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4 November 2018

What is Whatsapp Stickers?

Whatsapp is most popular messeging app for past many years. The app is improved day by day. You can send emojis and GIF images using Whatsapp. Now, Whatsapp is coming with stickers. However, stickers are already coming in apps like Hike and Telegram. But, most people use Whatsapp. So Whatsapp decided to launch stickers for their users. The stickers are now only coming to Beta testing version of Whatsapp. So you have to download that version. You can not download it using Google Play Store. But, I put apk link below. Follow the steps and install stickers in Whatsapp. Whatsapp will launch official sticker version in next few weeks.

How To Add Stickers In Whatsapp?

Kindly follow the below steps for using stickers in Whatsapp. You can use stickers for whatsapp after the last steps.
  • First of all you need to install beta version of Whatsapp app. So, uninstall your current Whatsapp app. Then download Whatsapp Beta apk. Click here to download.
  • Install beta version by click on apk file in your download folder.
  • Now, open your Whatsapp app. Click on any chat.
  • Click on emoji button from below left side. You can see 3 options emojis, gif and now new option is Stickers (See below image). So you can send stickers.
  • Click on sticker pack to send sticker to your chat. That's easy.
  • Please note that you can send limited stickers by adding them using + button. But, you can download stickers app for Whatsapp.
  • Sticko Text is best app for Whatsapp stickers. Click here to install.
  • Open the app. You can see sticker packs. Click on + icon to add that stickers to your Whatsapp.
  • Now, open your Whatsapp to see that stickers on your stickers tab.

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