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18 August 2021



The school is not just a building erected to educate students, it is an institution.  Whose work is not limited to educating children in its allotted time.  The function of the school is to educate the children as well as to build the character of the children, skill development, moral virtues, social responsibility and nationalism.  In order for the school to fulfill all these responsibilities properly, it is very important for it to survive, update itself and develop itself.  Any school can run beautifully with the participation and coordination of the government, staff or society.  The responsibility for the development of the school lies with the administration as much as with the principals and teachers working in the school and with the local community.  Therefore a school management committee is formed in each school to run the school smoothly.  The function of this school management committee is to uplift the educational and physical level of the school and to strengthen the development of the school.  = For this, each school management committee has to plan the development of the school properly and check the current physical and educational condition of the school and plan how much it can be improved or increased during the year. - - THEM T ITI A B ||  The work of a shade map for the APR canon


E For this, it is imperative for every school management committee to plan the development of the school properly and to check the current physical and educational condition of the school and plan how much it can be improved or augmented during the year.  This school development plan serves as a road map for the school management committee throughout the year.  The School Management Committee (SMC) has to plan what to do during the year and in what time frame.  Thus, the School Development Plan (SCHOOL DEVELOPEMENT PLAN) proves to be a direction indicator for the school.  [6] Provision regarding School Development Plan (SDP) in RTE ACT.  N N RIGHT TO EDUCAT ON ACT (RTE ACT) According to the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, every school is required to make a school development plan.  The following provision has been made in this Act regarding SDP.  * RTE ACT - 2009 As per Section-22 1. Symbol School Management Committee constituted under sub-section (1) of section-21, school as prescribed


1. Each school management committee constituted under sub-section (1) of section 21 shall prepare school development plan as prescribed.  Sh M M 1. The school development plan thus prepared under sub-section-1 of this section shall be the basis for the plan and grant to be prepared by the concerned government or local authority.  Thus, the interpretation of RTE ACT-2009 Section-22 clarifies the following.  A school development plan should be prepared by each school management committee.  The Government and the local authority can rely on the school development plan to know the current status of the school and the future planning of the SMC.

Importance of school development plan in Gunotsav 2.0.  Currently, there has been a radical change in school evaluation across the state.  For this GCERT (Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training) 64 GSQAC (Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council) is working.  School Inspector (SI.) Has been appointed under this GSQAC.  Which evaluates the schools and determines the grade of the school.  A check has been issued to the school inspector for the entire process.  Each school is evaluated according to this checklist.  One of the important issues on this checklist is the School Development Plan (SCHOOL DEVELOPEMENT PLAN).  The following matters are examined under SDP during school evaluation.  Is school development plan made or not?  સ્થ Status of school baseline assessment.


Staying with SMC members for the year .  The work of preparing school development plan (SDP) has to be done keeping in view the age plan of 20-21 and .  This year, while preparing the School Development Plan (SDP) from the school level, not only the physical needs of the school are met but the school really develops.  Educational quality of all school children, equality of all children.  There are issues like school hygiene, school affiliation, mainstreaming of out-of-school children etc. but grandfather's sex poet is required.  Veer matters are said to be included.  School vs. Work Scheme 50) CRC Co.O.  Stay Normal and Straight Normal Sample - When to fill in



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