5 October 2021

NISHTHA 3.0 Answer Key

 NISHTHA 3.0 Answer Key

The Department of council Education and knowledge has launched a National Mission to ameliorate literacy issues at the abecedarian position through an Integrated Teacher Training Programme called NISHTHA under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Samagra Shiksha in 2109- 20. 

NISHTHA could also be a capacity structure programme for" perfecting Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It aims to make capabilities among all the preceptors and academy headliners at the abecedarian stage. NISHTHA is that the world's largest preceptors' training programme of its kind. The introductory ideal of this massive training programme is to motivate and equip preceptors to encourage and foster critical thinking in scholars. The action is first of its kind wherein standardized training modules are developed at public position for all States and UTs. 

Capacity structure of 4.2 million preceptors 

Integrated training of headliners heads as crucial academic support 

Focus on faculty and advanced order thinking chops grounded tutoring literacy 

Training of all heads and preceptors as first position counselors 

 Promoting existential and joyous literacy 

mindfulness of centrally patronized schemes enterprise 

 Online monitoring and network 

 Confluence of multi-departmental sweats 

 exertion grounded training modules 

 Course Material 

 Current Conditioning 

 Website Tutorials 


 Training Reports 

 Show Practices

 Gallery- vids & Images 

 Anticipated issues Anticipated issues 

 enhancement in learning issues of the scholars 

Creation of an enabling and perfecting inclusive classroom terrain 

 preceptors are trained as first position counselors to be alert and conscious of the social, emotional and cerebral need of scholars 

 preceptors are trained to use Art as pedagogy leading to increased creativity and invention among scholars 

preceptors are trained to develop and strengthen particular-social rates of scholars for their holistic development 

Creation of healthy and safe academy terrain 

Integration of ICT in tutoring- literacy and assessment 

Develop stress-free School Based Assessment concentrated on development of learning capabilities 

preceptors borrow exertion Grounded Learning and move down from rote literacy to faculty grounded literacy 

preceptors and academy Heads come apprehensive of new enterprise in academy education 

Transformation of the heads of sodalities for furnishing academic and executive leadership in the seminaries for fostering new enterprise 

 Class, Learner- centered Pedagogy, Learning issues and Inclusive Education 

perfecting Social- particular rates and Creating safe-deposit box and Healthy School Environment 

 Art Integrated Learning 

 School Based Assessment 

 Health and Well Being 

Integration of ICT in Teacher- Learning and Assessment 

 Department of council Education and knowledge 


 Samagra Shiksha 

 NISHTHA affiliated Feedback 

 Contact/ Helpline 


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