28 December 2021


 As a student we can call an ideal student who has done all the qualities that are well-educated in his life.  In other words, a student.  Today's education has become vocational about what qualities a perfect and excellent student student profile should have.  That is, the student only takes a degree or a certificate, but does not student profile have a deep or detailed knowledge of the subject corresponding to the degree.  Gad is his only goal.  Such a student is not called ideal.  The meaning of the statement is called attainment.  One can acquire a natural interest or knowledge to acquire deep knowledge of every subject coming under study.  A clear understanding of the subject student profile and its in-depth study is the basic training

That is the goal.  Such a student profile is not called ideal.  The true student is the one who has the meaning of the statement which is meant for attainment.  A student who is naturally inclined to acquire in-depth knowledge student profile of each of the subjects under study may be better educated.  A clear understanding of the subject and a deep study of it is the basic training. student profile  Our scriptures say a lot about the excellent qualities of a student.  Such qualities are student profile indicated in famous verses like Jetha Vak Dhyane.  The study must have a heron-like concentration.  Without meditation or concentration the assumption or memory of the study is not formed.  While teaching in class, the student can absorb the subject quickly and retain it in memory for a long time.  The biggest enemy in student life is laziness.  The lazy student becomes dull and careless in his work.  Such a student suffers from amnesia so the best student should have a dog-like sleep.  He can study more actively and faster if student profile he cultivates less sleep and agility.  Sleeping like a drowsy or lazy person makes you drowsy.  So if the study is done with cultivating motivation, the student can progress quickly.  Mojilu life alienates us from karma.  Today's students are weaker in studies as they become more luxurious.  A student cannot do enough for his student profile studies without giving up entertainment and pleasure.  Student life only



Keeps doing.  The biggest enemy in student life is laziness.  The lazy student becomes dull and careless in his work.  Such a student suffers from amnesia so the best student should have a dog-like sleep.  He can study more actively and faster if he cultivates less sleep and agility.  Sleeping like a sleeper or lazy person makes you drowsy.  So if the study is done with cultivating motivation, the student can progress quickly.  Mojilu life alienates us from karma.  Today's students are more vulnerable to study as they become more luxurious.



A student cannot do enough for his studies without giving up entertainment and pleasure.  Student life is for learning only, not for fun.  Therefore, the ideal student is the one who does not have any addiction other than education.  Eating spicy delicacies makes a person more lazy.  Because of this, the mind does not stick to the study.  That is why the student should eat less.  Snacks keep the body healthy and energetic.  Along with all these external features, developing the inner qualities of personality like restraint, discipline, regularity, civility and sophistication balances the life of the student.  Such excellent qualities cannot be cultivated by mere description or appearance.  By cultivating such qualities with determination and discipline, any student can become a student.



The ideal student is the one who worships in all aspects of learning.  If he has the natural desire to go deeper and study in depth, then he should have concentration and alertness!  There can be no definite definition of 'ideal student', but a student whose conduct is noble and exemplary for others can be called an ideal student.  The ideal student should study the curriculum of his subjects in depth, not be lazy, not be fooled by negligence.  He will always get proper guidance from his gurus in the difficult subject of the course.  His goal is to get the best result in every exam.  The ideal student should read other books besides its syllabus.  Regular reading of books, magazines and newspapers increases his knowledge. If he has knowledge of history, geography, astronomy, science or any other subject, he will be happy to see books that teach him how to live an ideal life.  The ideal student should not only be careless about health, but should also get up early in the morning and exercise.  He also takes full interest in sports.  On the playground, Harjeet is a secondary matter to him, having a playful demeanor, and is also very interested in umbrella activities such as drama, materialism, essay competition, painting and music.  His favorite goal is to be at the forefront of other activities.  He planned his own daily program

Get it  He should plan his charity program and stick to it generously.  He should be truthful, honest, outspoken, fearless and sociable.  Humility and contentment are its ornaments.  His letters are not only legible, but also beautiful, twisted and neat, he has a habit of writing everyday and so he can know his mistakes.  He should always make sure that these mistakes do not happen again.  Writing diaries with sincerity and fearlessness.  The ideal student should never spend wrongly because he understands thrift.  If he does small work during the holidays, he will deduct the cost of his education.  The ideal student should never be naમve in doing any work of labor.  He loves cleanliness and austerity.  Simple living and high thinking is its motto.  It gives literacy to illiterate people and guides weak students.  He is always ready to help only human beings.  He likes good cinema-drama-TV serials.  He is interested in every activity to remove social evils.  The ideal student should not only be a Vidhapremi but also a complete patriot.  If politics and sabotage activities are a hundred yards away.  An ideal student must be an ideal human being, right?  - What is the use of that knowledge to the society and the country without it?  Not a poet


