31 August 2021

Janm-Maran Dakhala


Taluka - Thasra Last - Kheda Savinay Aap Sahebshree to inform that the Garuda app launched by the State Election Commission and BLO teachers have to download the data in their personal mobile and enter all the data related to the voter list in the near future.  The BLO teacher has decided not to download the app in his personal mobile as the teacher feels that the privacy of the teacher's job will be endangered as the app is governmental.  Earlier, the education department had asked teachers to download a similar application called Kayazala, but they did
not download it as the privacy of the teacher's job was at stake.  Although the BLO has not been ordered or circled to fill any form of voter online in Garuda application or in any other way.  

Janm-Maran Dakhala

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kisan samman nidhi yojana

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how to check your name in kisan samman nidhi yojana list 2021






Forcing the teachers to do this extra work in GadhaApp by the Election Mamlatdar Officer which forces us to do extra work which we oppose.  Does not have a proper account of the allowances fixed during the year.  And what is found in it is not fully known what year and month it is.  So if you have a record of the allowances we have received so far, it is a matter of giving.

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• Allowance - BLO of Thasra taluka.  The matter of giving the allowance fixed during the year and the year and month in which it is received is not fully known if we have a record of the allowance received so far.  Eye Card - B.L.O.  Door-to-door operations occur several times a year.  As a result, in the process of filling the form, the voter has to get the correct answer in the inquiry.  Old B.L.O.  - Old BLO in your taluka.  Those who want to retire are given B.L.O.  Exemption from operation is requested.  BLO leave - Till now BLO  Is requested to deposit the leave received.

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The teachers inspected and evaluated the facilities in each corner of the school premises and made necessary arrangements for the maintenance of the facilities.  |  Wash hands when children eat lunch.  |  Also wash your hands before eating at home.  |  Children clean at home just as they clean at school and in the classroom.  Do not allow children to get puddles around their 30s.  Children keep their clothes, hair and even the big ones clean.  We will make the child who comes ready with the sauce a 'rose of today'.  Such hygiene was discussed.

Raising awareness on hand washing facility, daily drying and disinfection, use of toilet, use of water facility, ventilation, waste management etc. during Kovi-19.  Ijal - Inspected water facility under Jeevan Mission.  In the rainy season till November 2021, a re-examination and growth plan on water storage systems in schools was undertaken.  Extensive cleaning / disinfection of toilets, toilets, classrooms, fans, doorways, windows was carried out on campus, with the participation of local community SMCs and local representatives.

The most important function of health is washing.  It is possible to organize hygiene camps from time to time to create public awareness about hygiene in school children and villages.  The matter should be raised in the public mind, all the teachers should maintain toilets, clean drinking water facilities in the schools, campaigned for cleanliness in the school on this day, cleaning in the school, classroom and grounds.  Fans, windows, doors and the campus and its surroundings were cleaned, which is planned to be cleaned and maintained daily.

Eighty is not only a jury for our health, it is not only necessary to make the surrounding environment beautiful and graceful, but it is important for every creation and tissue.  Mandatory for physical, lethal and spiritual development.  Iclle foujsk klbiole le øge obé PLE & lah ile Click (153cbe pire ele pe piele bozjah lolcllolzle 1310 visib lan pph vanzš lahile 30% lelad R sia jog ihaleta 00193c lah elblad THIS EVER ૨ t na pan akala jashe.  We are the ones who have to face the challenge. Without the participation and participation of the public, any fear can be overcome.

Raising awareness among students for equitable use of natural resources, sustainability and conservation and fostering love for the environment, encouraging students to engage in environmentally friendly practices and enabling them to participate in meaningful activities and projects related to the environment.  Develop life skills, self-esteem, self-esteem and self-confidence and adaptation to cope with stress, shame and fear.

The following points are important for the activities to be more useful to the society for the eco club of primary school students.  Solid waste disposal, 241 help in pollution control.  Working to prevent water scarcity, - Help in civic amenities, 112 S - Planting trees in schools and rural areas, awareness to prevent water wastage, maintenance of public parks and gardens, friendly approach to environmental improvement, and interest, - Conservation of land and wetting.  , D attitude) DI


