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16 April 2021

Word-Excel Files


The information recorded in it gives a glimpse of the progress of the school.  Importance of school books The school books are an essential part of school management.  School records / files are a source of information for the society.  Maintaining and grooming various levels is essential for the present and bright future of the school, starting from the very beginning.  The school briefcase is a mirror of the best management in which the clean and gentle reflection of the school is captured.

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Here is a graph of the ups and downs of school activity.  The progress of the school can be known on the basis of the file.  A detailed record is kept of all matters covering the school administration and the work of the school family members.  Advanced school papers have been prepared with the help of commuter in some schools.  Such as payroll, attendance sheet, age sheet, library, annual planning, curriculum, school calendar etc.  Information on school activities is also collected.  This information touches the wider community, who are participating in school management.  It has become imperative to keep a comprehensive record in the school files, from bringing the student to school to schooling and leaving school.



Why Word Files the file and its maintenance?  Part of the Headmaster's Duty: As the head of a government-run school, it is the headmaster's responsibility to maintain and Word Files maintain the office.  The school is instrumental in implementing the Word Files circulars issued by the Government from time to time, in compliance with the orders given in the interest of the Word Files students and in compliance with the peer teachers.  It is the moral and legal duty of the head teacher to prepare and maintain the prescribed forms for proper adherence to the policy-rules framed by the Government.  It is necessary and unavoidable to submit these forms to the competent officer of taluka-district or state for verification in time.  For the development of the school family, the remaining children to be brought by the school were registered and enrolled in the school.

Paryavaran Prayogshala File

Apatti Ane Vyavsthapan File

Yuth And EcoClub File

Gandaki Mukt Bharat File

Shala Swachchta Action Plan (SSG) File

EcoClub File

Nidan Kasoti File

The RTE Act, 2009 provides the Constitutional Right to Education to every child aged between 6 to m 14 years thereby Word Files guaranteeing the Right to Elementary Education.Section 29 of the Right to Education Act, 2009 mandates that every child in India aged 6 to 14 years has the constitutional right to receive quality, inclusive and child friendly education. Drawing from the Word Files mandate of the 2020 Act, increased focus is being laid on quality education at elementary level which is the foundation D20 of learning among children. Over the years, various initiatives have been Word Files taken for improved Learning Outcomes. These include development of textbook in the-line of NCF , 2005 , implementation of activity based learning, Word Files providing training to teachers, engagement of qualified teachers etc. Now , there is an urgent  Word Files need to focus on assessing the learning outcomes which would help in identifying the


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