21 March 2021

Home Learning Video STD 8


Home Learning Video STD 8

The Department of Education has issued a notification on June 9 with some rules regarding the educational functioning of schools in the state following the Koro epidemic. Home Learning Video STD 8 It said schools would start from June 9 but students were not allowed to come to school till June 30. But teachers have to come to school. However the power to call teachers as required has been delegated to the head teacher. Std. The admission process of will start from 1st and 28th. On the other hand. Home Learning Video STD 8


The state government had ordered the students not to go to school in view of the major disorder. However, a free online study platform has Home Learning Video STD 8 been created for students studying in Std-in. 3 to 12 across the state so that the study process is not disrupted.

From today, students from all over the state including Bharuch district will be able to study from home on Vande Gujarat channel through Home Learning Video STD 8 DD Girnar and Byseg. DD Girnar’s schedule of educational Home Learning Video STD 8 programs has been published so that students can prepare the subject in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study. In which only std

 Home Learning Video Click Below

Date 22-03-2021

Date 23-03-2021

Date 24-03-2021

Date 25-03-2021

Date 26-03-2021

Date 27-03-2021

Date 30-03-2021

Date 31-03-2021

The first 6 days will be able to study from 12 to 1 p.m. Std. Students of will be able to study from 9th June to 9th while Std. 10 students Home Learning Video STD 8 will not be published on DD Girnar. Only standard 12 students will be able to study for 8 days from 3 to 4 pm, not standard 11 students. For the next 5 days, students of Std. 11 will be able to watch the program on DD Girnar and not Std.

 Date 01-04-2021

Date 03-04-2021

Date 05-04-2021

Date 06-04-2021

Date 07-04-2021

Date 08-04-2021

Date 09-04-2021

Date 10-04-2021

Date 12-04-2021

Date 15-04-2021

Date 16-04-2021

Date 17-04-2021

Date 19-04-2021

Date 20-04-2021

Date 22-04-2021

Date 23-04-2021

Date 24-04-2021

Date 26-04-2021  

Date 27-04-2021

Date 28-04-2021

Date 29-04-2021

Date 30-04-2021

Date 01-05-2021

Date 02-05-2021

Date 03-05-2021

Educational programs  Home Learning Video STD 8 will be published on various channels of Vande Gujarat by Byseg. Apart from this, programs on the board's YouTube channel 'GSHSEB Home Learning Video STD 8 Gandhinagar' will also be uploaded, study materials will have to be delivered to all schools by the district school officer.

The school principal is tasked with informing parents and students Home Learning Video STD 8 about the home learning program.

Her post has a link to a home learning video for standard 8. Students can watch and study videos from home Home Learning Video STD 8 using this link. Check out the date below and the date you want to watch the video.



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