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3 May 2022

Aekam Kasoti


Aekam Kasoti is a paper published by Patrak on the occasion of Punh Kasoti. This paper sheds light on the significant contributions of the late leader to Nepali history and his profound influence on Nepali literature in both English and Nepali.

Aekam Kasoti is an award winning content writer and blogger who has worked with some of the top organizations in Nepal. He is currently the co-founder of Patrak, a content agency that provides creative and technical writing services for various industries.

He has written for The Kathmandu Post and was one of the most outspoken critics of oppressive regimes in Nepal. He has won many awards and accolades for his work in journalism, advertising, public relations, social media management, editing, communications and other related fields.

To summarize, the authors of this paper illustrate that children of the present day are not well-equipped with the skills required to function in a global workplace. However, Aekam Kasoti is an initiative that seeks to equip youngsters with these skills through the power of technology.

Aekam Kasoti Karykram

3 TO 5 

6 TO 8

Aekam Kasoti is a Punjabi folk singer from Delhi. Her songs are based on the themes of love, life and family.

Her eleventh album, Patrak, was released in April 2013 and features the popular tracks “Lohen” and “Santokh”. The album was her first release after a hiatus of two years due to personal struggles.

Punh Kasoti












Nepal is well-known for its gorgeous geography, culture and it’s people. However, these Nepalese people are among the poorest in the world with a GDP of merely $950. This has mainly caused by various complications since the country gained independence in Nepal. Natural disasters coupled with unsteady leadership to name some of the major hurdles faced by this country.

For many decades now, pundits have been discussing potential solutions to this issue, but removing poverty remains difficult due to variations in opinion and mistrust among stakeholders.

In response to this intense need for a solution, environment engineer Aekam Kasoti founded Patrak as a way of overcoming barriers faced by his homeland such as lack of paper in schools or electricity in the surrounding areas until now. Through sustainable farming

Aekam Kasoti is an artificial intelligence-based web designer employs web standards while identifying topics and keywords. The user selects a desired website template, keyword, and topic. And then, provides an outline on how the site should be structured. Afterwards, Aekam Kasoti designs the paper in a 4-step process (including manually optimizing it).

Aekam Kasoti runs on Google Chrome browser with support for more than 12 languages and robust support for 76 platforms.


Using Artificial Intelligence to design websites

This section introduces Al Aekam Kasoti's product which uses Artificial Intelligence to generate high-quality websites using automatically generated web templates with web standards by identifying topics or keywords that are selected by users before outlining a site structure and telling about Aekam Kasoti's process of

Aekam Kasoti is an international association for writers and journalists founded by Punh Kasoti in 1993.

Its aim is to promote concern for editorial quality, including that of print media. Aekam Kasoti urges advertisers to place their expenditure on the editorial content and not on the pagination,

and defend the commercial interests of reader with regard to influencing the editorial offer, this way balancing economic imperatives with professional values.

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