9 August 2021

School Activity

In the situation of Kovid-19, the question papers of Std-1 to Std-8 school examinations for the academic year 2020-21 have to be prepared at the school level as per the format and merit declared by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  So that as per the plan shown in the table above, for the first examination of Std-9 to Std-12, as per the syllabus of the school, on the basis of the question paper format of the annual examination announced by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board and also all the chapters conducted at school level get proper justice.  Accordingly, question papers will have to be prepared at the school level by determining the merit per chapter.  70% syllabus announced by the board for the annual examination of Std-9 and Std-11 as well as the question paper format of the annual examination and the details of merit per chapter will have to be prepared at the school level. 

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Progress can be seen in the Pini century.  In the present times, two important steps have been taken in terms of teacher training.  (1) The just demand for universalization of primary level education has gained political recognition and (2) in the form of the Free and Compulsory Education Act-2006.  The commitment of the states to the law will increase the demand for qualified primary school teachers many times over.  It has been recommended with the objective of making secondary education universal in ten years.  Due to poor infrastructure and poorly equipped teachers, most of the secondary schools at present offer poor quality education.  To solve this problem it is necessary to make secondary school teachers professional teachers.  The National Curriculum Framework (NCF), formulated in 2006, has various expectations from the teacher which can be met only through continuous training at the initial stage.  It is clear that the quality and proportion of students' skills depends on the teacher's ability, sensitivity and motivation.  It is also a well-known fact that the learning-oriented environment and the educational and professional components of a teacher are essential for the achievement of students' academic achievements.  Quality of knowledge of one's subject Knowledge of teaching skills required for a teacher in various situations, level of loyalty to the profession, sensitivity to current problems and issues and passion of the teacher are essential for achieving the objectives of the classroom curriculum and for student education and social change in general.  The quality of the teacher includes a number of factors such as - the position of the teachers in the society, the economic returns, the conditions under which they work, and the expectations from their protective and vocational education teacher training system.  Making available a sufficient number of capable teachers to run the schools of the country Early teacher training plays an important role in the formation of a teacher.  This elementary education training explains the importance of this profession to the newly admitted candidates and the future teacher ambitions nurture the basic knowledge, teaching ability and human tendencies.

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The teacher operates within a broad framework of school education and this framework includes goals, curricula, methods and expectations from the teacher.  Teacher - The curriculum structure should be consistent with the school curriculum structure.  Teachers need to be prepared to be constantly involved with the needs and demands of the school as well as the questions that arise in the school with the questions related to the method and the study.  There are many expectations from the teacher regarding the broad socio-economic and political changes of the society which change from time to time.  The post-independence decades have seen significant changes in schooling.  According to the estimates of the Government of India, out of 200 million children between the ages of 9 and 16, only 1% were enrolled in primary school, out of which about 80% dropped out before completing Std. 8.  Regional, social and racial inequalities pose new challenges.  These realities pose many obstacles and challenges in enforcing the right of children to education under the Free and Compulsory Education Act and especially in relation to the role and place of teachers in it.  The teacher should be equipped not only in teaching but also in understanding the society of students and parents so that students can attend school regularly and receive education.  According to this law, the teacher should not give corporal punishment to the child and should complete the course within the given time limit.  Evaluating students It was made mandatory to call a meeting of parents to inform them about the progress of the child and to conduct school activities as a member of the school management committee.  Section 3 (ii) of this Act places special emphasis on the following matters in determining the syllabus and evaluation process.  Compatibility with values   specified in the format.  All round development of the child, development of cognitive ability and talents in the child Full physical and mental development, Vidh32.Favorite and student-centered environment activity (discovery and i) Pan tare shi mag vidhathal mi rapne vidhargo.Nit pati marakat

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This is very important for the teacher for early as well as professional development during the service period.  In addition, the NCF.  It is expected from the teacher that the knowledge and understanding of the meaning in the children also helps in teaching the child in such a way that the teacher is also a partner in the process of knowledge-appointment along with the student.  This also opens the way for a teacher to participate in the creation of curriculum, syllabus and teaching materials.  For this type of role, the teacher needs to have adequate knowledge of the subject and pedagogical skills for the curriculum on the one hand and also an understanding of community and school structure and management on the other hand.  The financial provision for speeding up the work plan and the provisions for education have brought to the fore the matter of preparing teachers for quality education.  Given the potential for universal secondaryisation in the coming years, this demand has become necessary.  The increasing privatization has suddenly created many difficulties in the right of children to quality education due to the differences seen in the school education system.  Under the pressure of this increasing globalization at a time when privatization is taking place in all sectors including education and competition is on the rise, students are facing an unprecedented situation and they are expected to face it.It is now universally accepted that the current school will put pressure on our children.  The inconsistent structure of the curriculum arises due to the fact that it is totally alienated from the social and personal environment of the children.  It is also responsible for the fact that due to inadequate preparation of the teacher, they are not able to communicate with the children and solve their needs in a radical way.  The teacher must be a creator of knowledge and a thoughtful seeker.  They should know and understand what the child is learning in the society and what he / she is learning from his / her own hall.



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