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21 November 2021

Vali Samati

Due to the increase in the number of Kovid-17 cases in the state, the decision to close the primary schools of the state till further orders was made was announced through a letter of order (1) 58.  Subsequently, the direct teaching work for the classes of Std. 6 to 8 in the primary schools of the state was resumed with the resolution dated 7/06/2021 under the number (3) taken from the reading.  Considering the improving condition of Kona, the Government was considering to resume direct education for Std. 1 to 8 classes with adequate vigilance in the field of primary education in the state.  Resolution: At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided to resume the direct teaching work from Monday, 8/11/2071 for the classes of Std-1 to 5 in the primary schools of all the boards in the state.  In this regard, the academic / non-academic staff and students of all the boards / private and aided primary schools in the state must strictly follow the following instructions.  (1). From 2/11/2071 in all government / private and subsidized primary schools of all the boards of the state for the students of Std.

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With adequate vigilance in the field of education, the matter of resumption of direct teaching work for classes 1 to 5 was under the consideration of Saka Shri.  Resolution: At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided to resume the direct teaching work for the classes of Std.  In this regard, the academic / non-academic staff and students of all the board / private and subsidized primary schools in the state will have to strictly follow the following instructions.  (1) From 3/11/2071, physical / direct educational work (Offline Education) will be resumed for the students of Std.  However, physical / direct attendance in offline education will be voluntary for the student and for that the concerned institution / primary school will have to obtain a written consent form from the student's parents in the accompanying form.  Schools will have to arrange ONLINE study for students who cannot directly engage in physical attendance in the classroom.  (2). Considering the number of students and the need and complexity of the subject, the schools will have to arrange the class number with due care.  90% of the number of students in the classroom

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Within the capacity limit, students have to be called for classroom education as per alternate day and adequate end between any two students / persons in the classroom / Social Distancing must be maintained indefinitely.  In addition, proper sanitation of the classroom should be done regularly from time to time and adequate hand shingles / sanitization points should be kept in the premises of the institute.  (2) In addition, the head teacher of the school / taluka primary education officer / principal will be able to decide on the type of educational system to be arranged for which subject / syllabus considering the relevant syllabus. 

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Students, teachers as well as all other staff will need to wear face masks properly.  COVID - 19 Covid Appropriate Behavior must be strictly adhered to.  All local authorities concerned will have to take adequate precautions to ensure that any student / teacher or third party with any transition or transition symptoms enters the school premises through continuous monitoring in this regard.  (3) Any student or staff member or any third party living in the Content Zone or having any person infected with Corona in their family shall be barred from entering the school.  If a school is in the content zone area then that school cannot be opened.

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19 November 2021

Varshik Aayojan


Learning Outcome Educational Issues Understanding of Religious Places - Knowledge of Interfaith Equality Exercise Discussion - Listening, Reading and Understanding Quiz Stories * Using Visual-Audio Tools * Understands the characters of plays and stories  * Make a sentence using two or three words. Good - think about narcissistic matters and make decisions.  * Word - Recognizes and uses the distinction between words.  Answers to questions and writes Religious storytelling Ideal reading of the lesson Personal reading by students Visiting religious places Storytelling of 'Shravan' Storytelling of new words in the lesson Meaning Content Knowledge Exercise Discussion - Quiz Educational Tool - Textbook Teacher - Student Activity Game / Project / Activity  I will evaluate. VV will write the answers to the questions.  I will tell the story to the students.

New Masvar Aayojan STD 3-4-5 Sem-2 (2021-22)

English 3/4/5 Sem-2

Hindi 3/4/5 Sem-2

Maths 3/4/5 Sem-2

EVS 3/4/5 Sem-2 DECEMBER

EVS 3/4/5 Sem-2 JANUARY

EVS 3/4/5 Sem-2 FEBRUARY

Gujarati 3/4/5 Sem-2 DECEMBER

Gujarati 3/4/5 Sem-2 JANUARY

Gujarati 3/4/5 Sem-2 FEBRUARY

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Subject Unit Mathematics 1.  Where to watch fun2.  The fun of numbers.  Study Conclusion Academic issue information gathered by telemark "Pictures are drawn graphically and side-by-side observation comes to a decision. Simple shapes and patterns expands in numbers. Understanding and construction of symmetrical shapes  A game of "comparing numbers" points to make pieces from the symmetry  I will discuss the different shapes, which were drawn by observing it using different "dots" from different angles.  Other pictures will show the design, square, observation from different sides to make a rectangle.  I will tell you where to look for the pictures given in the text book - make pictures pieces.

Varshik Aayojan Sem - 1 Click Here

I will discuss what needs to be done to make rangoli with the help of pictures.  I will teach you how to make patterns using dots.  I will teach you to complete a picture based on the aqua part of the picture.  Students will draw pictures.

GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

I will give an understanding of the shapes with consent.  I will create other shapes.  I will do the activity of making pieces.  - Text book will introduce students to the identification of the number of  game points through the material.  Game (dot game) Create patterns using Gerdal dots.  - Evaluation by Mahapara

Day 2 Day Ayojan 1 to 2 Sem 2

Day 2 Day Ayojan 3 to 5 Sem 2

Day 2 Day Ayojan 6 to 8 Sem 2

Subject Unit Gujarati Repeat 1 2.  Like Chandlo (poetry). Study conclusions write answers to questions.  Knows and understands about 1500 words.  Describe pictures in simple sentences.  Kavya introduces and introduces gestures in groups with acting.  Poetry reads, listens and understands,  finds the right solution in the situation arising in the school Knows the order of Kakkavari.  Becomes environmentally conscious and writes on familiar topics.  Silent reading knows about 1500 words  The proper melody of poetry - and understands.  Sing along the slope.  લખ Write answers to questions.  * Discussion of Educational Issue Repetition - 1 (Units 1 to 2) - Quiz% Eloquent recitation of poetry by five students in a book by VO in group and meaning of individual song poetry Explanation of meaning of new words Discussion about our main three seasons Academic Sion * Exercise Discussion -  Quiz Textbook Teacher - Student's activity I will discuss repetition with students (Units 1 to 2).

GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

I will ask you to write the answers to the questions.  I will see the picture and write the description.  I will ask you to stick pictures of a picture story.  VO will write the answers from the repetition.  Game / Project / Activity 1  Repetition - 1 - I will recite the eloquence of the poem in front of the students.  I will do silent reading by VO in the sky.  I will sing the appropriate raga in front of V.O.  Together I will sing a group of poems by V.O. and in the evening - sunset.  I will explain the meaning of the nonsense of poetry.  I will explain the meaning of the thick clouds of new words.  I will give you information about the three main seasons that surround us.  I will discuss the answers to the questions of men.  A set of questions, the boy will write the answers.  Children's homework

Masvar Aayojan STD 6-7-8 Sem-2

Gujarati Sem 2

Science Sem 2

Maths Sem 2

Sanskrit Sem 2

Hindi Sem 2

English Sem 2

VM 5. Size and Assortment (Design)  Study Conclusion Educational Issue Properly combine the length of pictures with its size.  Fold the paper, cut the paper and make a clapper.  Using a straight line through the dot mesh, etc. Identifies and creates jokes with * shapes.  Smooth shapes and extends patterns.  Find triangles and rectangles.  Things with diamonds represent pictorial  And  hair extensible educational tool |  Textbook teacher - Find out if the student's activity is the same as the game / project / activity evaluation.  The length of a given item is in centimeters or meters.  Let me show it.  V.O.  Will measure and show.  I will travel to Agra through the map of Agra.  I will query based on that.  Properly match the length of a given picture with its size.  Estimation of length by animal tail contest v.o.  I will have.  I will teach the students to make a clapper game from paper - the activity of making edges and corners.  Let's create a game clapper.  I will follow the instructions given and ask you to fill the color in the clown.  V.O.  The color will suffice.  Let me find the rectangle in the given diagrams.  To draw angles about the straight edge of a given object from a rectangular piece.  I'll show you the game.  Triangle around, Activity: Paper

Varshik Aayojan Sem - 1 Click Here

GCERT Masvar Aayojan std 1 to 8

Subject unit 3. The syllabus decreases. Study Conclusion Educational Issues About small-to-large units of time "Inverted-Sulta-time-knows the text and the storytelling book can use it in necessary situations. * Who takes how much time? Discuss its information. Clock *  Minutes, Hours, Days - Calendar Unconscious Game: In the 'Clap Clap Clap' group, Mo. Sudha's Birth Certificate | Study Paper Identifies the specific day and date on the calendar. * Discussion of the answers to the quiz questions.  Find out what time the festive festivals come up in the calendar. 0 0010 Teacher-Student Activity.  I will tell you to write the correct word from the box next to the color misspellings to write. Who takes how much time. I will get the information and complete the table. I will give the information of minutes, hours, days.  I will play the game "Clap your hands".  How old are we  I will discuss it and get the age information of the members of the household.  I will observe Sudhana's birth certificate.  Based on this I will discuss the answers to the given questions and get the activity information.  VO will study the calendar of the year August 2018, make a calendar.  I will discuss the given questions based on it.  Will answer.  We asked you to prepare your birth certificate by asking your parents.

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7 November 2021

Gadget 360

Gadgets Now is the technology destination of the globe's most-read website --- The Times of India. We cover everything and anything technology -- news, views, reviews, launches, trends and much more.

With our roots in the country’s biggest media powerhouse, The Times of India group, news is one of our biggest strengths. You can read about all that happens just anywhere in the world of technology, including gadgets and gizmos, on Gadgets Now.

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Gadgets Now is also the go-to destination for gadget reviews. Here you will find in-depth reviews of smartphones, cameras, TVs, speakers, laptops, smartwatches, tablets, fitness bands, power banks and more.

How-tos are another forte of Team Gadgets Now. How to post multiple photos on Instagram, how to set up Wi-Fi router in your home, step-by-step guide to make the switch from Android smartphone to iPhone and vice-versa, how to turn your Windows 10 PC into a kiosk, how to post 360-degree photos on Facebook and lots more.

Prefer watching a video to reading? Our video section has you covered. It has everything you could possibly need to stay updated — unboxing videos, reviews, how-to videos and videos on all that’s buzzing and trending in the tech landscape.

In todays’ time, owning a mobile phone has become a necessity. People of all ages can use a mobile for work or entertainment purposes. Teachers, doctors, students, journalists,  homemakers, housemaids, and various other people own the device and use it according to their requirements. A mobile not just keeps you connected to your family and friends but you can also play games, browse the internet, attend online classes, click pictures, and do a lot of other things on it. On Gadgets Now, there is a wide spectrum of mobiles available from renowned brands like Apple, OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Lava, Oppo, Samsung, and more.

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  Unit 19) Study of Nata Mati M N - Conclusion M - Distinguish between present and past objects such as people, sports, utensils and clothin...