26 December 2021


https night Life Skill Fair is organized. in order that the children get knowledge along with colorful fun conditioning and entertainment. Children develop co-operation, leadership, spirit of republic, entrepreneurship etc. also as acquiring colorful chops to meet the challenges of diurnal life and meet the requirements of diurnal life adroitly through Life Skill Fair and learn to live a healthy, successful, happy and peaceful life by developing the general physical and internal capacities of the scholars through life chops. at some point children's fair and life skill show is organized. the small print of the child fair and life skill fair held at our primary academy are as follows. Acharya Shri A gave an understanding about Balmela within the prayer meeting moment. The society gave the objects of Balmela. then Balmela was started. colorful booths were founded in the academy. during which crockery, samples of the fashionable from the West, train from the empty box of chandeliers, wallpiece conditioning were finished the children. The kiddies made cute delightful toys. published potatoes. The filmland are filled with fun colors. Made nice rangoli with different colors. Collage work exertion was done. the youngsters beautifully created collage work samples using Favicol. Made different headdresses out of paper. Made bones and aeroplanes

out of paper. Children's games and nursery rhymes were also given to the youngsters . the youngsters were given games like lame, incline fight, how numerous and the way numerous. the youngsters were given fun songs. the kid also sang beautiful acting songs. An exhibition of sample made by children was organized.S. like this.C. Members and guardians present watched the performance. Encouraging prizes got to the children who made good names. such a lot for the kiddies moment. the youngsters did colorful conditioning with great enthusiasm. There was happiness on the faces of the youngsters . it had been delightful to 

We're all thrilled to present a set of awful conditioning that fill the lives of children with joy, giving precedence to the thought of showing http. that's what makes me want to write. to not say the injuries of life, we've come to write down the words of the mind. Everyone must have seen that indeed on the night of Amas, we've come to speak about a children's fair like Poonam's moon. the youngsters themselves are a new creation of nature and at the same time they're full of creativity and energy. All that's demanded is to direct their creative power within the right direction and to give a free ground to their thumping energy. With the perfect of which the Government of Gujarat brings new programs for children. As an element of which children's fair is also organized at academy position. during which children can bring out their dormancy. The day when the kid can enjoy other conditioning besides education. 

Har ruh se niklati hai hawa apne paigam laker me adab karta hu, ijjat karta hu. watching the history of ultramodern day mortal beings, ranging from Lakh Salaam Dekar Stone Age mortal beings trying to come mortal beings, one fact becomes clear that in past , a person traveling in a bullock wain was traveling by air moment. moment, mortal beings living in broken hooches 

live in palaces. the person who ate raw meat in ancient times is now eating thirty- two dishes. the person who wore the dinghy and leaves of the tree moment started wearing the jeans of western culture. Indeed though the black- headed man has made so numerous advances, moment he has got to come a exile in seminaries to come a man. From the Kaprada area, the source of the swash Kolak, to the Dharampur hills, to the way of Pardi, to the start line of the Parsis, to the Sanjana- Umargam area, by coordinating colorful conditioning showing the graces of the Balmela also as the GCRT of life chops. We're all thrilled to present such a awful collection of conditioning. that's what makes me want to write. to not mention the injuries of life, we've come to write down the words of the mind. Everyone must have seen the night of Amas but we're like that Poonam moon 

Covering with a distance of verdure, culminated with thin sun shafts, twiddling with the beautiful springs of nature and marine benevolence, the sport is a beautiful gift to the Valsad quarter, with its four directions shining sort of a shining star. A regard of culture may be a regard. but, the primary step in drawing the words of happiness and development of the alternate form of nature" child" on the path of progress is Balmelo, the word' Balmelo' seems to be pleasurable and natural for the first academy children in the thoroughfares of Gujarat moment. Has come synonymous with education. As important because the physical and internal development of a child is, the event of his life is of great significance. Life chops are a superb tool for the development of life development. Chops education may be a lifelong literacy of the chops demanded to move forward in life, to form a successful, happy, peaceful, and healthy life and to be constantly evolving. Life chops Enables us to soak up positivity and adroitly fulfill the musts of diurnal life. 

