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4 March 2021




Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 In our capital Delhi, the flag is saluted by the President on 9th January.  The program on the 26th of January is very different from the 15th of August.  On this day, special importance is given to the celebration of the pride of Indian culture.  First a grand parade of our army is held.  After that, all the states in India show special tables displaying glimpses of their folk culture.  They also display a cultural program.  Rewards are given to the soldiers of the army and the bravery of the police force for their bravery and valor.  During the year, the children who show bravery are greeted by riding on a gajraj.  Apart from Delhi, flag Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 salutes are held in every state of India in the state capital with the blessings of the Governor.  Flag waving Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 ceremonies are also held in public institutions Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 of cities and villages.  This day is celebrated in schools with enthusiasm.  The specialty of this day is the cultural programs Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 like singing of heroic songs, sports competitions, drama programs, planning of ras-garba and drawing-competition. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8  Was a blessing.  Sitting on a wooden cheetah to kill Prahlad.  Cheetah burning Holika was burnt and consumed.  Prahlad: Devotion to the Lord has triumphed.  This myth is celebrated.  Praflad is in his joy.  They spray gulal on each other.  Pa became a festival of colors.  The village priest or the street worships Holi in the evening.  On the day of Holi and eat dates.  On the second day after Holi, people paint each other with paint and gulal syringes.  Hours go by.  The festival of Holi is very dear to children.


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Ruled our country.  We were slaves, we were slaves.  Where are the efforts of Mahatma Gandhiji and other Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 leaders for our country to become independent.  How many martyrs were killed to get freedom.  We attained Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 independence on the 15th day of August in the year 19.  This day we celebrate as Independence Day. This is our Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 proud national holiday.  Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 The most important event on the 15th of August is the flag waving ceremony.  Our Prime Minister Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 hoists the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi.  They send a message to the people.  Flag waving program is organized in our cities and villages.  The flag is also saluted in educational institutions and public institutions.  On the day of 15th August, programs like Prabhatferi, cultural programs and singing of patriotic songs are organized.  The Queen adorns the buildings of public institutions with lights.  This is the day to pledge to preserve the freedom gained by making great sacrifices, everyone should have a spirit of love, pride and sacrifice for the nation.  Was.  After torturing the people, she imprisoned her sister and her husband Vasudev in the name of Devaki.  He kills Devaki's sons.  Devaki's eighth son was born in captivity at midnight on Shravan Vad VIII.  As it happened, the child Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 Vasudeva is worshiped by Nandana living Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 in Gokul.  It is also called Shrikrushna Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 Jayanti.  Gokul is so it is also Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 called 'Gokulashtami'.  Celebrated at Nanda's house, Aavi Poon speaks with great joy: "Bharyo, Jai Kanaiyalal Ki. Fasting is done on the day of Janmashtami. Naam is chanted.  The Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 idol of child Krishna is placed in Paran and it is sung with the melodious sound of hinchhol = bell. All the dances are sung.  Somewhere about the life of childhood, "Shrikru Paa" comes to be known. Birth is celebrated with great devotion all over India. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8

Is.  Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 A good protection for them is the love of a sister.  Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 Now the ashes are made artistically.  Sister is eager to tie ashes to brother, brother is eager to tie ashes to sister. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 Rakshabandhan is performed early in the morning. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 Sister tilak kumkum on brother's forehead, Akshat chode.  He then ties the ashes to his brother's right hand.  After tying the ashes, the sister feeds the jaggery to the brother.  Now feed the pendulum instead of the jaggery.  The sister gives the blessing of distance to the brother.  He then assures the siblings to protect him and help him in times of distress.  He gives a gift to his sister in the form of a flower petal if not a flower.  Which is called 'Veerapasali'.  Thus, Rakshabandhan is a sacred festival of brotherly love. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 On this day Brahmins replace the puja ritual Janoi. Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8 In many places, Brahmins go to the river bank and perform the ritual of changing Janoi.  The festival of Rakshabandhan is also called Balev, on this day sailors worship the sea.  They are more than coconuts to the sea.  So call it T Varshik Path Aayojan Std 3 to 8

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