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10 April 2021



Paripatro Important circulars, resolutions as well as 
laws pertaining to Gujarat Education 
Department have been placed on this
 page. For all these circulars as well as
 other literature the teacher friends had
 to visit several blogs as well as government
 websites. Paripatro


All the circulars / resolutions have been put together on this page by downloading from different government websites for teachers so that all the teacher friends do not have to visit different websites as well as blogs. I hope that this information will prove to be very important for those involved in the world of education Paripatro.

 3 Years Grant Information Paripatra

4200 Grade GR

Achary Charge Na Tamam Paripatra

Regarding the recognition of Gujarat Police
 Academy, Karai and Police Training School,
 Vadodara Center for the examination.


Independent thinking suggests that schools
 should consider distance learning through
 technology for children of key stage 2 and
 above. For those learners in the early years
 and key stage 1, it is more appropriate to
 have a system in place to share learning
 activities and resources with parents.


One of the most important concerns for
 teachers is how they will still engage
 students and monitor their progress from
 a distance Paripatro.


Educational Circulars: All circulars issued by the State Government and Central Government and G.R. Such as .. Educational circulars of primary / secondary education, circulars of government schemes, circulars for government employees, circulars on jobs and law . Paripatro.


Primary School Circular, CCC All Circulars,
 Gujarat Education Department Circular,
 Raja Circular, Blue Circular, Ashram School
 Gujarat Circular, Gujarat Higher Education
 Department GR, Non-Agriculture Circular,
 Pension Circular, 7th Mo Pay Circular, 
Grade Pay Letter ... Paripatro.

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