Conditioning to be wiped out the cube Crockery, samples of trendy from West, chandelier from empty box, wallpiece rangoli work, samples from sludge- millet, collage work, marble print figure, paper work, printing, chapeau timber, symposium timber, educational samples Making Letter Writing, Adding Blotches, One Minute Show, Pencil Shade, Coloring Mathematical Jokes, Children's Acting Song, Magic, Children's Game, Singing in Drawing 

Mathunis of Std. 1 to eight Some conditioning that can be organized under Balmela- Level Std. Primary position( some conditioning which will be organized under Std., Scissors, embroidery, delineation, folding, coloring, paperwork, children's games, aminit,) zals, comedy court, song- music- amusement, poppet

show, calculation joke, bunt from the West, simple wisdom trials, costumes, etc. That D

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15 December 2021

Jillafer Badali Document


Savinay Jayabharat with the above subject and reference to state that in the year 2013, Kutch district had applied for district transfer to go from district to district.  The village of my hometown is situated in the newly formed district from the ......... da ----- district as per the above reference - (1).  If the benefit of going to the newly formed district is available from the district, then along with this, the option of going to my district is given. I kindly request you to reach the District Primary Education Officer, Sabarkantha.  Enclosure: (1) Alternative Form for Transfer of District Transfer Jillafer Document Application Form (2) Xerox of the original copy of District Transfer Application.  Principal Shri, group school through departure Ta.  Mr. Kutch.  Shi Shri Primary School  Request to make the district organ transfer alternative of Kutch suitable.  Gree Taluka Primary Education Officer Saheb, Taluka Panchayat Office

Vidhyashayak Bharati

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Accepted that as a teacher of social sciences in the present school the date teacher is not on unauthorized leave or deductible pay leave.  Does not run.  As well as not having his Jillafer Document  name in the debris chapter, this certificate is given in writing by verifying from the school file.  Taluka Ta 

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Hence the certificate is given in writing. That Mr. Sangnara of Mr. District  performs the duties of the school. Interference in his account as well as his birth  Date ... and the date they are included in the full salary and they perform duty in the upper primary section (Std. 6 to 8) by choice. 

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Name of Certificate Teacher-.  Name of the school .... (1) Date of birth of the text- .. (2) Date of entry in the account-.  (2) Date Jillafer Document  of becoming permanent- (2) Date of enrollment in the present school (3) Hometown: Village (4) Educational qualification (4) What is the current teacher of the subject.  (3) Text teacher is / is not currently on duty suspension.  As well as any departmental investigation against them is ongoing.  Not at all.  (2) There is some kind of court case Jillafer Document  against the text.  Not at all.  (10) Panchayat or government debt against the text is left to be recovered in the following details.  Not at all.  1, Audit Recovery: Yes.  Not.  .  Building loan outstanding.  Not at all.  6. Vehicle loan is pending.  Not at all. Jillafer Document   3. Festival advance is pending.  Not at all.  P. Grain deposit is outstanding.  No ૬ No other debts left.  Not date  Designation ... Ta- .. .G. Jillafer Document   (11) The text has completed five years of service in Kutch district.  No, (12) The text teacher has already taken advantage of the district reshuffle.  Not at all.  (12) The text teacher is currently on duty and is not absent from duty unofficially.  (13) Text to District Ahmedabad at Ta.  Are given .  Permission to attend district transfer camp on Jillafer Document 

That is why I am currently Jillafer Document  playing Mr. ...........  Amoe date ... --- Year in the register: Pvt.  School taluka district: N.P. in Kutch.  / Application has been made to go to district .......... from duty -LL order in UP department.  Which is registered on the district transfer in the respective district.  Or I have not been notified of the registration order of the application I have made.  Now, with regard to district division, I would like to move to a newly formed district.  Therefore, I agree to transfer the above mentioned District Transfer Application to ......... District.  I am aware Jillafer Document  that by canceling the seniority in the old (original) district, my application in the newly created district will be re-registered in the seniority register in a new order.  And according to the new seniority order, the transfer procedure will be done as per the rules of the government. Jillafer Document   My Ruber Head Teacher's Signature Coin Per Hand Taluka Primary Education Officer Bhuj-Kak -------- Name ... Signature Hood School Name Per Signature District Primary Education Officer 15 20

District Primary Education Officer, District Jillafer Document  Panchayat Office, Hello.  Jai Bharatsath to state that I am sending the application in the prescribed form to Aap Sahebshree for district fair transfer, then I kindly request Aap Sahebshree to consider my application and make it appropriate.  Thank you co .. Subject- Matter of sending application for district transfer.  1) Name of the teacher- .. 2) Designation -... 5) Name of the school-.  birth date- .  4) 5) Date of entry into account 6).  Section - Elementary / Upper Elementary 7) Subject (Language / Social Science / Mathematics - Science) if Upper Elementary 8) Type of Jillafer Document  Change  If the benefit is taken in the place selection camp, it is not recoverable) 9) Name of the requested district Principal .. Bidan Jillafer Document  Teacher's signature ..

