29 August 2021

Swachhata Pakhavada File

 Swachhata Pakhavada File

The following operations should be done keeping in view the guideline of Kovid- 12. On the first day of the fortnight all primary seminaries will have to take an pledge of cleanliness. In which all the preceptors and scholars of the academy will have to share through virtual means and maintaining social distance. In the first week, SMCs PTAs will have to organize a meeting between preceptors and parents Swachhata Pakhavada train through virtual medium and maintaining social distance. The significance of hygiene and hand washing, use of masks, social distance should be encouraged. preceptors to check water and sanitation installations in each academy v institution and to make proffers for form and conservation of installations if needed. Competitions will have to be organized in sections talukas clusters for clean and well maintained spaces and toilets in seminaries. 
 Essay jotting quiz competition for scholars on hygiene and cleanliness in seminaries will have to be done through virtual medium. Hygiene mindfulness dispatches should be posted on the website of the academy/ institution/ department and photos Swachhata Pakhavada train on hygiene should be posted in the academy in a visible way. All the preceptors and the head of the academy will have to take online training as per the module placed on the DIKSHA gate. The scholars of the academy will have to be appointed as the hygiene minister and the academy star as the nodal officer. Following the guidelines of David- 12 by the preceptors and executive staff of the seminaries. 
 Will have to. Ta.05/09/2071( Thursday) “ Hygiene Awareness Day ” Hold a virtual meeting between children, parents and preceptors of SMCs SMDCs PTAs to explain the significance of hygiene and cleanliness and the significance of hand washing, masks and social distance. As well as to encourage and motivate them for cleanliness and hygiene in academy as well as at home. preceptors will have to check and estimate the hygiene installations in every corner of the academy institution and make necessary arrangements for the conservation of the installations. During Covid- 19 Swachhata Pakhavada train( raising mindfulness on hand washing installations, diurnal cleaning and disinfection, use of toilets, use of water installations, ventilation, waste operation etc. 

 Ta. Dated from09/08/207107/02/2011( Saturday and Sunday)" Green School Drive Day" scholars can develop abstract sessions, bills and flyers on motifs similar as covid applicable geste 
 and the fight against nimbus by barring vaccinations, water conservation, single use plastics, etc. And it'll have to be displayed in academy exhibitions, townlets, metropolises, and academy demesne. Swachhata Pakhavada train To make scholars understand about water conservation in academy and at home. Number of sharing seminaries, photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.. Same day Dated from0309/2081.07/09/2071( Monday and Tuesday)" Clean Participation Day" Competition in clean toilets and clean academy premises in sections, talukas clusters following the Kovid protocol. Swachhata Pakhavada train Conduct delineation, skeet, lyric timber, watchword jotting competitions on hygiene. I organized a( virtual) letter essay jotting competition on the theme" Covid- 19 Responsive School". The top 5 essays, taglines and delineations per quarter should be scrutinized. The number of scholars sharing in the delineation competition must be uploaded to Google Tracke and prive. Swachhata Pakhavada train 
 Ta.08/06/201 to date. Swachhata Pakhavada train10/02/2071 Thursday and Friday)" Personal Hygiene Day" to make scholars apprehensive of the significance of particular hygiene through audio visual program. Educate scholars the proper way to cut and keep nails clean, bathe daily Swachhata Pakhavada train with clean water, wear clean clothes, don't whiff in the open, wear shoes, etc. Wear applicable masks, don't shake hands, dine with each other and don't partake anything differently, avoid going to crowded places during Covid 19). Educate scholars a healthy way to use restroom and drinking water installations. Explain the significance of brushing teeth doubly a day to scholars and make it a regular habit. Number Swachhata Pakhavada train of sharing seminaries, photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive. 

 Ta. Action Plan for the festivity of Sanitation Fortnight from 01 to 15 September 2011 R * Dt. 01/09/2071( Wednesday)" Swachhta Shapath queens" All preceptors, staff and all scholars of seminaries and educational institutions have to take the pledge of cleanliness on the first day by maintaining virtual/ social distance. In which children have to talk about hygiene and take a resolution( mask, safe distance, hand hygieneetc.) hygiene/ covid mindfulness communication should be posted Swachhata Pakhavada train on the website of the department/ institutions/ seminaries. Electronic banners can be created and uploaded to web doors so that hygiene assignments are followed. Swachhata Pakhavada train hype and mindfulness generation can be done through the use of social media, as well as electronic and print media. The number of scholars taking the pledge of cleanliness and the number of sharing seminaries, as well as the number of sworn photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.

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