26 July 2021

matrubhasha ma Shikshan


Before we talk about education in mother tongue, what is mother tongue?  Let's understand what is called mother tongue.  A mother tongue is a language learned from one's birth, inherited from one's family.  The education received from the mother's womb is the education of the mother tongue.  We have the best example of the time of Mahabharata.  Abhimanyu acquired the knowledge of Satkotha in his mother's womb.  The best education received by a mother is mother tongue education.  The language or dialect spoken by the mother is adopted by the child.  The mother tongue is the language of the mountain of death.  Humans speak the mother tongue from birth to death.  Ever since a child is young, his thoughts, dreams, conversations, etc. are in his mother tongue.  When a small child falls, in O .. such words fall from his mouth.  Gandhiji wrote that mother tongue is like mother's milk, which is a sweet and sweet word that is found from the side.  The education taken in the terminology is raw till the time.  The culture, the civilization of the society is found in the mother tongue.  Listen carefully to the sound of crying when a baby is born.  Even a small child's lehka has words like this ... this ... this ...  The education imparted through the mother tongue is a very wonderful work in one's life.  In our India, education is given in the mother tongue by sages.  The mother tongue is the language of freedom.  While another language is the language of slavery.  The mother tongue is a valiant language.  The mother tongue embodies a person's heroism and emotions.  The mother tongue is the accepted language of the society.

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Every people has an attachment to their language and culture.  Giving primary education in mother tongue makes students interested in learning and increases enthusiasm.  Can easily answer questions asked by the teacher.  While answering second language questions requires mental labor.  Translates a word from one's mother tongue into another language.  He is also afraid of getting the answer wrong.  While in the mother tongue there is no need to think of any kind.  Can answer instinctively.  Because the vocabulary of that mother tongue is easily found in it.  He does not hesitate to do so.  Rabindranath Tagore, c.  V.  Great personalities like Raman, Dhirubhai Ambani, Sant Gyaneshwar, Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai were educated in their mother tongue.  The person dealing in the mother tongue is polite.  Because this language has virtues like respect and practicality.

     In our country, a person is greeted with both hands in honor.  Respect is given by bowing down and stepping on the feet.  In the time of kings and maharajas, the feet of sages were washed and revered.  At the root of the rites and civility was the teaching of the mother tongue.  A person educated in the mother tongue is seen in society with a different personality.  Mahatma Gandhi was an advocate of teaching in the mother tongue.  He put a lot of emphasis on mother tongue education.  For many years the mother tongue has been forgotten in the craze of other languages.  A situation has arisen in the society where shame comes.  The mother tongue has been marginalized.  Shame on you for speaking your mother tongue.  The burden of another language is imposed on the children in appearance and they are alienated from the mother tongue.  Sanskrit is alienated from culture.  Culture is given importance to a country other than one's own.

Can enjoy  The ideology of both the new education policy and Gandhiji's education philosophy is the same.  Gandhiji has called the mother tongue as his mother.  He has given much importance to mother tongue in education.  The new education policy has advocated mother tongue education in Chapter 7.  Mother tongue education is given a place because education through mother tongue becomes burdensome.  Students' vocabulary is developed so that they can learn other languages   easily.  In our school, the song "Aav Re Varsad" is sung emotionally to the children, in which the sentiments of our culture are conveyed to the children, while in English the song "Ren Ren Go" does not touch the hearts of the children.  With the help of mother tongue education, one can know the vast universe, understand the natural environment, keep pace with nature and protect the environment.  So, that is, if the child does not know the word of the mother tongue, the child feels like a triangle.  When he has a vocabulary of about 2000 words, the foundation of his mother tongue becomes strong.

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