27 September 2021

Useful For Teachers

 For this,number is located in Naki Kashva. Save this number and just type HELO from Vigha then they will get Quick REPLAY.  • Thus Quick REPLAY is their distinguishing feature throughout the process.  • If the student just writes HELLO, thank you for joining the HOME LEARNING program. Study will not stop now.  Please send the school's U dice code.  The details of the school will be sent as soon as the U-Dice code of the school like the student is written and sent.  In which the name of the school, diarrhea code, taluka, district and also 1 reply for yes will be typed and sent.  And if it is wrong, it will ask you to type 2 replies and send.  As soon as 1 reply is typed and sent from a mode like તેમણે, he will ask you to select the standard, in which the student has to state his standard.

Useful For Teachers Files

1) Whatsup Sw-Mulyankan

2) School Report Card

3) School Of Excellence

4) Microsoft Teams

5) Vidhyadip Yojana

6) Paryavaran Prayogshala

7) Online Attendence

The data entry of the parallel grief test was done through the ARAL app. Data has been analyzed and standard wise and subject wise report cards of standard 6 to 8 as well as student's personal report cards have been prepared by Command and Control Center ૨ School.  All teachers have also been trained on the interpretation and use of this report card.  Under Gyansetu (Seed Course), it is necessary to use the report card of every standard subject so that the students can get special educational help and the dental treatment can be done.  રી The report card has been deducted from the online attendance on the entire education website, the report card download, the best thing to do is to go to the first school, https: // attendance urde wel dani El ge Ini

8) Mina ni Duniya

9) Balmedo

10) Eco Club

11) Miss call And Hearnig Story

12) G-Shala App

13) Parivar No Malo Salamat Hufado

14) SMC Rachana

BRC CRC for training teachers under the Cool of Excellabs, engaging under new approaches, imparting information, managing issues such as challenges and solutions.  B.R.C.  Capacity will be increased.  In which currently working for more than 3 years.  Eligibility, work done (Learning Outcome Certificate, Field Visit in Location, School Review Meetings, its solutions, Knowledge of content, Schools and Proceramme Administrative knowledge, Commuter knowledge, etc.) will be reviewed on the basis of CCC report.  And co-workers who do not meet the specified criteria will be deputed and those working at otrity level will be given P.Hd, JRF, M.Phil or those working in research will be rewarded under Padra's paid salary and in real sense.  In ICICI, we are in the role of Coordinator.

15) Digital Gujarat

16) SAS Gujarat

17) Fit India 2.0

18) Inspire Award

19) Kitchan Garden

20) Gyankunj

21) Sw-Rakshan Talim

The Panipura Rana Environmental Laboratory will plan to set up a wick on the following key issues: horticultural crops from non-chemical fertilizers for food, vegetables-2 to create an understanding of producing useful spices in daily life.  Construction of 21 acres of high quality farming while preserving the environment.  Conversion of infertile soil into useful soil.  Water for saving and self-sufficiency and availability of sufficient water.  Building an understanding of the new technological approach to come in the future.  Formation of medicinal plants for home remedies for common ailments.  Uja conservation through the use of non-conventional energy sources.  Construction Keeping all these things in mind, in the first phase, it is planned to start 9000 environmental laboratories in 3 to 4 schools in the taluka, i.e. in the entire state.  The implementation of this project in other parts of the state is in progress.  -Tuo: Environmental education has inculcated J, Ilol, Vana, Kausha Habha Mata in the students, The school has done an environmental project that Roni Yana (a lover of the polluted environment ', with the meat  Use, a 51 '11015 Coll Queens udson ne rojida chio || Paryavar? |  Three times

22) Khelo India

23) Toy Fair

24) Twinnig Programme

25) Vishv Yog Divas

26) MDM Yojana

27) Khel Mahakumbh

28) Kala Mahakumbh

“ Ginani Duniya ”Karyana-Nani Duniya” program is implemented in all upper primary BVs of the state, /somagrashiksha.ssagujarat.org/en/meena-radio-program  Is for.  The conclusion will be 2 (two) days in a week (Tuesday 4, Friday 4).  The program was broadcast on GCERT through Byseg.  Ronal no. Of 'Vande Gujarat' program broadcast by  1, 2 and 3 will be done, 2 No activities will be organized in the school during the broadcast time of the program.  .  Send soft copies of all the above activities and the prepared (episode guideline or schedule), so that the activities to be done before the program can be done and the activities to be done after the completion of the program can be planned.  Ramayapatraka (Clay 2) in all Urach primary schools.  Giving Rachna to dip into the classroom.  The head teacher of the school will be responsible for the management of the work.  They. The program will be run smoothly in the school.  , URC Co.O.  And CRC co.  O.  There was a lot of talk about how many children listened to the program and how many children listened to the program in that school.



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