29 August 2021

Swachhata Pakhavada File

 Swachhata Pakhavada File

The following operations should be done keeping in view the guideline of Kovid- 12. On the first day of the fortnight all primary seminaries will have to take an pledge of cleanliness. In which all the preceptors and scholars of the academy will have to share through virtual means and maintaining social distance. In the first week, SMCs PTAs will have to organize a meeting between preceptors and parents Swachhata Pakhavada train through virtual medium and maintaining social distance. The significance of hygiene and hand washing, use of masks, social distance should be encouraged. preceptors to check water and sanitation installations in each academy v institution and to make proffers for form and conservation of installations if needed. Competitions will have to be organized in sections talukas clusters for clean and well maintained spaces and toilets in seminaries. 
 Essay jotting quiz competition for scholars on hygiene and cleanliness in seminaries will have to be done through virtual medium. Hygiene mindfulness dispatches should be posted on the website of the academy/ institution/ department and photos Swachhata Pakhavada train on hygiene should be posted in the academy in a visible way. All the preceptors and the head of the academy will have to take online training as per the module placed on the DIKSHA gate. The scholars of the academy will have to be appointed as the hygiene minister and the academy star as the nodal officer. Following the guidelines of David- 12 by the preceptors and executive staff of the seminaries. 
 Will have to. Ta.05/09/2071( Thursday) “ Hygiene Awareness Day ” Hold a virtual meeting between children, parents and preceptors of SMCs SMDCs PTAs to explain the significance of hygiene and cleanliness and the significance of hand washing, masks and social distance. As well as to encourage and motivate them for cleanliness and hygiene in academy as well as at home. preceptors will have to check and estimate the hygiene installations in every corner of the academy institution and make necessary arrangements for the conservation of the installations. During Covid- 19 Swachhata Pakhavada train( raising mindfulness on hand washing installations, diurnal cleaning and disinfection, use of toilets, use of water installations, ventilation, waste operation etc. 

 Ta. Dated from09/08/207107/02/2011( Saturday and Sunday)" Green School Drive Day" scholars can develop abstract sessions, bills and flyers on motifs similar as covid applicable geste 
 and the fight against nimbus by barring vaccinations, water conservation, single use plastics, etc. And it'll have to be displayed in academy exhibitions, townlets, metropolises, and academy demesne. Swachhata Pakhavada train To make scholars understand about water conservation in academy and at home. Number of sharing seminaries, photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.. Same day Dated from0309/2081.07/09/2071( Monday and Tuesday)" Clean Participation Day" Competition in clean toilets and clean academy premises in sections, talukas clusters following the Kovid protocol. Swachhata Pakhavada train Conduct delineation, skeet, lyric timber, watchword jotting competitions on hygiene. I organized a( virtual) letter essay jotting competition on the theme" Covid- 19 Responsive School". The top 5 essays, taglines and delineations per quarter should be scrutinized. The number of scholars sharing in the delineation competition must be uploaded to Google Tracke and prive. Swachhata Pakhavada train 
 Ta.08/06/201 to date. Swachhata Pakhavada train10/02/2071 Thursday and Friday)" Personal Hygiene Day" to make scholars apprehensive of the significance of particular hygiene through audio visual program. Educate scholars the proper way to cut and keep nails clean, bathe daily Swachhata Pakhavada train with clean water, wear clean clothes, don't whiff in the open, wear shoes, etc. Wear applicable masks, don't shake hands, dine with each other and don't partake anything differently, avoid going to crowded places during Covid 19). Educate scholars a healthy way to use restroom and drinking water installations. Explain the significance of brushing teeth doubly a day to scholars and make it a regular habit. Number Swachhata Pakhavada train of sharing seminaries, photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive. 

 Ta. Action Plan for the festivity of Sanitation Fortnight from 01 to 15 September 2011 R * Dt. 01/09/2071( Wednesday)" Swachhta Shapath queens" All preceptors, staff and all scholars of seminaries and educational institutions have to take the pledge of cleanliness on the first day by maintaining virtual/ social distance. In which children have to talk about hygiene and take a resolution( mask, safe distance, hand hygieneetc.) hygiene/ covid mindfulness communication should be posted Swachhata Pakhavada train on the website of the department/ institutions/ seminaries. Electronic banners can be created and uploaded to web doors so that hygiene assignments are followed. Swachhata Pakhavada train hype and mindfulness generation can be done through the use of social media, as well as electronic and print media. The number of scholars taking the pledge of cleanliness and the number of sharing seminaries, as well as the number of sworn photos and vids and promotional accoutrements must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.

