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21 May 2021

Online Cource

Subject: Integration into the basic online course of disaster risk management. 

*🔷Online Course on "Cyber Hygiene Practices"In Collaboration with CIET-NCERT and ISEA*

Cyber Hygiene Practices

Start Date: 5 December 2021

End Date: 28 February 2022

Course Link: Click Here

To inform the above subject research that various efforts are being made by the Department of Education and Gujarat Disaster Management Institute (GIDM).


In this regard, in collaboration with GIDM, as part of school safety against natural calamities and disasters, BRCCOs, CRCOs, headmasters and teachers are imparted offline training in various methods at the district level.  In the present circumstances, the Basic Court of Disaster Risk Management, which provides guidance as part of school safety due to the Covid 19 epidemic, has been prepared with the full cooperation of Gujarat Disaster Management Institute (GIDM) and the entire education by Gujarat  And it has been uploaded on the initiation platform.

This course encompasses the noble purpose of helping oneself or society in times of danger.  The kiss can be joined online from the Diksha platform.  This course is a total of 3 unit modules) and this unit module is prepared in one or two sessions.  Anyone connected with the world of education can get the guidance for protection against risk by completing it in about 5 to 6 hours.  This course is prepared in both Gujarati and English medium.  This course can be done in a language that suits you.  After completing this course online from Diksha platform, certificate for completion of the course can be downloaded.

Paripatra Click Here

Online Cource Gujarati Click Here

Online Cource English   Click Here

Taking this into consideration, this online course for all primary and secondary higher secondary school headmasters, teachers and BOCCR COCCR and others of your district will start from next 5-06-21.  You will be notified and informed from your level which is to be completed on 16-08-21.  All Government Semi-Government Granted, Non-Granted, KGBV, Model School, Ashram School, All other Primary Schools and Secondary Higher Secondary Schools in the State - Friends are advised to join this course and complete the course.  Therefore, from the Diksha platform, one can connect through the following Gujarat or English medium link.  T I T |  Gujarati medium can be joined through the given QR code or leak to join the course.  A6K227 course / course / do 316258811065532416131379 [] 3] PER by OTR code or leak given to join English medium course.

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