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11 May 2016

Important Computer questions for Bin sachivalay clerk exam

Computer Awareness Questions Answers

1. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called ?

A.     Abacus     B.     Analytical Engine
C.     Calculator  D.     Processor

B.     Analytical Engine

2. C is ?

A.     A machine language     B.     A third generation high level language
C.     An assembly language  D.     All of the above

B.     A third generation high level language

3. Which of the following is an example of non volatile memory?

A.     VLSI     B.     ROM
C.     RAM     D.     LSI

B.     ROM

4. CD–ROM is a kind of?

A.     Optical disk     B.     Magneto–Optical disk
C.     Magnetic disk     D.     None of these

C.     Magnetic disk 

5. A device that converts digital signals to analog signals is ?

A.     A modem     B.     A packet
C.     A block     D.     Both (A) and (B)

A.     A modem     

6. What is the primary requisite of a good computer programmer?

A.     Mathematical mind     B.     Artistic mind
C.     Logical mind              D.     Scientific knowledge

C.     Logical mind 

7. Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer ?

A.     Super–micro          B.     Super computer
C.     Super conductor     D.     Mega frame

B.     Super computer

8. The ---- is the administrative section of the computer system?

A.     Central Processing Unit     B.     Control Unit
C.     Input Unit     D.     Memory Unit

A.     Central Processing Unit 

9. Find the odd man out.
A.     FTP     B.     TCP
C.     POP    D.     SAP

C.     POP 

10. Which of the following is NOT operating system?
A.     Window NT     B. Java
C.     Dos                D. Unix

B.     Java

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