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20 July 2021



Essay is a form of prose writing from the Essay-free encyclopedia Wikipedia.  But the use of this word is for articles giving logical and intellectual discussion of a subject.  Reference, composition and proposal are also mentioned as synonyms of essay.  But the most common words in literary criticism are taken in the sense of composition and essa in English.  According to Acharya Hazariprasad Dwivedi, there is literature of essay in Sanskrit also.  Theological principles were logically explained in those essays of literature.  They did not have any personality traits.  But the present A  is just the opposite of the essays.  The quality of personality or individuality in them is paramount.  Historiography frees the personality of man from the stereotypes of tradition.  The genre of essay is related to this history-realization.  That is why the specialty is the revelation of the personality.  The best definition of an essay is a fine prose piece that illuminates the personality of the essay writer.  There is an overlap in this definition.  But the form of the essay is so independent compared to other genres of literature that its exact definition is Q=.  Sequence 1 Characteristic of the essay.

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Essay has been recognized Essay as a creative mode of literature in the languages   of the whole world only in the modern era.  The essay is closely related to this emancipation in the modern age itself, from medieval religious social conventions.  According to Lalit Atri ji  The new type of essays which Essay have become prevalent in the new era are the product of the independent concern of the individual.  In this way, the essayist's openness has special importance in the essay.  Acharya Ramchandra Shukla PC has written: According to the nature of the dissertation of his mind, the author walks freely on the broken thread branches here and there.  This is his personal characteristic.  The meanings of the Essay sutras specify the path of view of different authors.  Regarding the same thing, one's mind runs on some relational thread, some one's on someone else.  This is the name of the same thing, yes this is the basic basis of the individual attribute.  This means that in the essay, no concrete Essay composition - rules and elements can be instructed which are necessary for the essayist to follow.  It is said that the essay is A whose rules are invented by the author.  In the essay, personality is expressed in a simple and pompous manner.  According to 'Hindi Sahitya Kosh', the author narrates his life experiences to his readers without any hesitation and invites them to participate in them with affinity.  The more true his intimacy, the more direct and sharp the effect of his essay will be on the readers.  As a result of this affinity, the essay writer does not want to overwhelm the readers with his erudition.  Thus the essay has two special qualities.  Essay Expression of personality.  But that doesn't mean that the essay is a bad person and the essayist is a disorderly person.  The essayist organizes the publication and composition of his personality according to the possibilities of his inspiration and subject matter.  That is why Shaivism is important in the essay.




The essayist is not bound to follow any such instructions and rules as to how the essay begins, what should be in the middle and how to end it.  And the essayist is a disorderly person. Essay  According to the possibilities of the essayist and the subject matter, the publication and creation of his personality is important.  Types of essay  Thoughtful essay - Under the above essay style, a topic is explained by giving various types of evidence and arguments.  Often in!  During writing, the approach and exit styles are used to explain and present the subject.  Emotional Essay - Essays in which feelings Essay are dominant in place of thoughts are called emotional essays. Essay In these essays, the author emphasizes on Essay expressing his feelings and emotions rather than any subject.  There is a lot of sentimentality in these essays.  Descriptive Essay - In the above essays, nature, city, village, sports, travel and war etc. are described. Essay These essays basically refer to complete informational details.  Essay in Hindi literature edit In the modern era of Hindi literature, the tradition of writing essays begins with Bharatendu and his associates.  Not only the essay, the prose and its genres of many genres of prose are more suited to the independent personality of modern man. Essay Broadly Essay speaking, liberty is the central spirit of modern man. Essay The pressure of these current circumstances is felt.  The possibilities Essay of the future seem to open up.  This is called historiography. Essay A prominent Hindi essayist of the Bharatendu era 

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