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22 May 2021


Madiya Hati
Chhota Udepur

WhatsApp Self-Assessment Reporting Module (Standard-3 to 10) for Principal • This module will be able to know the status of students in the classroom wise school.  What is the progress of the total students of the school?  You will know that.  • In which class do students have the most problems?  For the teacher the teacher will be able to know the progress of the subject wise students of their class.  વિષય It can be solved by knowing which subject has the most problems.  Reporting by subject wise students will tell you which subject seems the most difficult.  Which specific L.O. of that subject.  (Learning Outcome) can be treated knowing it is difficult.  L.O. of his subject.  (Learning Outcome) Compare the achievement at the cluster, block, district and state level where are your students?  He will know.  The teacher will be able to calculate the total number of students in his class / subject according to their achievement score

Details per student can be obtained for the teacher by how many students participated in the class per week and how many marks he received.  Each week the students in the class are given L.O.  The underlying achievement can be achieved per student.   It will be possible to know which students in the class take part regularly and perform well on a regular basis.   How much difference was observed in the students after this practice can be known in a single report. 


After this practice report, what preparation should be given to the students before the entrance examination and which L.O.  Paying more attention to the above or getting rehearsed will be known.  આધારે Based on this practice report, the teacher will be able to achieve higher achievement by planning his / her subject in advance for the coming year.   Based on this practice report, the teacher will be able to know which subject achievement is at the best level and which subject achievement (average) is less than all.  Knowing this will enable them to determine the importance of the subject in the class.   On the basis of this report, the teacher has issued L.O.  Achievement can be achieved with one click.  • To date L.O.  This is the first report of student achievement.  The teacher will then be able to plan the work and schedule the work with a specific direction.

Teacher Bot WhatsApp WhatsApp based self-assessment report and related instructions you will find here, choose your preferred language to talk, You must be a Teacher or a Headmaster Principal from a government school in Gujarat.  You will get Reports and Suggestions related to WhatsApp based SWAMulyankan done by your students.

Please select your preferred chat language 9 then enter your school dat and send.  For The Gujarati please type 1 leit (For Gujarati, please type 1 and send it) 2 For English please type 2 Hissi (For English, please type 2 and send it) FOLD I 1 / Please 11 marks for your school  School code (UDISE code) entered.

Please wait, we are preparing your report, 510 PM Standard Class 3 (Maths) participation and result reports have been sent 1. Standard Participation Report: You can find out about your standard registered students  I can use this report to track their participation and average result over the last 4 weeks.  2, Standardized Result Report: You can use this report to get the average result for me according to your standard, subject, unit of all previous weeks and make a better decision on how much attention needs to be paid to the car subject.  Download this page every week for accurate guidance.

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