you rained like quencher, we touched the pockets of bane. You. your voice that calms down word by word, the saintship of that speech, we noway gave up, you came a occupant, we stopped at the reinforcement. you are the swash of love, you're flowing, to form life pure, you're awakening the sunshine of love, to form yourself bright, you're shining just like the sun, we're wandering within the dark. 

1. Ya kunde ndu tu sar har dhavla» Download 2. Om Tat Sat Shri Narayan Tu Download. Vaishnavajan also call it Ray. Showing loving light star Download Download Download. O Ishwar Bhaji, cause you to big. Pay homage to my life Asatyo manhethi prabhu param satye tu lai ja Download hai tuj naam * Download jeevan anjali thajo» Download 10. Naiya zukavi me to joje dubi jay na» Download 11. Whether i buy deliverance or not, I've to try to to your devotion. Hum ek bane hum nek bane hum gyan ki jyot tine → Download 17. Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam * Download Download We'll make sure of your little child tu Download. Holy spring of fellowship. Open the Mars Temple Merciful 

Prayer is contemplation on the Creator of the macrocosm. Prayer is that the remembrance of the Lord. Prayer is that the runner that carries the voice of the soul to the godly. Prayer is that the first step toward the Lord. Prayer may be a symbol of faith, tolerance and trust. Prayer is that the drug of adhi, vyadhi and upadhi. Prayer is that the link between soul and paramatman. Prayer is that the duty to live life. Prayer is that the air of religion and the kuchi of air. Prayer is that the rock

 of the Lord. 

Prayer is more important within the world moment than ever ahead, because. the planet moment is the age of technology. the full world seems to be united because of this technology. thanks to globalization we know that we've fallen behind in material happiness and lost our peace of mind nearly in it. Every man within the world moment seems to be busy with his work. He has put such a rush behind material happiness that he doesn't know where he'll go and stand. within the midst of all this, the way to maintain peace of mind and chastity? The answer is that prayer is the way to peace of mind and chastity to keep peace and health and chastity. Prayer is that the payoff of the mind to keep the body healthy 

 moment's man tries his stylish to succeed, but when he fails, he's girdled. As a result, conditions of the body and insecurity of the mind, uneasiness erodes his life. The armament of prayer saves man. Prayer means Vinam Kalavala, solicitation, asking God to satisfy a want. In Vedanta it's said that prayer is that the desire for the attainment of exaltation. It's said in Kusumanjali that the overall meaning of prayer is' pra' which means stylish and' arth' means desire. That's to mention , requesting credit is that the same prayer. Uncle Kalelkar says that prayer is to devote one's life to God consistent with one's own ideal. there is a serious sound of the soul and its effect on the world doesn't go unnoticed. Prayer is to suppose of the verity of life from the purpose of view. Prayer is that the cry of the soul. A prayer may be a sign of penitence. The magic of prayer formerly endured will last for days but won't last without prayer. even as food is necessary for the body, so is prayer for the soul

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11 June 2022

Varshik Path Aayojan


Is.  We suggest in this book that conversations, smileys, special expressions, dialogues and real experiences of the student get space in the classroom.  Language that creates and expresses value is fluid and exciting.  The teaching of price sentiment has also been one of our important objectives during the tenure of the Minister of Technology.  ‘Grammar’ is in this book but we have to stay away from ‘label’ or ‘naming’.  If a student instinctively uses pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc. in writing or speaking (we all speak grammar without a grammar label - we write, the same thing) then he is considered to know grammar.  The confluence of the language intentionally served in the textbook and the language adopted by the students from home-family-street-mahalla-party takes place in the classroom, in the school and finally in the brain of the student so we all have to keep meditating!  The structure of this textbook is guided by some theories and principles.  This is aimed at eight year old children and Gujarati - Indian, rural - urban environment and general - bright class scholars.  The theory of the correlation of language and mental development The theory of oral language formation as well as the theory of language acquisition Physical activity The brain that teaches the brain where Piaget and Love Vygosky's social cognition - structural theory endeavor - to make maximum study possible in error and fearless environment.  The theory that the learning is enhanced by the possibility of learning the theory itself The theory of the interrelationship between the subject matter (what) and the class work (How) The success of a textbook called 'What' is achieved by a class work called 'How' as an idea.  Made of 'see and do' type.  This book, like the Learning Manual, can be turned into an active teacher by any alert teacher.  Mandatory activity in the language class:





