8 June 2021

Varshik Aayojan


Camera Objectives Educational Muva Teacher - Student Activity Nasik Sagh Evaluation Pie Book Gujarati (1) Mela |  1.2 Gain insights through votes, activities, interviews - interviews and project work.  4.2 Occasions, places and situations Viro's own experiences.  1.2 Understands the representation of language in various social contexts.  Picture Overview Picture Description Picture Description Writing Picture Collection Activity Picture Story Reading Fair Description Writing Discussion Questions.  Students to observe the picture  - I will tell you the exercises.  Then V.O.  Image Overview |  Will answer questions.  Picture description by students.  Write Picture Description Write and read to a child!  I will tell.  Will do  I will do the activity of assembling the corresponding pictures of the unit.  I will discuss the answers to the homework questions.  Students will write ur.  Text. 

STD 1 - 2 Varshik Aayojan PDF 

I will memorize the ideal recitation of poetry in front of the students of the book Swadhyachna. The students will do silent recitation.  I will sing to make poetry ideal.  VO to Samugan and Personal |  I will tell.  I will sing.  Containing the spirit of poetry.  I will write the answer by explaining the meaning of the new words coming in the poem.  I will answer the questions of Swadhyay.  Discussive students will write the answers to the questions - 4162 book (2) 1.1 Listens to stories, poems, dialogues, plays.  Completes the recitation and poetry.  Riliyamani Kavya's Adarsh   Gan (Kavya) 1.2 Knows the vocabulary of a practical VO and personal song grammar using about 200 words and a dictionary.  Meaning of Poetry 2.2 Find out the meaning of appropriate new words from the material heard or read and answer the questions.  Exercise Discussion (2) Examination

STD 3 to 5

Gujarati STD 3-4-5 Sem 1

Maths STD 3-4-5 Sem 1

EVS STD 3-4-5 Sem 1

English STD 3-4-5 Sem 1

Hindi STD 3-4-5 Sem 1

Stories, Poems, Speeches, Dialogues, Plays, Dist.  The narrator of the story listens to the occasions and the oral-reading students destroy and understand.  Students Personalized Arare 20eo.

Gujarati STD 3-4-5 Sem 2

Maths STD 3-4-5 Sem 2

EVS STD 3-4-5 Sem 2

English STD 3-4-5 Sem 2

Hindi STD 3-4-5 Sem 2

Use as many words and reading dictionaries as possible to clarify the practical content.  2.2 Synonyms - Student uses practical grammar like words, 3.2 Thinks about good narcissistic matters and makes the right decision.  Essay Writing 4.2 In legible letters with four twists.  A unique dictation of the curve with the use of conjunctions as well as punctuation).  I will tell the story to the students.  Vs.  O |  I will do a silent reading near Vava4.  Personal Reading |  I will answer the questions.  Quiz to clarify the content  Lavajanavish Karish, I will explain the meaning of the new words.  I will discuss the answers to the homework questions, students write the answers.  In front of the students, P.P.  Statement of paragraph no.  I will.  Vs.  Catch the notation.  Write free

Transient Instrument Teacher-Student Activity Assessment Listens and understands simple verses (proverbs, riddles, songs) from all over India.  Sai, Saralus Gach sings and sings rhythmically of proverbs and songs (pavo).  Recitation of Subhasitas VI62 Student's book Makapak's Adagana Vivathi Vivathi O by listening to group and individual songs Fare simple words, sentences intelligently, can speak simple words, sentences.  Wrinkle transliterates words - familiar animals, birds - text vehicles, household items, book re.  Introduction to Sanskrit names of materials etc. I will memorize the correct pronunciation, identity, reading, writing of words, the ideal reading of the proverbs before the students.  Students do silent reading.

STD 6 to 8

STD 6 Sem 1

STD 7 Sem 1


I will tell you to do the proverbs and I will sing the appropriate lyric.  I will sing collectively and individually by the students.

STD 6 Sem 1

STD 7 Sem 1


Students sing rhythmically.  I will show the picture to the students and pronounce the Sanskrit name after seeing the picture.  I will write on the board.  Again I will recite the name in Sanskrit to the students.  Tell this.  |  I will do it three or four times, this way I will make the picture better known.  I will ask you to make a pair of articles with pictures and words on a word card.  Asked to write the words.

STD 6 Sem 2

STD 7 Sem 2


I will tell.  Students write.  I will recite the ideal of the song to the students.  I will do a silent reading by the previous memorized students.  I will tell you to do the song.  I will sing.  Students will sing in groups and individually.  I will introduce the names and words in the unit.  I will describe the answers to the monsoon questions.  I will write another anthem.  I will do a question and answer session.  I will tell.  Will discuss the answers to the questions of Swadhyaya, V.O.  The answers to the questions will be written.  Easy to read texts (proverbs, riddles, songs) |  The ideal reading of a song is listening and understanding.  Recitation of simple verses (proverbs, riddles, songs) by students. Recitation of songs by students. Collective and simple, simple, lyrical proverbs and songs by students. Flexible recitation and singing of personal honors (pavansho) after names and simple words.  Introduction to the transliteration of consonantal sentences, -Papa's speech does not do. The anthem's anthem dictates simple verses.  Group discussion and pakottari swadhyay charchi 'The basis of the story is listening to simple instructions, commands and questions (tr, 11, f. 11, vin, dissolution) in a familiar situation and doing accordingly son, pati, fa, ja, fpan.  I will narrate the story in front of the students by reading the book of stories through pictures.  To tell the story through pictures in front of the students.  After reading,

I will introduce the name position through Chiko.  I will introduce Kiao through various sentences, answers to questions as well as acting.  I will assign the characters to the students to write and tell them to act.  I will introduce Prana Vat.  About Tikari, Rishtakari and Tu-like food.  Discussion

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