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5 August 2021


 Selection of School Inspectors The total number of inspectors was selected through a three-stage intensive process.  Accreditation using 888 2 technology School accreditation was done through an Android application created by BISAG.  5.  






The report cards of the accredited schools were placed on the online platform in two phases before and after the reporting covid.  Include all the details in the report card so that the schools can rely on the result of Gunosva 2.0 for the school development plan.

Vishay Vikas Yojana File Click Here

300 Days File PDF Click Here Excel Click Here

Gunotsav 2.0 Mulyankan PDF Click Here

Gunotsav 2.0 Samixa (23 Pages) SOE Click Here

Gunotsav 2.0 SDP FILE Click Here

The framework was formed under the conscientious guidance of a core committee of about 50 members from different cadres of the Department of Education.  E2 Kamavan Naar and Pilor School Inspectors were divided into zones and trained on the framework and then piloted in about 850 schools to know the accuracy of the work as well as the understanding of the inspectors.  It was monitored and reviewed periodically.  The details of each school were verified by the QA team.

Gunotsav 2.0 Action Plan File PDF Click Here

Gunotsav 2.0 Action Plan File WORD Click Here

Roll-out of Merit 2.0.  Following the successful implementation of the pilot phase, Merit 2.0 was implemented across the state. The framework and checklist were approved by the Board of Governors of GSAAC under the leadership of Hon'ble Minister of Education. 

W.S.D.P Word File Click Here

Understand Regular discussion with ST through VCS.  s!  For wide coverage of flower inspans across the district, mission mode was carried out with the help of district and block workers. Quat Category Number of Inspectors.

100% external evaluation of schools by a special cadre of school inspectors with educational background.  Number of inspection days and number of school inspectors based on the number of children in the school.

Class Development Plan (CDP)

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Evaluation process running throughout the year.  Evaluation framework designed from the perspective of world systems and local experience in which the study and teaching processes are further weighted 5. Technology is best used to enhance the effectiveness of the evaluation process 6. Real-time monitoring for quality enhancement by QA team and reporting.

Key Steps of Success For Gunotsav 2.0 FINAL Click Here

Merit 1.0 Merit 2.0 schools were given grades only.  Schools will be informed of areas for improvement in addition to grades.  Depending on the outcome of the school, the schools would have to plan for the end of the improvement assessment.  The meeting will provide direction for planning for improvement and will also ensure the help of the system.  There was a three-day mission mode program in which a total of 100% of the schools would be externally evaluated.  More than one-third evaluation of schools with external needs would be possible for only one-third of the special schools.  Visits may be possible.  The evaluator was a three-stage choice as a non-evaluator, not necessarily a trainee.  The evaluation process will be conducted through selected and intensively trained, SN inspectors who will facilitate the evaluation through intensive use of technology.

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