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18 August 2021



The academy isn't just a structure erected to educate scholars, it's an institution. Whose work isn't limited to educating children in its distributed time. The function of the academy is to educate the children as well as to make the character of the children, skill development, moral merits, social responsibility and nationalism. In order for the academy to fulfill all these liabilities duly, it's veritably important for it to survive, modernize itself and develop itself. Any academy can run beautifully with the participation and collaboration of the government, staff or society. The responsibility for the development of the academy lies with the administration as much as with the headliners and preceptors working in the academy and with the original community. thus a academy operation commission is formed in each academy to run the academy easily. The function of this academy operation commission is to hoist the educational and physical position of the academy and to strengthen the development of the academy. = For this, each academy operation commission has to plan the development of the academy duly and check the current physical and educational condition of the academy and plan how important it can be bettered or increased during the time. -- THEM T ITI A B|| The work of a shade chart for the APR canon 
 SDP train 
E For this, it's imperative for every academy operation commission to plan the development of the academy duly and to check the current physical and educational condition of the academy and plan how important it can be bettered or stoked during the time. This academy development plan serves as a road chart for the academy operation commission throughout the time. The School Management Committee( SMC) has to plan what to do during the time and in what time frame. therefore, the School Development Plan( SCHOOL DEVELOPEMENT PLAN) proves to be a direction index for the academy.( 6) Provision regarding School Development Plan( SDP) in RTE ACT. N N RIGHT TO EDUCAT ON ACT( RTE ACT) According to the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, every academy is needed to make a academy development plan. The following provision has been made in this Act regarding SDP. * RTE ACT- 2009 As per Section- 22 1. Symbol School Management Committee constituted undersub-section( 1) of section- 21, academy as specified 
1. Each academy operation commission constituted undersub-section( 1) of section 21 shall prepare academy development plan as specified. Sh M M 1. The academy development plan therefore prepared undersub-section-1 of this section shall be the base for the plan and entitlement to be prepared by the concerned government or original authority. therefore, the interpretation of RTE ACT- 2009 Section- 22 clarifies the following. A academy development plan should be prepared by each academy operation commission. The Government and the original authority can calculate on the academy development plan to know the current status of the academy and the unborn planning of the SMC. 
 significance of academy development plan in Gunotsav 2.0. presently, there has been a radical change in academy evaluation across the state. For this GCERT( Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training) 64 GSQAC( Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council) is working. School Inspector( SI.) Has been appointed under this GSQAC. Which evaluates the seminaries and determines the grade of the academy. A check has been issued to the academy inspector for the entire process. Each academy is estimated according to this roster. One of the important issues on this roster is the School Development Plan( SCHOOL DEVELOPEMENT PLAN). The ensuing matters are examined under SDP during academy evaluation. Is academy development plan made or not? Status of academy birth assessment. 
Staying with SMC members for the time. The work of preparing academy development plan( SDP) has to be done keeping in view the age plan of 20- 21 and. This time, while preparing the School Development Plan( SDP) from the academy position, not only the physical requirements of the academy are met but the academy really develops. Educational quality of all academy children, equivalency of all children. There are issues like academy hygiene, academy cooperation, mainstreaming of out- of- academy childrenetc. but forefather's coitus minstrel is needed. Veer matters are said to be included. Schoolvs. Work Scheme 50) CRCCo.O. Stay Normal and Straight Normal Sample- When to fill in

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16 August 2021

Adhyahan Nishpatio

Study conclusions can read and understand speeches, songs, runes, descriptions, exchanges, plays, familiar- can hear and understand horizonless situations and discourses. Games, conditioning, interviews, inquiries are frequently understood through design work. Reading and harkening of children's literature and indigenous songs, stories, can know it. runes, stories, plays and main ideas are frequently seen, heard and understood through reading, content and audio-visual aids. Y can hear from schedules, charts, symbols and jotting, hear colorful representations made within the language and understand the most idea. Can understand about 250 words and use vocabulary. Can speak artificially without vacillation. runes, lyric runes are frequently recited, sung, acted and recited, barley thal, can hear and describe imagined effects, can ask a curious question. and will answer questions rightly, introduce new words into the statement. and will speak from the point of view, Choui can write twisted with punctuation and valid spelling. Can mandate punctuation and valid spelling with proper distance between words. Mudasar can answer questions, can write singly on an strange subject.. Pradia story, runes to means learning. Quiz and no womanlike reading for eloquent reading, harkening, and meaningful understanding of the figure. Presenting samples of dialogue with the scholar, Adhyahan Nishpatio conducting quizzes and forming a covey dialogue, conducting games, conditioning associated with children's chops and holistic development. Creating and publishing problems with journals, stories, stories, language and opinions for children's literature through myth or handling myth by preceptors and scholars. Dealing books from the library harmonious with age Visit Adhyahan Nishpatio colorful Seoul. Delivering visual and visual signing supported audio-visual aids. Making a century from the ABC. Adhyahan Nishpatio Giving a punk after harkening of a story. Adhyahan Nishpatio Or to make an occasion to be converted to make a written donation. Amusement stint. Adhyahan Nishpatio Patna, to encourage the scholar to present the dreametc. within the order. to prompt a reply from an occasion or incident. To epitomize. 
Study Conclusions O can form a figure and form a judgment . stipend can write rulings on a situation or content. - A brace of images can describe it. 1 can mine. Can make corresponding card and write in it. Can speak or act meetly within effects. Century boards and public notices follow sign boards, business signals, etc.G. the tactic of literacy to show. give a perfect reading and jotting pattern. Observe the image given by the schoolteacher and describe it verbally also ask to write down. Word conformation by word, word- oil and form by word- oil sample 
Write a judgment to the scholar some memorable occasion as well as carnivals celebrated at academy. Have an essay written. Make a problem of the my stifications in the paper. 
mystification Introducing mystification exertion mystification exertion also as Adhyahan Nishpatio description of the letter by giving a structural understanding of the letter. Explain it. to means the schoolteacher to make good cards for the forthcoming carnivals and to shoot good wishes for colorful carnivals. 
Colorful interviews. Communicate in deals which may be communicated automatically and board notice coming to the academy. Suffix symbols can peer the wordbook to hunt out Adhyahan Nishpatio out the meaning of the words of an honest shoptalk/ language in a valid language to inform the scholars about the symbols. Understands, uses punctuation, punctuation, verbs, adjectives. Understanding, word- word- to- word relationship, vowel and consonant, convention, emulsion, jick, conceit can make a story supported go using private expressions and practical alphabet. Ree can make the proper decision by allowing about Adhyahan Nishpatio narcissistic matters. 
The study describes the Adhyahan Nishpatio specific strengths and abnormalities of the findings(e.g., smell, hail, sleep, sound,etc.) and their responses to light, and food. the tactic of getting the essential musts of life( similar as food, water, shafts) and therefore the uses of technology.( similar because the system of getting yield Adhyahan Nishpatio from the ranch to the kitchen, 

