11 September 2021

Vhali Dikari


Write PRIC Hİ Vhali Dikri Yojana Freshgujarat and serve.  SE Here is a glimpse of “Wahali Dikari Yojana”: Daughters of the first two children of state families will be covered under Wahali Dikari Yojana. Families with an annual income of up to Rs.  Assistance of .4000 * Rs.  Financial Support of Rs.5000 / - Financial Assistance of Rs.1,00,000 / - for 15 years for daughters: Provision of significant financial assistance by Gujarat Government for higher education and marriage occasion to increase the birth rate of daughters in the State  To reduce the drop-out rate, Wahali Dikari Yojana has been started by the state government in a result oriented manner. Rs. 12 crore has been allocated in the budget this year. To get the benefit of this scheme, the concerned District Women and Child Development Officer can be contacted. 

Resolution: The government is committed to improve the birth rate of daughters and increase education in the state of Gujarat and more efforts are needed to make the Khaj commitment meaningful.  A state-wide campaign has been launched to ensure her education. The state government has undertaken the following objectives to promote the birth of a daughter under "Ali Dikari" Thij, to prevent triple murder, to promote education and to strengthen Leo's position in the society.  

Daughter "Yojna is determined to be implemented. Audh Sh 1.  Increasing the birth rate of daughters.  3, Reducing dropout rates in daughters' education.  That is, to empower daughters / mothers in the society.  A, a child's mind. to obey the benefit

Receivable Benefit In Wahali Hari Yojana Ma 1, first installment - Rs.  - 2, the second installment will be eligible for assistance of Rs.  1. Last - A total of Rs.  Pan & Kari should not be left unattended, To save money, it is necessary to call a lot for this scheme.  Until the new head office opens, the following provision will have to be made on a temporary basis for the provision of  Financial assistance for destitute widows and their rehabilitation Provision of publicity "c" You can spend up to 5% of the total annual financial provision of the scheme for sub-dissemination under the current daughter scheme, Record reporting and registration and assistance of + Sabo beneficiaries  An online secateware will be created for payment.  Miscellaneous provision.

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Thus 'Mogani Manak-104 Social Security and Welfare of Social Welfare 09 Welfare of Swees, OX vscW Financial Assistance to Rehabilitated Widows for their Rehabilitation  Up to 5% of the provision can be spent. Record information and accounts. Online software will be developed for registration of beneficiaries and payment of assistance. (H) Miscellaneous provision.  These orders are in the same order of this department on Kani file.

The affidavit is therefore signed by us under the oath of my religion.  I understand that making a false confession is a crime.  Date - Father's signature Mother's sari, along with the application the following proofs must be submitted (Check List)  School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate (If there is no other basic proof PHCICHc / Certificate of any one of the Civil Surgeons Government Doctor Certificate Certificate), Copy of Beneficiary Daughter's Aadhar Card (if any) Copy of Beneficiary Daughter's Mother Aadhar Card Copy of Beneficiary Father's Aadhar Card  Copy of ration card.  A copy of the beneficiary daughter's bank account passbook



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