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9 March 2021

Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG)


According to the above topic and contest school have successfully completed the self-assessment process under the watch in school in the Talaash pattukunna mobile application crc code in second and third district project office can view the details of the self assessment done by the schools from the dashboard in the SSC application Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG)

 based on the obtained her with the help of SSC application during the discussion and the Wharton School program on  the second day of the virtual meeting on of BRC coordinator head on December Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) 16 and 17 2020 all of you were asked to make Pasta schools in your area 5 star schools and on to star schools maximum 3 star schools and encouraging effort make a se to be carried out in order to make a watch in school  programmer effect Action Plan SAP in collaboration Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) with  school by the schools must be based on the extended result activities to be undertaken to HQ the result responsibility division of labour day deadline for the deadline complete is an offer to be done Attached is MS Word from for schools to easily prepare  Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) SS AP assassin's sap


 well as prt content related to crc ko must provide an 8912 2020 at 12 noon by the state state resource person of the office

 Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) Word FILE CLICK HERE

 of this monitor all BRC coordinator your district have been selected on an experimental basic by Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) one of the school under their jurisdiction edition till 28 12 2020 you are asked to give the necessary instruction from your level to prepare Saraswati Action Plan SAP paripatra and

 School program akhrot and Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) contest contest School according to the about topics  contest schools completed the self assessment Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) process under the washing School program using Salasar mobile application CID 15 years and this specific office can view the

 based on the information of the state School Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) obtained her with the help of SSC application during the discuss under the watch in School program of the second day of the virtual meeting of VR II ahead and December 16 2020 of all of you where make for a star for star in your area 5 star schools and 12 star Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) maximum 3star schools and in accessories sector gift card maker set up carried out  in order make the wars in School program Mein more effective and get higher Action Plan Action Plan CP of the Mr s a few formally launched a 2017 active participation Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) of 72 instead of department during your ki inflammation  2078 dil nahi apache i hero 420 get there hero no.

School Useful Files Click Here

All Paripatro Click Here

 you must traffic out permission deepa posting information table patterns for image editing on your blog website this information Shala Swachchhta Action Plan (SSG) appear to have been posted on your blog our website without permission action will be taken hundred the copyright act you will be fully responsible for it

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