The process of making chuck
from grains, the way grain is stored), the ways of storing water from aquifers.) The spread of factory electricity) explains the part and functions of varied bodies in living life. 
similar as banks, panchayats, Adhyahan Nishpatio united societies, police stations,etc.) homes, climate, coffers( similar as food, water, sanctum, literacy point of view), Sleep time,etc. 1, compliances and discovery process of creatures to special powers and abnormal traits( understanding of specific powers and traits, smell, hail, sleep, sound,etc.) Adhyahan Nishpatio and their responses to light, id light, sound, food response, etc. 

Furnishing openings. Available from aquifers 2. Chancing the available water sources round the ranch from the ranch to the kitchen, the lineage, the tactic of delivering vegetables the system of water Adhyahan Nishpatio reaching the house as well as the process of making chuck
from cereals to chuck

 from flour, support for water sanctification Ways of collecting water from aquifers 3. point visits with classmates, preceptors Adhyahan Nishpatio and elders and sharing of gests with creatures and humans No- give and bandy the special power of creatures from creatures and catcalls to spread seeds from one place to a special. Adhyahan Nishpatio Gathering information about( voice part and vision of functions) also as colorful land- grounded original tone- governing bodies. No dad pag dhoni vanaspatim.

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13 August 2021

FIT INDIA 2.0 Quiz


To state under the above subject and context that the "Fit India" program has been implemented by the Government of India.  Our country is celebrating the 9th anniversary of Independence Day as "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav".  "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.o" is being launched on 13th August 2021 by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs under Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav.  In view of the above, MoE has been asked by the Government of India to organize "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" from 13th August to 2nd October, 2021.  The purpose of this program is to raise awareness about health care, walking for a healthy body, running, light exercise as well as doing regular yogic activities.  In this regard, "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" from 13.08.2021 to 02.10.2021 in all Government Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Government, Granted, Non-Granted, KGBV, Ashram Schools, Model Schools and Model Day Schools of the State.  FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.O ".  All about this program, Lecturer, 2019!  2020.

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FIT INDIA 2.0 PARIPATRA Date 13-08-2021

BRC / CRC Coordinator Principals and teachers are also asked to join this "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" in maximum number.  The designated District Nodalshree regarding FIT India program under "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" guides the BRC / CRC Coordinator friends and asks them to make necessary arrangements from your level to make this program a success.  (Organizing the above activities keeping in view the current guideline of the Government in view of the Corona epidemic) Enclosure - Details for registration.

BRC / CRC Coordinator Principals and teachers are also asked to join this "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" in maximum number.  The designated District Nodalshree regarding FIT India program under "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" guides the BRC / CRC Coordinator friends and asks them to make necessary arrangements from your level to make this program a success.  (Organizing the above activities keeping in view the current guideline of the Government in view of the Corona epidemic) Enclosure - Details for registration.


Madam/Sir, This is to inform you that Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is organizing Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 to commemorate "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav" (75th Independence Day Celebrations). 2. Freedom Run 2.0 on 13th August and it will conclude on 2nd of October. In this 51 days long virtual run in which a person can run at their own place and can share photos/Videos of the same to the reporting officer/official. On 13.08.2021, on the launch day, physical event has been planned at 75 iconic places. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has planned to launch FIT India 3. The Fit India Movement would be a success only if it becomes a people's movement, therefore focus should be given on mass participation "Jan Bhagidari se Jan Andolan". You are requested to publicise and motivate people to maximize their participation in the event and to publicise It on various social media platforms and tag FIT India Team. 4. The States/UTs are advised that a nodal person may be appointed in every school for uploading real time report on the portal. The report of the activities is to be uploaded on https://fitindia.gov.in. Further details about the FIT India Freedom Run 2.0 will be posted on the above mentioned FIT India Portal; therefore it iIS requested to visit the portal regularly. Yours faithfully.

