31 May 2021

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100% of the difficulties in taking any course in Diksha App.  Solution Which of the following is your problem?  Diksha App yadlatel.   Profile is not updated in Ji Diksha App.   Diksha App does not join the course.  The course in FF Diksha App does not show progress.  No single module opens in Diksha App?  Diksha App does not show 100% progress once the course is completed.   Certificate is not downloaded after completing the course in #Diksha App.  Miss Shows Missing Pdf in Certificate Download in Diksha App.  Diksha App shows full data that  Diksha App is not updated.  Problems in Diksha App in a single mobile that comes with more USER Add than HI that: Mobile is not supported with Diksha App.   Diksha App slújoin date yola vel sd yel szami vaal problem.

*🔷NCERT launches an online course developed by Ministry of Education with assistance of @UNICEF & the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) as part of the national campaign ‘Catch the Rain’  implemented by @MoJSDoWRRDGR , Government of India.*

'Catch the Rain'

Start Date: 11 December 2021 

End Date: 31 March 2022

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NISHTHA 3.0 Join LINK Below 

(1) GJ 1 Mission Parichay

(2) GJ 2 Xamata Adharit Sixan


Diksha App solutionin date yola vel sd yel szami vaal problem.

DIKSHA will serve as National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers. All teachers across nation will be equipped with advanced digital techno Diksha portal will enable, accelerate and amplify solutions in realm of teacher education. It will aid teachers to learn and train themsel help teachers to create training content, profile, in-class resources, assessment aids, news and announcement and connect with teacher Background DIKSHA is a unique initiative which leverages existing highly scalable and flexible digital infrastructures whil





The whole teacher's life cycle - from the time student teachers enroll in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIS) to In India, many teachers are creating & using innovative tech-based solutions in their classrooms. Some stat DIKSHA their teachers digitally. This inspired MHRD and NCTE to coordinate these efforts at a national level and buile States, government bodies and even private organisations, can integrate DIKSHA into their respective capabilities. They can use DIKSHA's features to create: • In-class resources • Teacher training content Assessment aids • Teacher profile • News and announcement • Teacher community These features have emerged from consultations with multiple state governments, NGOS and more than 30 public and private org DIKSHA.

Diksha Online Course Solution

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National Teacher Platform (NTP) Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling; this is established byr NATIONAL in education. Our Teachers are Our Heroes. TEACHER PLATFORRM NTP contain the following features: • Courses for teachers to enable continuous learning 11EABLALANLea • Resources for use in classroom Dashboards for progress and assessment Communities for collaboration and discussions


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 • Announcements, notifications and circulars The National Teacher Platform will be available to all teachers, anytime, anywhere. It will be: • Open and Modular :- The National Teacher Platform will be a minimal and generalised technology platform built using Open Standards a Educational Resources (OER). It will also have tools and interfaces for the creation and consumption of teaching and learning content. AS of effort and save costs. • User-focused and Iterative : - The National Teacher Platform will cater to the needs of teachers including the development of Attitude, Sk and evolve in an iterative manner based on user needs and stakeholder feedback. SCOPE OF THE PLATFORM



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