29 September 2021

Prarthana Prayer

Prayer is to meditate on the Creator of the universe.  Prayer is the remembrance of the Lord.  Prayer is the first step in getting the voice of the soul to God.  Prayer is a symbol of faith, patience and trust.  Prayer is the medicine of adhi, vyadhi and upadhi.  Prayer is the link between soul and paramatma, prayer is the herb of living life.  Prayer is the karma of Dharma and Kuchi of karma, Prarthana is the philosopher's stone of attaining God.  Prayer is the key to the morning and the chain of the evening O If here to search
* Importance of Prayer Prayer spreads joy within the atmosphere more than any work. * Prayer exposes through the progress of life. * it's necessary to experience divine power through prayer. * Prayer is an expression of one's concern or responsibility to the Lord. * Like despair, frustration, anger. Prayer is important to remove harmful prices. * Shiro arising from the effect of harmful prices. e here to look 
sk Prayer is that the hurri to realize the presence of God. * Prayer is important to the realization of God's children. * Prayer is important to express gratitude for divine gifts like air, water, food. H * Prarthana makes the atmosphere of home, office or school seem heavenly. Prayer makes the atmosphere of home, village or school devotional. * Prayer spreads innovation within the atmosphere. The body and mind become happy. New - knows the longing to work out , to find out to learn. * Prarthana refutes ominous thoughts. Innovative freshness in life is felt and therefore the heart is purified. - Praveenbhai M Patel

Prarthana is more necessary within the world today than ever before, because the world today is the age of technology. the full world seems to be united because of this technology. thanks to globalization we know that we have fallen behind in material happiness and we have lost our peace of mind somewhere in it. Every man within the world today seems to be busy with his work. He has put such Prarthana a rush f mind and keeping it healthy and pure.

behind material happiness that he doesn't know where he will go and stand in the midst of all this. the way to maintain his peace of mind and his purity? The answer is prayer. The thanks to peace of mind and purity: Prayer is for peace.

In the midst of all this, the way to maintain peace of mind and purity? The answer is prayer is the way to peace of mind and purity: Prayer is for peace of mind and keeping it healthy and pure. (Just because the body needs food to keep it healthy, we'd like to pray with a pure mind to keep our heart healthy. it's prayer that makes our mind pure and happy. There are people Prarthana of the many religions in the world and prayer is important in every religion. Yes, the names of the prayers could also be different but the remembrance is to be done only to God. ') Man has been meditating since past . Prayer transmits energy to our body. Q which Prarthana increases self-confidence and brings peace of mind.

According to our Indian culture, we start any auspicious deed with prayer only because prayer accumulates positive energy in our mind and that we can do good deeds. Even students in class or college start their studies with prayer on a daily basis - often we cannot be conscious of day-to-day work and success and failure. Prayer Prarthana brings us peace of mind. With prayer we will see our guilt and remove it, that's why Gujarati writer Kaka Kalelkar has said that prayer is a bath to the heart. ”

Prayer is named the expression of distance. you do not need words for it. there's a very popular saying in English that “prayer Prarthana needs no speech. Words in prayer are just a medium. that's why it should be done with the mind and not with the lips. Words are just a way to an end. If there's a tool to clean up the garbage in our minds, it's Prarthana prayer. 

Prayer is that the only means by which we can come in direct contact with God, but if it's a sincere and selfless prayer, then the regularity of prayer: Gandhiji wont to pray regularly morning and evening, regardless of how much work he did. Were connecting. Gandhiji himself said that it never happened that God didn't answer my prayers. Gandhiji said that God hears Prarthana and answers the prayers made with true heart and pure mind. Draupadi prayed to the Lord with all his heart and he tore the Lord to pieces. With the prayers of Sati Savitri, her husband Satyavan was revived. Narasimha Mehta rescued God from every crisis. There are many examples and occasions during which God has heard prayers and come to his aid. at the present the world is facing unrest, conflicts and lots of man-made and natural problems. Every man wants happiness and peace and sometimes a

Turn mental turmoil into peace: Some people consider themselves atheists. Perhaps such people need prayer the foremost . If we would like prayer in an ungodly way, then the sole way we can do something to stimulate Prarthana the mental power is to pray to a quiet leopard. Dharma - Dharma changes its Prarthana way, some call it yoga or another name but in the end it is the same. Prarthana Life today Prarthana is filled with hustle and bustle. This turmoil makes a person less efficient and tired sooner. Some diseases also are rooted in this mental turmoil. Prarthana to form life more Prarthana orderly and livable, everyone should devote a while to meditation. Miraculous results of prayer are so certain that it does Prarthana not matter whether we accept it therein form or not.



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