FIT INDIA 2.0 Registration Link

Madam / Sir, This is in continuation with the even letter number dated 6th August, 2021, regarding organizing Fit Indla Prcedon Run 2.0 to commemorate “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” on one of the pillars of the celebrations, ie, Resolves 75 from 13th August  , 2021 till 2nd October, 2021. During this event citizens will be given a call to make a resolve to include daily physical activity of at least 30 minutes in their lives, ie, PITNESS KI DOSE AADHA GHANTA ROZ. 5,, ATNESS KIT FIT  India Freedom Run 2.0 with the theme "Jan Bhagidari se Jan Andolan" aiming at encouraging more and more participation. People may participate in the Run either by assembling at a particular place observing COVID - 19 protocols or through Virtual Run, in which one can run  / walk along a route of his / her choice, at a time that suits him / her. One can even take breaks during such run / walk. Basically, one runs one's own race and times one's own pace. 3. To make this initiative  success  ful, you are requested to encourage mass participation from among the employees, students, their families and relatives in the FIT India Freedom Run 2.0.  In this regard, a copy of Department of Sports, M / O YA & S D.O.  letter dated 5th August, 2021 along with S.O.P of the Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 is attached herewith.  Enclosed: 1. SOP 2 henter Dared ba 2021

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 The following instructions are given at the end of the close deliberation on the various representations received here regarding the performance of the Booth Level Officer (BLO), which is requested to be strictly implemented.  (1) To arrange for the operation of the VLO to be changed by the rationing system every five years.  (2) To appoint BLOs as per the existing instructions of Marat Election Commission and to allocate the work of BLO not only to Kukat teachers but also to other cadre employees (e.g. revenue, Panchayat mid-day meal etc.).

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To make necessary arrangements for the part to be held in the part where the voter is, (2) to make necessary arrangements / advance arrangements for the employee to be exempted from V operation as a BLO from the time he has two years left to retire.



Government / Non-Government Granted (Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and College) School / College performing duty as Booth Level Officer (BLO)  Instructions have been issued to the employees of academic as well as clerical cadre to perform election related duties on public holidays, and in accordance with paragraph 3 of the circular, instructions have also been given by the Government to give compensatory leave to the concerned employees for performing duties on public holidays.



In addition to the dates mentioned in Kara-3 of the said circular, whenever he performs his duties as a Booth Level Officer on a public holiday, he will have to be given compensatory leave.  Out of the instructions given in the circular, instruction no.  (3) Therefore, instead of canceling, the following instruction should be considered.  Revised Instruction: Details of the work done by the Booth Level Officer (BLO) should be maintained by the concerned officers of the records District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer's offices and when they are entitled to full or half paid leave as per the rules.  It remains to be seen what happens.  Whether such action is taken properly can be checked by the District Collector and any official involved in electioneering;  And if it is noticed that action has not been taken as per the instructions, disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned District Education Officer, responsible officers and employees of the District Primary Education Officer's offices.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,







If he has done so much duty, he will be entitled to half day and if he has been on duty for more than 3:30 hours, he will be entitled to full day leave.  (2) This compensatory leave must be paid in that calendar year.  The remaining compensation holidays at the start of the new calendar year will be automatically considered lapsed.  (3) Only one compensation leave may be granted at a time.  (2) This leave may be combined with regular leave, written leave or other holidays in pursuit of front and back holidays.  (3) Details / records regarding the work done by the Booth Level Officer (BLO) shall be maintained by the District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer.  This can be verified by the District Collector and any officer involved in the election work, and disciplinary action will have to be taken against the Booth Level Officer (BLO) for defective work. (2) All District Education Officers  The Primary Education Officer will have to circulate these instructions to the schools under her control.  Veena D of India and his no





Sample of Freemark is included with s.  Necessary software for preparation of Format-1 will be provided by this department.  The software used to generate the format for each part of all the legislatures of the district will have to provide Format-1 BLO in printed two copies.  This format will be generated per household included in the voter list.  Each such Format-1 generated per household will have pre-filled details including details of all the voting members of the household.  The family members that the BLO has verified will get the signature of the head of the family and he / she will sign it himself / herself and give a copy of this format to the head of the family.  Guidelines for Format-1 are displayed along with a sample of this format.  While the remaining blank formats (Format-2, Format-2, Format-2A and Format-3B) were also printed as per local requirement.  BLO must be provided.  During the visit to the homes of the voters for verification, the BLO will have to keep with him the office identity card, the lapel card issued by the voter registration officer and the authorization letter issued by the district election officer.  A sample of lapel card is included with this.  As per the prevailing instructions, voters are requested to personally authenticate (authenticate) their notes using one of the documents mentioned in the list approved by the Election Commission and