Introduction Children who grow up with a body also grow up through language.  Formal language learning is about turning language into language development.  Humans only use language to store their experiences.  This also means that those whose language is rich can further their own experiences (living, thinking).  The funny thing is that kids up to the age of 10 are becoming more powerful with brain language wiring.  Language-nutrition and efforts are essential for such children up to Std.  Telling teachers and parents about this textbook is a fun way to have fun.  Pure - impure or true - false should be avoided while learning the language, because even linguistic skills come from continuing to try by making mistakes, rather than practicing cooking.  Singing, defying, telling stories, gossiping, talking on various topics, writing and reading later.  It is convenient to live in a community, group or pair to learn a language.  When two or more human beings come together and begin to understand a language, there are many pairs of activities in this book.  When a challenging situation arises in front of the students, they have to talk alone or in a few words, which also leads to the creation of words and sentences.  There are a lot of questions and situations in which children will have to think, talk, present and then roar in class;





Short Guide to Activities Guide: Lyric Each unit is started with a short song (song).  The unit has also been c in between.  The teacher has to sing the song in his favorite raga slope and then the students have to perform in the group if possible.  Students are not to be asked questions on the basis of lyricism.  The teacher is not a lyricist.  Even if the students understand the song by singing it over and over again.  Gitada songs make students more eager to learn and increase their concentration.  Conversation: Questions for conversation based on story, prose and poetry in each unit - Conversation is helpful in any given category.  During the conversation students come up with text-based wigs.  Even if it is not in the textbook, one has to think of something based on one's own foreknowledge.  Speaking in conjunction with other information.  All of this requires patience on the part of the teacher.  The purpose of the conversation is not to give the correct answer, the real purpose is for all the students to participate in the discussion, to be the logic behind what they are saying.  What if not a single student can answer a conversation question?  Even if the answer is not the teacher, the teacher can ask sub-questions for the students to reach an answer.  Through the conversation, the learning process and the subject are connected to the student's experience, so the student feels the subject and the class itself.  Remember, if the teacher gives the answer to the first student, then the opportunity of ion is taken away from the student. Are going.  To prevent this from happening, we must read the parable of the story.



The idiom used in the story requires that the teacher use the story and other prose passages for the students to understand the specific use of the sentences.  Loud Reading: A story that comes as a textbook or other prose should be read frequently by the students under the supervision of the teacher.  The teacher has to class the whole story once before giving the individual reading to the students.  Then ask the students to read.  One by one the students get up and read one of the units i.e. the process of recitation is very necessary for reading education.  For example, a textbook has two stories.  All the students have that story.  The teacher should stand up and tell the story aloud to one of the students.  At that time the rest of the students will also continue reading silently along with the reading student.  After standing up and reading four sentences, the teacher will ask another student to read further.  By doing this it is possible to read E two - three times in the class.  Reading in this way will have two benefits: one is for the students to read and it will happen, in which the student's mistake can also be corrected if necessary.  Secondly, by listening to and reading two-three of these textbooks, the words, phrases, etc. that come in them will become fixed in the mind of the student.  Text details will also be memorized automatically.  Silence is not successful if it is not read aloud.  Independent Writing: Writing skills are also important in formal language learning.  Reasonable expectation of parents and society

Ujasbhani Aheval

26 January Vali Samelan File




It is a conscious effort to teach constitutional issues.  The more the student learns the language, the more the language is rehearsed. Sentences, spaces, pairs, compartments. Activities are given. Values: The values   are intertwined in the textbook reading.  Disclosure and promotion of values   has been banned for decades.  Values   are caught, not taught.  Values   cannot be taught.  This statement warns us that the teacher should not do value-teaching, value-telling, value-placement.  In the context of the lesson, take examples of student, family and community practices and ask them, "What kind of behavior can lead to what kind of results?"  ”Is to be discussed.  Attendance of any value - Absence should make the show students think, giving examples.  The teacher should not impose certain values   on his students.  In this textbook, many value-oriented ideas-questions-statements are indirectly placed according to the value.  In connection with all these matters, the issues of teaching in Gujarati second language are given below:

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3 June 2022

Vali Form, L.C.


