11 August 2021

Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz


Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Provided, however, that such child or parent or guardian may, as the case may be, his parents or guardians, directly or indirectly, provide good money directly or indirectly to the child, or enroll him in a school other than an established, owned, or controlled school.  The school will not be able to claim reimbursement for expenses incurred in relation to the child's primary education.  Explanation - The term "compulsory education" Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz means the responsibility of the appropriate government to (1) provide free primary education to every child between the ages of six and fourteen;  And (2) the obligation Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz to ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of primary education for every child between the ages of six and fourteen;  (B) determine the availability of the Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz nearest school as specified in section 4;  (C) ensure that children from the weaker classes and disadvantaged Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz groups are not discriminated against or prevented from receiving and completing primary education for any reason; Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz  (D) provide the support structure, introductory staff and teaching materials, including the school building;  (F) provide special training facilities specified in section 4;


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To implement the provisions of this Act, within three years from the commencement of this Act, Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz the appropriate government or local authority shall establish a school within the area or nearby limits where such school has not been established.  DIVISION OF FINANCE AND OTHER Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz RESPONSIBILITIES [, (1) It shall be Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz the concurrent responsibility of the Central Government and the State Government to provide funds for the implementation of the provisions of this Act.  (2) Estimates of capital and recurrent expenditure shall be prepared by the Central Government for the implementation of the provisions of this Act.  (2) The Central Government shall, in consultation with the State Governments mentioned in sub-section (2), provide to the State Governments a percentage Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of the expenditure as may be determined from time to time as a subsidy grant of revenue.  0 (2) The Central Government may request the President to inquire into the need for additional resources to be provided to a State Government by the Central Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Government to inquire into the Finance Commission as per sub-clause (d) of clause (2) of Article 90 of the Constitution Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of India.  May make provision for its own share of the money, regardless of what is included in sub-clause Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz (2), the State Government, the implementation of the provisions of this Act after the amount given by the Central Government to the State Government under sub-section (3) and its other resources.  The state government will be responsible for providing the money for, Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz


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Children's Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2006 Right to Free and Compulsory Education) Shall have the right to transfer to any school other than the school specified Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz in sub-clauses (2) and (3).  (3) If such a child wishes to be admitted to another school, the headmaster of the school where he / she was last admitted or the in-charge of the school Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz will immediately issue a replacement Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz certificate.  However, the delay in issuing the transfer certificate will not be a reason for delay or denial of admission in such another school.

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APJ (1) Every child between the ages of six and fourteen shall have the right to free and compulsory education till the completion of primary education in the nearest school.  1 / 2JJM (2) The purpose of sub-section (1) shall not be liable for the payment of any fees or charges or expenses which prevent a good child from receiving and completing his primary education. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Provided that persons with disabilities (equal opportunity, protection and full cooperation), as defined in clause (1) of section 4 of the Act (first of 19), a child suffering from disability shall Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz have the right to free and compulsory primary education in accordance with theShikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz  provisions of Chapter Five of the Act.  Special provisions for children who have not been admitted Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz or who have not completed their primary education.  But the child shall have the right to receive special training in the prescribed manner and within such time limits so that the child may remain equal to the other where he / she has been Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz given direct admission in the class according to his / her age.  The right to get free education till completion of primary education even after fourteen years. Right to transfer to another school (1) Where there is no provision for completion of primary education in school  In addition to the school specified in sub-clauses (2) and (3) of 1 (th), take it as its primary. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz.


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Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz "child of a weaker class" means a child of a parent or guardian whose annual income is less than the minimum limit specified by the appropriate government;  (G) "Primary education means education from first Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz standard to eighth standard, (j)" guardian "in relation to a child means the person who takes care and custody of the child, including a natural guardian, or a person appointed or declared by the court and law;  (H) "Local Authority" means the Municipal Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Corporation or Nagar Parishad or Zilla Parishad or Nagar Panchayat or Panchayat, any other so-called authority, and any other authority or body having administrative control over the school or any local authority in any city, town or village.  This includes any authority enacted at that time or the authority conferred under it. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz

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(K) "National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child" means the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child constituted under Section 7 Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of the Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Children Act (004 (4th of 50O); 6) "Declaration"  Declaration, (d) "Parents" means the natural or orthodox or adoptive father or mother of the child; (2) "prescribed" means prescribed by the rules made under this Act;  Attached Schedule; (th) "School" means any recognized primary school, which includes the following? Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz.

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