The BLO has been instructed to collect a copy of that document.  The notification has been amended by the Election Commission and it has been decided by the Election Commission that a document in the name of the head of the family will be sufficient for later verification of the notes of other family members.  BLO may request this document for verification.  But, he is not going to insist on a copy of this document.  If a voter refuses to show a copy of a document, / refuses to show / object, BL0 may record it in its report and if it is found that the voter is physically residing at the place / address indicated in the voter list, the verification of that voter is completed.  Will be considered.  In addition, the Election Commission has directed that the EPIC number be converted to the 10-digit standard alphanumeric number of the GJ series to make the EPIC number the unique number of the voter, even if it is transferred from one place to another.  Will continue for life for the voter.  Provision is being made in ERONet for the voter registration officers to update the old EPIC numbers (GJ Series) to the new EPIC numbers (10 digit alphanumeric).  Wherever the voter's mobile number is available, a message will be sent to the concerned voter regarding the updated EPIC number.  It has also been decided by the Election Commission that both the numbers - old number (GJ Series) and new number (10 digit alphanumeric) will be printed on the card while printing EPIC with such number transferred.  The Election Commission has directed that all activities of the Voter Verification Program such as verification of details of existing voters, collection of details / forms regarding unregistered eligible citizens / deceased / permanently displaced voters, standardization of addresses, polling of polling stations and polling stations.  , Obtaining details of deceased voters from funeral places, verification and removal of DSEs and Logical Errors etc. will have to be completed during this extended period of Voter Verification Program.

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11 August 2021

Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz


Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Provided, however, that such child or parent or guardian may, as the case may be, his parents or guardians, directly or indirectly, provide good money directly or indirectly to the child, or enroll him in a school other than an established, owned, or controlled school.  The school will not be able to claim reimbursement for expenses incurred in relation to the child's primary education.  Explanation - The term "compulsory education" Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz means the responsibility of the appropriate government to (1) provide free primary education to every child between the ages of six and fourteen;  And (2) the obligation Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz to ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of primary education for every child between the ages of six and fourteen;  (B) determine the availability of the Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz nearest school as specified in section 4;  (C) ensure that children from the weaker classes and disadvantaged Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz groups are not discriminated against or prevented from receiving and completing primary education for any reason; Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz  (D) provide the support structure, introductory staff and teaching materials, including the school building;  (F) provide special training facilities specified in section 4;


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To implement the provisions of this Act, within three years from the commencement of this Act, Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz the appropriate government or local authority shall establish a school within the area or nearby limits where such school has not been established.  DIVISION OF FINANCE AND OTHER Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz RESPONSIBILITIES [, (1) It shall be Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz the concurrent responsibility of the Central Government and the State Government to provide funds for the implementation of the provisions of this Act.  (2) Estimates of capital and recurrent expenditure shall be prepared by the Central Government for the implementation of the provisions of this Act.  (2) The Central Government shall, in consultation with the State Governments mentioned in sub-section (2), provide to the State Governments a percentage Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of the expenditure as may be determined from time to time as a subsidy grant of revenue.  0 (2) The Central Government may request the President to inquire into the need for additional resources to be provided to a State Government by the Central Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Government to inquire into the Finance Commission as per sub-clause (d) of clause (2) of Article 90 of the Constitution Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of India.  May make provision for its own share of the money, regardless of what is included in sub-clause Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz (2), the State Government, the implementation of the provisions of this Act after the amount given by the Central Government to the State Government under sub-section (3) and its other resources.  The state government will be responsible for providing the money for, Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz


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Children's Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2006 Right to Free and Compulsory Education) Shall have the right to transfer to any school other than the school specified Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz in sub-clauses (2) and (3).  (3) If such a child wishes to be admitted to another school, the headmaster of the school where he / she was last admitted or the in-charge of the school Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz will immediately issue a replacement Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz certificate.  However, the delay in issuing the transfer certificate will not be a reason for delay or denial of admission in such another school.

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APJ (1) Every child between the ages of six and fourteen shall have the right to free and compulsory education till the completion of primary education in the nearest school.  1 / 2JJM (2) The purpose of sub-section (1) shall not be liable for the payment of any fees or charges or expenses which prevent a good child from receiving and completing his primary education. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Provided that persons with disabilities (equal opportunity, protection and full cooperation), as defined in clause (1) of section 4 of the Act (first of 19), a child suffering from disability shall Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz have the right to free and compulsory primary education in accordance with theShikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz  provisions of Chapter Five of the Act.  Special provisions for children who have not been admitted Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz or who have not completed their primary education.  But the child shall have the right to receive special training in the prescribed manner and within such time limits so that the child may remain equal to the other where he / she has been Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz given direct admission in the class according to his / her age.  The right to get free education till completion of primary education even after fourteen years. Right to transfer to another school (1) Where there is no provision for completion of primary education in school  In addition to the school specified in sub-clauses (2) and (3) of 1 (th), take it as its primary. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz.