Things to keep in mind before issuing school leaving certificate Compilation: Editor P.J.  Patel should be given within 7 (seven) days of receiving the application.  (Provision of penalty in primary school. First irregularity Rs. 10,000 / - and every other irregularity Rs. 5,000 / - five times. Cancellation of accreditation.)  To extract as  Not typed but handwritten with ink.  (Grant in Aid Code 181 N. 8.2) In which language to give school leaving certificate?  Providing LC Gujarati in Gujarati medium of primary school.  Providing LC English in English medium of primary school.  To provide LC in Gujarati medium in secondary and higher secondary school in both Gujarati and English language.  Provide LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.  Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate: The principal has full authority to issue duplicate LCs.  Show can only be given to Pleat student or his / her guardian

Providing LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.  Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate: The principal has full authority to issue duplicate LCs.  Duplicate LC can only be given to the student or his / her guardian.  Whether or not to issue a duplicate LC is at the discretion of the principal.  Duplicate LC can be issued by the principal after obtaining proper grounds for issuing duplicate LC.  (Application Affidavit and other grounds on Rs.100 stamp) Duplicate LC is not the rule but only for Duplicate LC.  The third time LC is given, it is also called duplicate LC.  .  Giving the student first time LC free.  Rs 5 (five) can be taken for each subsequent time.  Write the details of the summary of the LC or the date of the LC on the cardboard of the LC book.  (So   that the misuse of LC can be prevented.) When admitting students, LC should come in handy and immediately check that there is no blank column in it.  The details are signed, not cluttered.  Etc. and return immediately if correction is found.  Do not admit a student to a school without an LC.  Do not admit in the hope of getting an LC.  Conquer anger with silence.


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Once enrolled in the school (LC in any case after registration in the General Register. Counter signature of the competent authority is required behind the LC of other board. Note the same details given in LC of other board in General Register. Not a single note in LC is in General Register.  Not to be done. To get LC verified after admission. To amend LC or General Register note only after making amendment as per rule.  But it can be done only after the approval of the competent authority on the basis of the order of the first class magistrate.  Since the LC does not give to the student, which is not a good thing. The errors in the existing age list should be corrected only after the competent authority has corrected them. (Do not directly amend the LC.)

L.C. USeful Information

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LORI does not give LC to students who have passed Std-9 or 10 in the school as they have to study in the upper standard of the school, which is not a good thing.  Errors in the existing age list should be corrected only after the competent authority has corrected the errors.  (Do not directly modify LC.) Type of area school Standard competent officer 1.  Municipal Corporation NPs and private schools 1 to 5 Govt.  Government-aided and private district education officers in the entire district from 3 to 12 1 to 4.  There are two types of errors in government aided and private district primary district panchayat area (rural) education officer LC.  (1) Clerical errors (2) Pre-existing errors.  (1) Clerical errors: Error made by the writer while writing LC, correction of the error as soon as it comes to the notice of the principal.  But there is no need to hit the principal's coin.  (E.g. Pankajbhai (*) is wrong, Pankajkumar is ૫ (true) then write Pankajkumar next to it and try to make Pankajbhai look like an old mistake. Laziness is a kind of violence.

Correct the error made by the writer while writing the LC while keeping the carbon paper while correcting the LC at the same time and certify the correction by signing the original of the principal in both the LC and half of the LC.  Don't make such improvements later.  When more than one amendment in LC is certified, all the amendments should be signed by the principal.  (Do not sign short.) LC must have the principal's signature only.  If there is no principal, the authorized person / officer can sign.  In LC, sign only after the principal compares it with the age certificate.  Must issue date of LC issue.  The school round seal (coin) should be affixed on both the LC and half of the LC.  Write and sign the full details on the back of the LC bearer's half of the LC.  .  When issuing LC, the principal should also sign the age certificate (LC number, date of issuance of LC, reason for leaving LC, etc.).  .  Do not minimize the (-) dash in any detail box but make it as no one can write in the details.  The column in LC is both English and Gujarati.  But LC only given in English

Ujasbhani Aheval

26 January Vali Samelan File




Writing complete in LC.  13.2.21 - O Akbul 5s Not to leave any box empty alone, make a big dash () in the empty box.  LC should be sample wise and of appropriate size.  The LC and the half of the LC should not be side to side but front-to-back.  Do not add unnecessary columns to the LC.  (Eg, SEBC, SC, ST, bank account number, Aadhaar card number etc.) LC should have everything required.  (Such as - trust name, school name, address, index number, etc.)  (Such as student's name, date of birth in words) LC written in legible letters.  (Not computerized.) LC should be written by a single person and in such a way that the letters do not separate.  Issue LC in the language in which General Register is written.  (As per the circular of 2016) If LC is given in Gujarati language and if requested in English, instead of issuing LC separately, it should be given in English language.  Write “Translation in English” at the top right of the LC.  Similarly, when LC in English is requested in Gujarati, write "Translation in mother tongue".  (As per the circular dated 2011/2017) LC in Gujarati and English language.  (As per the circular dated 2011/2018) General Register - Writing in Gujarati and English language (According to the circular dated 2011-2012)

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