To go to any place in the opposite district .. Acharya M.Shi.  .. Dist. I signed below Mr. ... Surendranagar. Therefore, I give a written guarantee that if I am asked to be transferred to any place in the district, I accept and accept it.  My face to face guarantee that the seniority order will be the last to be approved. Jillafer Document   I sign from below .. Surendranagar. Therefore, I give a written guarantee that I do not mind Jillafer Document  if my seniority rank is last among my teachers.  My face teacher's signature.  Shelter certificate is given that there is no arrears of this taluka and Jillafer Document  also the departmental investigation is not going on.  .School, Ta - Dasada, Dist.  The principal of the school, Shri.


8 December 2021

Edutor App Quiz


redefine education by making it inclusive and equally accessible to all sections of society. We are on a mission to democratize access to education for all irrespective of background, language, geography, or economic condition of people. 

The mission at the heart of the Edutor App is to connect the academic community across the globe and empower them to strive for better education outcomes.

App is the world's first free and open platform solely focused on education where any teacher or institute can deliver teaching and any student can access that learning in a most convenient manner.

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Edutor App enables and empowers teachers to deliver teaching and showcase their expertise and knowledge to students from anywhere. It provides a huge array of choices of learning sources to students.

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About us


We want to be the world’s leading platform to deliver next generation digital textbooks on devices that engages students and empowers teachers.

We want to become the choice platform for delivering digital education experience for K-12, Higher education institutions in India as well as globally. 


We create  class learning products for touch screen devices. Since incepti

on in 2010 we have  a pioneer in deploying touch screen devices with its flagship platform IGNITOR Learning Platform in large scale in both Indian and International educational institutions.

counted as a developed nation, it is important for India to educate its population and make them  citizens. India has the advantage of youth on  side with more than 50% of the population below 25 years of age, but this can become a potent force only if shaped properly. The increasing penetration of internet and mobile devices in this demographic, and the growth of online education market in India is indubitable too.

The education market in India, presently worth around  trillion  is poised for major growth. According to industry estimates, by 2020, India will have the world’s largest tertiary-age population and second largest graduate talent pipeline. The number of entrepreneurs venturing into the education space has increased but the innovation and startup success in the online education sector has not seen a comparable growth yet. Although VC activity has been picking up in the space lately, as Top VC firms are showing interest in Edtech startups and atleast 5 startups have raised close to $40 million in funding since April.

Mobile media is not just an informal technology for non-formal learning, but it is  being integrated into  educational institutions. Mobiles are  used in various configurations: teacher-student interaction, student-student collaboration, capacity building for , academic publisher platforms, and so on. Edutor Technologies, an e-learning platform, provides interactive learning solutions for K12 schools, higher education institutions and for test preparations.

Edutor works with all the key stakeholders in the education system -- students, parents and the education institutions. Edutor was launched in 2009 by Ram Gollamudi, Prasanna Boni & Ramesh Karra. They started by introducing tablets and tablet-based learning.

Ignitor platform for next gen textbook

Edutor has a flagship product  Ignitor, which provides interactive learning solutions. Through Ignitor, Edutor offers a custom designed solution called Edutor Student Tab which is an Android tablet pre-loaded with its learning platform Ignitor. Ignitor can also be  on various makes of tablets to deliver enhanced learning experience enriched with well-researched content. Ignitor helps the tutor to engage with students and also empowers them to make the learning experience go beyond rigid boundaries of the past. The main components of Ignitor are as follows:

Students can access the content offline anytime, anywhere and the content delivery platform provides content from top publishers like Pearson, Orient Blackswan and Cambridge University Press. Ignitor works with the schools for solution integration and students are instructed to ‘Bring Your Own Device The Ignitor platform and courseware are installed on the student devices which are then used in the classroom and at home. More than 40,000 students are using Ignitor now.