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Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz "child of a weaker class" means a child of a parent or guardian whose annual income is less than the minimum limit specified by the appropriate government;  (G) "Primary education means education from first Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz standard to eighth standard, (j)" guardian "in relation to a child means the person who takes care and custody of the child, including a natural guardian, or a person appointed or declared by the court and law;  (H) "Local Authority" means the Municipal Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz Corporation or Nagar Parishad or Zilla Parishad or Nagar Panchayat or Panchayat, any other so-called authority, and any other authority or body having administrative control over the school or any local authority in any city, town or village.  This includes any authority enacted at that time or the authority conferred under it. Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz

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(K) "National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child" means the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child constituted under Section 7 Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz of the Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Children Act (004 (4th of 50O); 6) "Declaration"  Declaration, (d) "Parents" means the natural or orthodox or adoptive father or mother of the child; (2) "prescribed" means prescribed by the rules made under this Act;  Attached Schedule; (th) "School" means any recognized primary school, which includes the following? Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Quiz.

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9 August 2021

School Activity

In the situation of Kovid-19, the question papers of Std-1 to Std-8 school examinations for the academic year 2020-21 have to be prepared at the school level as per the format and merit declared by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  So that as per the plan shown in the table above, for the first examination of Std-9 to Std-12, as per the syllabus of the school, on the basis of the question paper format of the annual examination announced by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board and also all the chapters conducted at school level get proper justice.  Accordingly, question papers will have to be prepared at the school level by determining the merit per chapter.  70% syllabus announced by the board for the annual examination of Std-9 and Std-11 as well as the question paper format of the annual examination and the details of merit per chapter will have to be prepared at the school level. 

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Progress can be seen in the Pini century.  In the present times, two important steps have been taken in terms of teacher training.  (1) The just demand for universalization of primary level education has gained political recognition and (2) in the form of the Free and Compulsory Education Act-2006.  The commitment of the states to the law will increase the demand for qualified primary school teachers many times over.  It has been recommended with the objective of making secondary education universal in ten years.  Due to poor infrastructure and poorly equipped teachers, most of the secondary schools at present offer poor quality education.  To solve this problem it is necessary to make secondary school teachers professional teachers.  The National Curriculum Framework (NCF), formulated in 2006, has various expectations from the teacher which can be met only through continuous training at the initial stage.  It is clear that the quality and proportion of students' skills depends on the teacher's ability, sensitivity and motivation.  It is also a well-known fact that the learning-oriented environment and the educational and professional components of a teacher are essential for the achievement of students' academic achievements.  Quality of knowledge of one's subject Knowledge of teaching skills required for a teacher in various situations, level of loyalty to the profession, sensitivity to current problems and issues and passion of the teacher are essential for achieving the objectives of the classroom curriculum and for student education and social change in general.  The quality of the teacher includes a number of factors such as - the position of the teachers in the society, the economic returns, the conditions under which they work, and the expectations from their protective and vocational education teacher training system.  Making available a sufficient number of capable teachers to run the schools of the country Early teacher training plays an important role in the formation of a teacher.  This elementary education training explains the importance of this profession to the newly admitted candidates and the future teacher ambitions nurture the basic knowledge, teaching ability and human tendencies.

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The teacher operates within a broad framework of school education and this framework includes goals, curricula, methods and expectations from the teacher.  Teacher - The curriculum structure should be consistent with the school curriculum structure.  Teachers need to be prepared to be constantly involved with the needs and demands of the school as well as the questions that arise in the school with the questions related to the method and the study.  There are many expectations from the teacher regarding the broad socio-economic and political changes of the society which change from time to time.  The post-independence decades have seen significant changes in schooling.  According to the estimates of the Government of India, out of 200 million children between the ages of 9 and 16, only 1% were enrolled in primary school, out of which about 80% dropped out before completing Std. 8.  Regional, social and racial inequalities pose new challenges.  These realities pose many obstacles and challenges in enforcing the right of children to education under the Free and Compulsory Education Act and especially in relation to the role and place of teachers in it.  The teacher should be equipped not only in teaching but also in understanding the society of students and parents so that students can attend school regularly and receive education.  According to this law, the teacher should not give corporal punishment to the child and should complete the course within the given time limit.  Evaluating students It was made mandatory to call a meeting of parents to inform them about the progress of the child and to conduct school activities as a member of the school management committee.  Section 3 (ii) of this Act places special emphasis on the following matters in determining the syllabus and evaluation process.  Compatibility with values   specified in the format.  All round development of the child, development of cognitive ability and talents in the child Full physical and mental development, Vidh32.Favorite and student-centered environment activity (discovery and i) Pan tare shi mag vidhathal mi rapne vidhargo.Nit pati marakat

