5 September 2021

Home Learning Std 1

Will. Home Learning Std 2 Shi to the children.  The game of cockroach flies, crows fly, cows fly.  And if it is out, ask the ani
al to delete the sound of what happens to the animal.  The children will read the story with gestures while the hen sleeps.  Children will listen carefully and understand.  The teacher will give the Home Learning Std 2 details of the story such as what is the benefit or harm to the hen by running and flying, will the hen's wish be fulfilled, will the children Home Learning Std 2 understand and write the details Home Learning Std 2 accordingly.  -The teacher will show the children two pictures and write some points and ask the children to write the difference between the house of the sun and the earth.  The children will observe both pictures and write down the points of Home Learning Std 2 difference and draw a ray line below the twin letters.

The children will sing poetry in groups in class.  The children will sing.  Give children an understanding of poetry Children will understand and know and sing along with acting.  In front of the children in the group will read the joke lesson of the clouds with ascent and descent.  And give children an understanding of difficult issues.  Children will gain understanding.  The teacher will ask the children to read the story and underline the twin words.  -Teacher class to the children in the story about what the clouds are like, what crows are wearing different colored clothes, how the clouds talk to each other.  Why did the small clouds go near the big clouds.  How would we feel if the clouds were so loud in the sky?  Have children discuss what they like most about the clouds.  - The teacher drew a picture of a cloud on a piece of paper in the class and the activity of making clouds out of Rs.  The children will do the activity accordingly and the happy man will teach the children based on the story  = Will ask answers to questions.  The ducts will let her go.  The teacher will recite the poem to the children in the class and sing the song with the appropriate raga along with the ascent and descent.  And 3 children will sing.  Children will gain an understanding of what to do.  And will sing the song.  Rimzim Bimun.

AN doing!  Heading 2 Home Learning Std 2 Title Styles also -Shi.  It will give children an understanding of extreme rhyming words.  The last alphabet of the word will recognize the same words like Houch Ban, Shaan, Van, Mahan, Nishan, Ishaan, Viman etc. and will look for other such words.  -The teacher will give the Home Learning Std 2 children an understanding of what is called a pronoun in grammar.  Children will learn about it and find out where all the names are in the sentence. The teacher will read the paragraph in front of the Home Learning Std 2 children in the class and ask questions from it. The children will listen to the paragraph carefully and give answers to the questions. The children will write the answers in P.P. Home Learning Std 2 The class will ask the children to name the animals and tell riddles from them. Home Learning Std 2 Home Learning Std 2 Children will hear riddles about dogs, cats, camels. Children will hear and learn. The teacher will write the alphabets in a table in front of the children and ask Home Learning Std 2 them to find the names of five of them. The spider's web will teach you not to swim.  It will trap Home Learning Std 2 children instruction proportions.  I will discuss the monsoon with the students.  Students write an essay about the ‘rainy season’ in a writing note

Finish the bottom line and ask the children to write the words. Those words will help the individual children to read the words and understand the meaning of the words.  Shi.  Repeat questions at the end of the lesson.  Etc. will work and give the children an understanding of the word = plural. The children will understand and know - Shi.  In the class, the children will do a class with a light exercise and will sing the poem with gestures. The children will sing: Zilgan. Explain the poem to the children.  -The teacher will say rhymes to the children in the class and we will tell the children to make words from what we say alphabetically.  Children will form words from the alphabet and the created words will be spoken individually in class.  The children will read with ascents and descents and will explain the story in detail and identify the butterflies.  Will give information about butterfly, egg, cosset, caterpillar etc.  Children will listen and remember carefully, -Shi.  The children will be called by the names of the animals and birds seen in the surrounding environment and the children will understand who gives birth to the cubs and who will put the sticks in it.  -The teacher will make the children sing the song 'Ame' in the group and the children will sing, the sentences in the story

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