5 September 2021

Home Learning Std 2


Will answer and write no.  The children will give good answers and write in their own textbook.  -Shi.  In the first class, do a light exercise and make the children sing the poem. Home Learning Std 2 The children will recite the poem and ask them to write the poem.  The children will write, show the children a picture of the textbook, ask them to observe and ask them to write seven-eight sentences. Home Learning Std 2  Children will write sentences by looking at the picture.  Shi.  Artist's doll in front of children in class.  -The story will read with ups and downs.  Children will listen carefully. Home Learning Std 2  Divya, who is studying in a government school, explains to the children how her father is useful in her spare time and also explains that it helps her parents. The children answer her questions.  -The teacher will narrate the story to the children with gestures and will analyze the details of the story and give an understanding with a detailed point.  Children will understand and be inspired to do things like Divyesh. Home Learning Std 2 The teacher will show the children, the ashes made, will give an understanding of the celebration of Rakshabandhan Parva. The children will try to make their own ashes. They will understand the importance of Rakshabandhan.  -The teacher will tell the story to the children in the class and based on the story  = Ask answers to questions. Home Learning Std 2  Children will answer questions  0 and write in your notebook.  = -Shi.  The children told the story and came inside

Will. Home Learning Std 2 Shi to the children.  The game of cockroach flies, crows fly, cows fly.  And if it is out, ask the animal to delete the sound of what happens to the animal.  The children will read the story with gestures while the hen sleeps.  Children will listen carefully and understand.  The teacher will give the Home Learning Std 2 details of the story such as what is the benefit or harm to the hen by running and flying, will the hen's wish be fulfilled, will the children Home Learning Std 2 understand and write the details Home Learning Std 2 accordingly.  -The teacher will show the children two pictures and write some points and ask the children to write the difference between the house of the sun and the earth.  The children will observe both pictures and write down the points of Home Learning Std 2 difference and draw a ray line below the twin letters.

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Giving children an understanding of the size and shape of an object based on paragraphs.  -The teacher will show the children the pictures on page number 29 and ask them to observe the pictures and ask what is the same and what is different in them.  The ITI-teacher will introduce two or three students in the children's class, asking them to write or write a sentence.  The children will follow the instructions. The teacher will ask the children questions based on the words. The children will give the answers and take notes.  |  This teacher writes about 20 alphabets and gives numbers to the children  If.

AN doing!  Heading 2 Home Learning Std 2 Title Styles also -Shi.  It will give children an understanding of extreme rhyming words.  The last alphabet of the word will recognize the same words like Houch = Ban, Shaan, Van, Mahan, Nishan, Ishaan, Viman etc. and will look for other such words.  -The teacher will give the Home Learning Std 2 children an understanding of what is called a pronoun in grammar.  Children will learn about it and find out where all the names are in the sentence.  -The teacher will read the paragraph in front of the Home Learning Std 2 children in the class and ask questions from it. The children will listen to the paragraph carefully and give answers to the questions. The children will write the answers in P.P. Home Learning Std 2 The class will ask the children to name the animals and tell riddles from them. Home Learning Std 2 Home Learning Std 2 Children will hear riddles about dogs, cats, camels. Children will hear and learn. The teacher will write the alphabets in a table in front of the children and ask Home Learning Std 2 them to find the names of five of them.  .  The spider's web will teach you not to swim.  It will trap Home Learning Std 2 children instruction proportions.  I will discuss the monsoon with the students.  Students write an essay about the ‘rainy season’ in a writing note

Conclusions Find Home Learning Std 2 details from Home Learning Std 2 poetic text Analyze information text Finds details from informative text Create information based on text Find details from poetic text Use details from descriptive text Present artistic ideas Introduce dialogue about familiar situations.  Writes meaningful phrases using the given words Listening to the story makes her unsoya gold Presents Home Learning Std 2 visual details Verbally presents read details Home Learning Std 2 Visually presents individual or group work Introduces dialogue about familiar situation Picture description in seven to eight sentences  Writes song and story excerpts Analyzes 3 things Reads the story and writes excerpts.  Individual or group



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