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This is very important for the teacher for early as well as professional development during the service period.  In addition, the NCF.  It is expected from the teacher that the knowledge and understanding of the meaning in the children also helps in teaching the child in such a way that the teacher is also a partner in the process of knowledge-appointment along with the student.  This also opens the way for a teacher to participate in the creation of curriculum, syllabus and teaching materials.  For this type of role, the teacher needs to have adequate knowledge of the subject and pedagogical skills for the curriculum on the one hand and also an understanding of community and school structure and management on the other hand.  The financial provision for speeding up the work plan and the provisions for education have brought to the fore the matter of preparing teachers for quality education.  Given the potential for universal secondaryisation in the coming years, this demand has become necessary.  The increasing privatization has suddenly created many difficulties in the right of children to quality education due to the differences seen in the school education system.  Under the pressure of this increasing globalization at a time when privatization is taking place in all sectors including education and competition is on the rise, students are facing an unprecedented situation and they are expected to face it.It is now universally accepted that the current school will put pressure on our children.  The inconsistent structure of the curriculum arises due to the fact that it is totally alienated from the social and personal environment of the children.  It is also responsible for the fact that due to inadequate preparation of the teacher, they are not able to communicate with the children and solve their needs in a radical way.  The teacher must be a creator of knowledge and a thoughtful seeker.  They should know and understand what the child is learning in the society and what he / she is learning from his / her own hall.


8 August 2021


Sir, to state on the above subject that in the year 2021 - in terms of social awareness and public awareness, the citizens of the village, educators, parents of the children studying in the school will be as aware, the more interested they are in school development, the more vibrant and prosperous the school will be.  Will send regularly for education and understand the inevitability of quality education.  As a result, good citizens will be formed by the school. Dhar is also a school. Only if the parents are aware, will they instill good values   in the children.  This is stated.  Issues to be discussed at the Parents' Convention> Discussion of different activities of the entire education.   Consideration and thinking on school education wSDP (Whole School Development Plan).   Discussion on school hygiene, toilet clean as well as clean water.  That children's admission regularity quality of education.  Admission of out-of-school children in the age group of 9 to 12 years and special training program.  Information on the availability and use of CWSN tools for children with special needs.  - Proper planning of transport and escort facilities, contemplation for drop out and girls education,



Planning matter. Children with special needs know how to access and use CWSN equipment.   Proper planning of transport and escort facilities.  > Drop out and meditate for girls education.   Discussion on Gyankunj Project, School of Excellence Program.  Considering cultural activities, sports programs, plantations, water conservancy, greenschools, commuter labs.   Who will be invited to the parents' conference. In addition to all the members of S, MC / K, M, parents of other children studying in the school, elders of the area, role models of the village, educators with village motivators and hardworking personalities.  Discussion of activities in schools: In the first session, all SMCKMCs will have to plan to celebrate the parents' convention on the occasion of Independence Day on 18th August.  Discussion of school facility grant





(2) In the first session of activities in schools, all SMCs / KMCs will have to plan to celebrate the parents' convention on the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August 2021.  (3) Discussion of School Suvisha Grant Compensation cost of Rs.200 / - for one parent conference and Rs.100 / - for documentation has been sanctioned.  So that all government primary schools and KGBV will have to spend Rs.500 / - per school.  These expenses will be borne under GoG Budget EDN-10. DPs and Govt.  (2) To take special care of the following in the parents 'convention: 1. The members coming to the parents' convention (Kovid-12) are also asked to strictly follow the guideline.  2. Effective planning and monitoring must be done for the conditions of success of the parents' conference.  3. Keep a detailed note of the guardianship meeting and get signatures in the visit book and get the documentation done.  4. It is important to see that the suggestions made in the parents' conference are implemented immediately.  .  5. The time of the parents' meeting should be suitable for the village leaders as well as the parents.  6. The Sheet of the Guardian Convention (District Consolidation Sheet) has been prepared and attached herewith.  In which information is asked to be filled here.







Was done.  Prior to this program, for the first time, like every year, a flag waving program was celebrated in the school grounds on the occasion of 15th August 2021 Independence Day.  The flag was hoisted and the national anthem was sung.  A parent convention was held after the school events.  In which the S.M.C.  Kept and cared for the parents of other children attending school and the elders or individuals in our area.  In which the following issues were discussed.  The entire total development UII (WSDP) was considered in the parent-to-parent meeting with the school principal.



Online education for children in the current Corona Ocean.  Education.  Varvual class.  By Vorapu.  TV  The principal of the school requested the parents not to deprive the children from regular study and education at home through DDG2 or any other medium.  He also discussed about the admission and special training program for school children from 9 to 12 years in the village.  Children with special needs in school receive equipment from CWSN through ૨૨ ka ૨ Shri and inform the parents about its use.  Currently a total of Excellence program has been started in all the schools.  Including our school information and how its village planning was done by the school principal and staff.

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