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6 August 2021




Subject: - Matter of encouraging primary school teachers with "Talented Teacher Certificate". Reference: - Single file no.  Pursuant to the resolution, the primary school headmaster will be given a "talented teacher certificate" for the noble purpose of encouraging the headmaster to do excellent academic work in the state's primary school and be actively involved in school co-curricular activities, innovative experiments, social contributions, etc.  The plan has been implemented.  At the end of the first semester of the current year 2021, the process of selection of teachers for the Talent Teacher Certificate has been completed and names have to be obtained from all over the state.  The selection process as per 100% multiplication as shown in Fig. 8 cannot be followed completely.


The following criteria should be considered and evaluated for the selection process of teachers for the session "Talented Teacher Certificate". 1. Covid - 19 Teachers who have done special work for Home Learning during the epidemic.  Simple, street education and online education work as per the instructions of the government as well as other works have been completed effectively and honestly.  Other activities like activities have been done. Thus, keeping in view the above matters, each CRC has to prepare a list of three names after proper verification out of 100% multiplication, achievable multiplication.  It has to be sent to the Taluka Selection Committee by then.



After evaluating the aspects, keeping in view all the facts, one has to select a teacher who is fully qualified for the "Neutrally Talented Teacher Certificate".  The cluster wise list sent by the District Primary Education Officers by the Taluka Selection Committee in the prescribed form given below, in Kshati font and in Excel sheet itself, should be sent to the office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar.



To inform the above subject research that various efforts are being made by the Department of Education and Gujarat Disaster Management Institute (GIDM).  In this regard, in collaboration with GIDM (as part of safety of schools against natural calamities and disasters) BRCCO.  , C.R.C.C.O.  , Headmasters and teachers are imparted offline trainings at district level through various methods.  In the present circumstances, the Basic Course of Disaster Risk Management guided by the School Safety Division due to the Kovid-19 epidemic has been prepared by Gujarat Disaster Management Institute (GIDM) in full collaboration and the entire Shiksha Gujarat and uploaded on the Diksha platform.  This course encompasses the noble purpose of helping oneself or society in times of danger.  This course can be joined through online medium from Diksha platform.  This course has a total of 3 units (modules) and this unit (module) has been prepared in one or two sessions.  Anyone connected with the world of education can complete it in about 6 to 8 hours and get guidance for protection against risk. This course is prepared in both Gujarati and English medium.  This course can be done in a language that suits you.  After completing this course online from the Diksha platform, the certificate for completing the course can be downloaded.

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