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17 October 2021

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A useful application to find out how much your mobile screen damage your eyes

As the pandemic forced the families to restrict themselves under one roof in order to safeguard themselves from the deadly virus, they switched to mobile phones, TV and computer for entertainment. This shift, however, safeguards them from the coronavirus, but health experts say that diseases related to the eye and neck have increased as the screen time has increased 4-5 times. 


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An app that protects while using phone screens

In order to keep the eye-related problems at bay, a French-based company has developed software that would help the user to negotiate between the user and the gadget. The application Eye Test App named Eyes Keeper can be downloaded from the play store and App store. The Eyes Keeper tool forces the user to maintain a suitable distance when looking at a screen. If the user does not maintain the necessary distance, the application blurs the image, till the user maintain a proper distance between the eye and the gadget. It also allows parents to better track and control their children's  Eye Test App activities.If you find yourself using your computer for several hours per day, you need to concern yourself with impacts on your vision. Prolonged computer use can reduce your ability to focus and can create short or long-term vision issues associated with computer eye strain. Luckily, there are some apps and software that you can incorporate into your screen time to reduce these impacts to your vision.

Visual Acuity Test App

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When you sit at a computer for extended periods of time, it forces your eyes to focus on a brightly lit screen and focus intently for far longer than the eyes can safely handle. This cause Eye Test App them to become overworked and can cause headaches, vision issues, and long-term damage. Eye strain is a very common concern today and one of the most common vision issues, but Eye Test App you can help prevent it with helpful apps that make using the computer less of a strain on the eyes.

Five Apps To Protect Your Eyesight

The following apps can be used on devices that do not have this type of functionality built into their design. They can help you prevent short term eye strain and other issues resulting from using your device for extended periods or frequently throughout the day. In the long-term they can help prevent vision deterioration.

Eye exam App

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1. Time Out Free

This OS X app is designed to remind you when you need to take Eye Test App a break from the computer screen and will also dim the screen. This app is programmable for longer breaks in normal mode, or you can program shorter breaks in micro mode.  Eye Test App This app also allows you to adjust the transparency of the screen as well as the color to make work easier on your eyes.

Eye Test App

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2. Pangobright

This is an app designed for use on Windows and helps you control the brightnes Eye Test App  of multiple monitors. This app is helpful for a variety of business and personal setups where you will be working for an extended period of time from a multiple monitor setup.

According to experts, the person who is facing issues related to dry eyes would encounter headaches, redness on the eyes and sensitivity to light. Health suggest Eye Test App children below two years of age must not watch any screens, either phone screens or television. Those above two years of age should not watch the screen beyond two hours Eye Test App.

Vision Test - Tests Totally Free App

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Long screen timing leads to dry eye

Human eyes need lubricants and moisture to function properly. The excessive usage of electronic gadgets which has a feature of the screen makes the eye dry. According to health experts, dry eye syndrome is a condition Eye Test App when a human eye lacks sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye to function

This web app is an Eye Test App extension available for Chrome or Firefox and serves as a reminder to take a break from your computer screen at certain intervals. The app is pre-loaded Eye Test App with recommended time frames. You can select twenty minutes working Eye Test App and twenty seconds to take a break while focusing on objects that are twenty feet away from you.

These apps, built-in features, software programs are incredibly useful for people who spend time using their electronic devices Eye Test App and are no less important than other eye health and safety products. With the increase in electronic device usage, vision problems and eye strain have become pressing issues for the majority of users. Protect Eye Test App your vision and prevent unnecessary deterioration over time Eye Test App by using these Eye Test App handy tools. Whether you use a phone or you have a complex, multi-monitor setup, there is a tool, app, or program to help you make using your device safer.

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