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6 March 2021



            The values ​​of Indian women's life are very important. Women and their values ​​are eternal in our Hindu family structure. I am going to study the values ​​of women's life from mythological literature to the field of modern Gujarati literature.

In the new education policy, Shri Narendrabhai Modi and the Central Government have suggested that - ‘Emphasis on value-based education and research. My research subject is based on Indian values ​​of life. Is my topic. In recent poetry ....

            The values ​​of women's lives are very important in the context of Indian culture. Women and their values ​​are eternal in our Hindu family structure. I am a woman from the field of mythology to the field of modern Gujarati literature.

From the Rig Veda to today's literature, women have been glorified. Here I am going to gradually check based on female life values. Which is according to the point.

Values ​​of Women's Life - Emotions, Emotional Personality, Dedication, Sacrifice, Respect, Affection, Family, Struggle, Tolerance, Responsibility

             Below I will examine female life values ​​based on different literatures and trends.





Poems have been written about any daughter during this time period. My attempt is to conduct a research study on it by compiling it. It will be my endeavor to examine women's values ​​in relation to daughter poetry.

I will include the poems about any important daughter that I will find during my research based on their importance.

             Having thoroughly reviewed the poems as per the above list, I will judge my subject by observing, evaluating and observing the values ​​of women's life.

Many poems have been written about the values ​​of women's life in modern Gujarati poetry. It also contains many poems about the sister. Sister is given a high place in our poetic tradition. If you want a list of poems

Writers and poets have embellished the place of the mother with their own words. The form of Maa, Vatsalya of Maa, affection, relationship, renunciation, surrender, etc. are found in many poems about the virtues. My aim is to research and describe the poems about 'Ma' in modern Gujarati literature.

Just as poems have been written in Gujarati literature about mother and daughter, most of the poets have composed poems about wife. He has undertaken research studies by selecting poems about his wife from all the recent Gujarati poetry. The list of poems is as follows.

Gujarati poetry also contains poems about 'Ba'. Those poems are very important in terms of the values ​​of women's lives. Along with the main poets, secondary poets have also written poems about 'Ba'. My idea is to make a critical review by choosing from it. The list is as follows.

Numerous poems have also been written about the lover in modern Gujarati poetry. Starting from the famous poems of Gujarati literature, even small poets have written love poems. It is my idea to do critical research based on important poems from it. The list is as follows.


The method of historical research has become in the past, to understand events with precision. Study past events to check current events. Examining past situations to make predictions about possible situations taking shape in the future. Based on which this research is intended to be done.


Descriptive research methodology involves more than one method. Which is classified as follows. The survey method is used to collect, describe, analyze and interpret information in relation to existing events or situations. Is an undertaking to use these methods.


For this, field work - in which visits to various libraries, individuals, places, etc., and table-work, this method will be used to write a research dissertation according to the chapter. Other research methods such as psychoanalytic, comparative, metaphysical and morphological methods will be used as required.


Apart from this, I would like to include here any important poems that can be found. After a thorough research review of the above chapters the concise facts from them will be summarized here. The list is as follows.


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