31 August 2021

Janm-Maran Dakhala


Taluka - Thasra Last - Kheda Savinay Aap Sahebshree to inform that the Garuda app launched by the State Election Commission and BLO teachers have to download the data in their personal mobile and enter all the data related to the voter list in the near future.  The BLO teacher has decided not to download the app in his personal mobile as the teacher feels that the privacy of the teacher's job will be endangered as the app is governmental.  Earlier, the education department had asked teachers to download a similar application called Kayazala, but they did
not download it as the privacy of the teacher's job was at stake.  Although the BLO has not been ordered or circled to fill any form of voter online in Garuda application or in any other way.  

Janm-Maran Dakhala

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Forcing the teachers to do this extra work in GadhaApp by the Election Mamlatdar Officer which forces us to do extra work which we oppose.  Does not have a proper account of the allowances fixed during the year.  And what is found in it is not fully known what year and month it is.  So if you have a record of the allowances we have received so far, it is a matter of giving.

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• Allowance - BLO of Thasra taluka.  The matter of giving the allowance fixed during the year and the year and month in which it is received is not fully known if we have a record of the allowance received so far.  Eye Card - B.L.O.  Door-to-door operations occur several times a year.  As a result, in the process of filling the form, the voter has to get the correct answer in the inquiry.  Old B.L.O.  - Old BLO in your taluka.  Those who want to retire are given B.L.O.  Exemption from operation is requested.  BLO leave - Till now BLO  Is requested to deposit the leave received.

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The teachers inspected and evaluated the facilities in each corner of the school premises and made necessary arrangements for the maintenance of the facilities.  |  Wash hands when children eat lunch.  |  Also wash your hands before eating at home.  |  Children clean at home just as they clean at school and in the classroom.  Do not allow children to get puddles around their 30s.  Children keep their clothes, hair and even the big ones clean.  We will make the child who comes ready with the sauce a 'rose of today'.  Such hygiene was discussed.

Raising awareness on hand washing facility, daily drying and disinfection, use of toilet, use of water facility, ventilation, waste management etc. during Kovi-19.  Ijal - Inspected water facility under Jeevan Mission.  In the rainy season till November 2021, a re-examination and growth plan on water storage systems in schools was undertaken.  Extensive cleaning / disinfection of toilets, toilets, classrooms, fans, doorways, windows was carried out on campus, with the participation of local community SMCs and local representatives.

The most important function of health is washing.  It is possible to organize hygiene camps from time to time to create public awareness about hygiene in school children and villages.  The matter should be raised in the public mind, all the teachers should maintain toilets, clean drinking water facilities in the schools, campaigned for cleanliness in the school on this day, cleaning in the school, classroom and grounds.  Fans, windows, doors and the campus and its surroundings were cleaned, which is planned to be cleaned and maintained daily.

Eighty is not only a jury for our health, it is not only necessary to make the surrounding environment beautiful and graceful, but it is important for every creation and tissue.  Mandatory for physical, lethal and spiritual development.  Iclle foujsk klbiole le øge obé PLE & lah ile Click (153cbe pire ele pe piele bozjah lolcllolzle 1310 visib lan pph vanzš lahile 30% lelad R sia jog ihaleta 00193c lah elblad THIS EVER ૨ t na pan akala jashe.  We are the ones who have to face the challenge. Without the participation and participation of the public, any fear can be overcome.

Raising awareness among students for equitable use of natural resources, sustainability and conservation and fostering love for the environment, encouraging students to engage in environmentally friendly practices and enabling them to participate in meaningful activities and projects related to the environment.  Develop life skills, self-esteem, self-esteem and self-confidence and adaptation to cope with stress, shame and fear.

The following points are important for the activities to be more useful to the society for the eco club of primary school students.  Solid waste disposal, 241 help in pollution control.  Working to prevent water scarcity, - Help in civic amenities, 112 S - Planting trees in schools and rural areas, awareness to prevent water wastage, maintenance of public parks and gardens, friendly approach to environmental improvement, and interest, - Conservation of land and wetting.  , D attitude) DI



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