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19 May 2016

Important GK Question for bin sachivalay Exam

1.      Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's

A.     largest railway station
B.     highest railway station
C.     longest railway station
D.     None of the above

A.     largest railway station

2.      Entomology is the science that studies

A.     Behavior of human beings
B.     Insects
C.     The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
D.     The formation of rocks

B.     Insects

3.      Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of

A.     Asia    B.     Africa
C.     Europe    D.     Australia

B.     Africa

4.      Garampani sanctuary is located at

A.     Junagarh, Gujarat
B.     Diphu, Assam
C.     Kohima, Nagaland
D.     Gangtok, Sikkim

B.     Diphu, Assam

5.      For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

A.     Physics and Chemistry
B.     Physiology or Medicine
C.     Literature, Peace and Economics
D.     All of the above

D.     All of the above

6.      Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as

A.     Labour Party
B.     Nazi Party
C.     Ku-Klux-Klan
D.     Democratic Party

B.     Nazi Party

7.      FFC stands for

A.     Foreign Finance Corporation
B.     Film Finance Corporation
C.     Federation of Football Council
D.     None of the above

B.     Film Finance Corporation

8.      Fastest shorthand writer was

A.     Dr. G. D. Bist    B.     J.R.D. Tata
C.     J.M. Tagore    D.     Khudada Khan

A.     Dr. G. D. Bist

9.      Epsom (England) is the place associated with

A.     Horse racing    B.     Polo
C.     Shooting    D.     Snooker

A.     Horse racing

10.      First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in

A.     1967    B.     1968
C.     1958    D.     1922

A.     1967
11. Galileo was an Italian astronomer who

A.     developed the telescope
B.     discovered four satellites of Jupiter
C.     discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement
D.     All of the above

D.     All of the above

12. Habeas Corpus Act 1679

A.     states that no one was to be imprisoned without a writ or warrant stating the charge against him
B.     provided facilities to a prisoner to obtain either speedy trial or release in bail
C.     safeguarded the personal liberties of the people against arbitrary imprisonment by the king's orders
D.     All of the above

D.     All of the above

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